Friday, January 9, 2015

The Trial of John Predaetor, Part 2

Previously, on MinerBumping... Agent Kalorned was forced to destroy a Venture belonging to John Predaetor. John had failed to respond within 5 seconds after Kalorned asked him to speak in local, and was therefore deemed AFK. But John claimed total innocence. He had no interest in accepting Kalorned's generous plea bargain; he demanded a trial. Agent Quaker Oatmeal was called in to preside over the proceedings.

John Predaetor's defense centered around the fact that he'd been drinking while mining, and was therefore unable to see local chat.

The photo of John's cup was carefully scrutinized. Kalorned firmly believed, based on the evidence, that John would've been able to see through the cup--even as he was drinking from it.

John disagreed. Though he admitted parts of the cup were transparent, he maintained that his vision had been blocked by the logo printed on the cup. Also, the liquid in the cup (which was never identified) further obscured his view of the screen.

Now John was in hot water. His own evidence suggested that the cup was, in fact, empty. The light of truth shined through.

However, John's defense had always been that he was "chugging" the last remaining liquid at the moment Kalorned spoke in local. Only now was the cup empty. He drank the evidence!

A heated exchange followed. Unfortunately, the evidence was ambiguous. Maybe there had been liquid in the cup, and maybe there hadn't. The photo was inconclusive.

Next, the court focused its inquiry on the size of the cup itself. Putting aside whether there was liquid in it, would the cup have been large enough to obscure the miner's vision?

To bolster his claims, John took careful measurements of the cup and the position of his computer screen.

The tension in the court chat was so thick you could cut it with a knife (and probably couldn't see through it). But Quaker Oatmeal, professional that he is, was able to keep things under control.

In a devastating development, Kalorned pulled a line from the pre-trial chatlog showing an inconsistency in John's evidence. Previously, John had said his screen was 17 inches below his face. At trial, John said 18 inches. John countered that between pre-trial and trial, he'd had more time to make precise measurements. Or was he lying?

The stakes couldn't have been higher. If the court ruled in his favor, the young Venture pilot stood to receive a windfall of 1 billion isk. As for Kalorned, his perfect record as a New Order Agent was on the line.

Suddenly, another devastating development took place: Quaker Oatmeal ruled that it didn't make much difference whether the distance was 17 or 18 inches. Kalorned was shocked. The speechless Agent was on his heels. Was our hero about to lose his first case?

To be continued...


  1. The Code ALWAYS Wins!!!!! ALWAYS!!!!!

  2. I've noticed a difference in Kalorned lately. Is it possible he lost!??

  3. Wheels of justice turn,
    slowly grinding out the truth
    Trust in the process!

  4. This is a simple application of the Bathroom Protocol: If you are unable to drink and fly dock up!

  5. drinking or no drinking, the destroyed ship was entirely untanked.
    this whole process is just a show case, proably politically motivated.
    either the judge is inept, or its a conspiracy. proably both.

    1. All ships are equal under CODE. Even most anti-tanked ship deserves a fair trial.

  6. These stories are getting worse.

  7. I want to see someone lose all his stuff and cry about it.

    1. Agreed, DJ. We only wish to see someone lose all their stuff, and become better Eve players as a result. If it didn't take someone losing all their stuff in the first place to become a useful member of New Eden society, think of all the anti-matter ammo that would be saved.
      Luckily, we have the New Order willing to take the time (and load up antimatter) to make high sec a better place for us all.

    2. If you really want to make Highsec and New Eden a better place, go hang out with your friend DJ, and it will improve...

    3. "The ColonelJanuary 10, 2015 at 12:27 PM" Thought you got it all in France ;)

    4. ooohhhh.... that HURT! Not.

      Unlike you Anon 1:13, I can tell the difference between RL & a game. What happen in France was sad and despicable. What happened to these idiots in game was a learning experience for them. I'm sure their EVE experience is much better for it.

      Please try to figure that out and stop being such a douche.... ok, that's funny. Your incapable of being anything else. Your lack of intelligence prevents that.

      Sucks to be you.

    5. Doesn't suck at all to be me ;)
      You on the other hand can't understand that players get affected in RL of what you are doing in a game and as long as you don't understand that you should quit RP ;)

      By your way of thinking nothing in the digital world affect the real world right? So if I transfer all your digital money from the bank you are not affected at all since they are just digital bits and bytes?

      As long as Code. don't understand or don't want to understand that everything they do when they push a player to the limit of rage affect that player in the real world they all should stop playing.

      I can differ between the real world and a game so there is no problem with that.

      I live the life as it should be, no place should be safe ever and that's what happened in France.

      They hunted for rage with all their pictures and when they got the rage they and the rest or the world whined like babies.
      Don't hunt for something you can't handle, simple as that ;)

      The only ones who lack intelligence here is Code. that use propaganda pictures and still not think they are as bas as that part of the world ;)

      "Arbeit macht frei" is a propper slogan for a game alliance like Code.:P

    6. TL;DR

      Sorry... you look like you climbed on top of a soapbox for a rant, and I really have better things to do. Can you sum up?

    7. "The Colonel January 10, 2015 at 3:43 PM"
      Sorry, didn't know that Code. players had that big problem reading text, but read it or not its still true that you should take "Arbeit macht frei" as your slogan since your are no way better than Mr Hitler were.

      Live the life as intended and don't play retarded games that makes you get reading disorders ;)

    8. Miner Bingo Square Activated!
      The Code ALWAYS wins! ALWAYS!

    9. @Anon 3:35,

      You say you can tell the difference between a game and real life, and then, just like every decrepit, vile, ignorant carebear before you, you immediately contradict yourself and say that there is no difference between the online world and the real world, and then you advocate the rights of terrorists to kill innocent people in real life, because, in fact, you do not see the difference between an online game and real life.

      It is times like this that the glory of the Code shines brightest.. To shine a spotlight on the carebear plight so that all may denounce inferior modes of thinking and bask in the correctness of The Code.

    10. I will never understand why some of my fellow Agents feel compelled to argue with randoms who obviously don't know what they're talking about. It's like watching Richard Dawkins debate creationists - it was fun at first, but eventually you realize the good Professor Dawkins is something of a masochist. :)

    11. "DJ EntropyJanuary 10, 2015 at 11:02 PM"
      Easy solution stop the fucking rage hunt...
      Stop that and it will be a much calmer place to play for you and you can complain if you still get rage and threats etc.

      As long as you hide behind RP to push players to the limit it will always be players who threat you Code. players.
      You tell eveyone you are the good guy and you have really hard to understand why you get RL threats?
      That's not being the good guy.

      I know what you are trying to do and it's good that you try to make players tank their ships but as long as you teach your 12 year old players it's ok to push players to the rage limit just because your RP and so on it will never be ok.

      Teaching kids they can behave like idiots and hide behind the keyboard is just as silly as the people who paint pictures and nag a holy person and think nothing will happens.

      And BTW I still not play EVE but I was about to try it when I read about Code. and I can't for life play a game with players acting like that so... ;)

      It's a retarded company with a retarded game that allows this to continue on booth sides.

      RL thretas is not ok but you can't deny that you are hunting fot that and if you get it it's your own fault.

      Fly safe...

      I live my life as it should be, dangerous and never safe and yes when I do seek danger I don't complain if I get hurt in the fight.

    12. Anon 11:41, how old are you? Or better yet why do you feel the need to say in almost every post you make how "dangerous" you and you life are?

      Not trying to be an ass, just curious.

  8. I agree. At least the older posts gave me a chuckle once in a while, but reading the recent material, there's some serious TEST-level autism going on...

    Also reinforces the point that the only permit worth buying is a tank.

  9. But if they're drinking a refreshing beverage, won't said beverage obscure their vision of more great posts?

  10. Anom 12:14, you have just demonstrated that the CODE is indeed, winning. Tanking your ships is exactly what the CODE instructs. It's refreshing to see at least somebody in high sec is getting the message and changing their ways.
    Another victory for the New Order. Now, just complete your re-education and include buying a permit....and will suddenly become a useful member of New Eden society. You're so close..don't stop now

  11. sorry, it's anom 12:42. No disrespect intended on the name mix up.

  12. Hey, DJ, why don't you tell us how your break is going? I personally am having fun exercising my right to mine and mission in Highsec...You arrogant monkeys can't stop me...

  13. Long live the judicial system of the New Order!

    1. The judicial system of the new order is a farce at has the stink of new order logic spin all over it...nothing near the impartiality that a decent judicial system should have...

  14. Justice system? What justice system. New order and its justice system is a farce. Keep up the efforts thou new order, cause the only real justice is when a new order member gets banned, and for some of you the ban cant come fast enough. I just love the tears that new order gives us when one or more of them get banned. :)

    Ryan Heathen


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