Saturday, January 17, 2015

How to Build a Successful Highsec Corp, Part 3

Previously, on MinerBumping... Agent Alana Charen-Teng awoxed Lunar Eclipse LLC, prompting the corp's CEO, gimilli, to buy mining permits from Agent Capt Starfox. Bringing Lunar Eclipse LLC into the fold was another glorious victory for the New Order diplomat. But having won the war, could Starfox keep the peace?

After four wonderful days, Lunar Eclipse LLC's tranquility was suddenly broken: Berspiel, one of their members, got his Retriever ganked by a pair of New Order Agents. gimilli immediately opened a channel with Capt Starfox.

Our Agents are highly coordinated. Within minutes, Starfox got a report from the gankers. He explained to gimilli that Bergspiel was found in violation of the Code. gimilli didn't get it. If a miner has a permit, how can he violate the Code?

Starfox patiently explained the Code's position on anti-tanked and yield-tanked mining vessels. gimilli was suspicious. Had the Code been surreptitiously altered since he bought his permits? Not likely.

gimilli was hostile and belligerent, and not in a good way. He rattled his sabre and/or saber. Some would respond, "That's treason, so enjoy your wardec." However, Starfox is an accomplished diplomat. And a merciful one. He ignored the idle threats and continued working with gimilli to resolve the conflict peacefully.

The mining corp CEO had a fundamentally different vision of EVE. In his view, a miner should only care about maximum yield. Miners mine. I suppose only tankers should fit tank, then.

gimilli's paranoia grew. Clearly, he'd been talking to some troublemakers. His head was filled with poison.

Nevertheless, gimilli was willing to obey the Code when it came to fitting--as long as he was given exact specifications for each ship. In other words, he wanted to follow a program. Like a bot. Starfox didn't like the sound of that, so he cut right to the heart of the matter:

...And we can call this "Bot-Aspirancy.png".

The more Starfox talked to gimilli, the more it seemed like the miner had been spending time with anti-Order rebels.

Shockingly, gimilli even suggested that the Code might be in violation of something in "EVE's bio". But did you know there is currently no EVE character named "EVE"?

When gimilli expressed his concern that the Code was making people quit the game, it was confirmed: The toxic philosophy of anti-Orderism had infected Lunar Eclipse LLC.

Now, after only four days, the mining corp was in serious jeopardy of seceding from the New Order family. Capt Starfox was faced with the ultimate challenge. Would he be able to save Lunar Eclipse LLC from itself, or would gimilli just keep saying "yall" while his corp burned to ashes?

To be continued...


  1. Replies
    1. you got that copied ready to paste huh

    2. Nope I type pretty fast and I enjoy typing it, so each time is UNIQUE :P

  2. These miners... The "max yield" in a belt means 20M/hour instead of 18-19. They do literally the least profitable activity in EVE, yet they all about maximizing their income.

  3. lol, dumasses, both of you.
    a) they'd not need any tank if there wasn't some asholes killing them "just because they can"
    b) "win" is part of a competition. killing miners isn't any
    c) CCP call's mining "the backbone of the eve universe". it's most newbies first career path. Going on killing them is like shooting cows on a meadow. nonsensical, idiotic und the proove that the guy who does it for fun is a complete retard. But go ahead, but don't be suprised if the supply of milk and cheese will be gone sooner or later

    i doubt the game will stay successful without newbies, but i bet people like you, who obviously cannot stand pvp against enemies - instead of victims - don't care for that anyways.

    I don't like mining, i cannot stand the boredom of mining. But i understand why eve online needs them, Go ahead, kep on killing your own foundation, dumbasses

    1. I shoot autopiloting PODs fixed for max yield-vice tank. Any problem with that Mr. Carebear?

    2. You don't understand the true purpose of the gank.

      1) It's funny.
      2) Fuck you.

      Hope that helps you have a better understand of EVE online.

    3. Agents of the new order should not be using profanity like seen in your number 2. Poor class, sir. No wonder you were permabanned.

    4. As a educated ivy league incursion lawyer, it's just obvious that everyone is an idiot. You idiots. Sociopaths. Idiots.

      I will continue to cry to CCP daily and get ripped apart on the forums in an attempt to feel relevant, don't you worry!

    5. He's just not that into you, Veers. Please stop trying to hit on DJ, it's gone past embarrassing and into the realm of "painful to watch". He's not interested in playing with you. Please move on with your life, and stop subjecting everyone here to these, just, awful attempts at baiting. Seriously, you'd think a prestigious lawyer (which you *totally* are) would have learned how to use rhetoric better than this.

      He's not into you
      And no amount of baiting
      is going to change that

    6. lol for "hitting on DJ." Using him as a perfect example of what terrible people code members are is not "hitting" on anyone. He is simply extremely useful for demonstrating how truly awful you folks are, and how you strive to make others as miserable as possible, inside and outside of your James 315 endorsed bonus rooms.

    7. Someone like you Veers, calling me an "awful person" means absolutely nothing.

    8. Correct sir. Being called an "awful person" does not make it so. What makes it so is the fact that you are indeed an awful person.

    9. Veers sez: I wish I could quit you, DJ.

    10. you affiliate with folks who defend bonus rooms and real life harassment.

    11. > You don't understand the true purpose of the gank.

      > 1) It's funny.
      > 2) Fuck you.

      if beeing an ashole is your intention, you'd should better ask your doctor, you've got a serious mental problem

    12. Getting real tired of your shit, fake Veers.

      The Veers at 2:26, 2:48, and 5:52 are not me. You can tell they're not me because it would just be too obviously hypocritical for me to try to make people feel bad about themselves in real life, under the pretext that the people I target try to make others feel bad about themselves in real life. Anyone with two brain cells to rub together would see that my definition of "griefer" would apply first and foremost to me (since Code Agents only try to get obedience to the Code in-game, while I try both to control how others play and to make them believe that they are literally mentally ill and horrible human beings), and even someone with as inflated an opinion of their own worth as I am couldn't possibly have so little respect for my fellow players.

      Stop impersonating me, fake Veers. You're making me look way too stupid to be believable. Because everyone knows, I'm a lawyer, and much too smart for you idiots. Griefers. Sociopaths. You're awful IRL. I'm better than you. Hate yourselves. Griefers. Harassment. You idiots.

  4. Yall need to read that CODE instead of just slapping a permit in your BIO.

    1. i have legit fake mining permits with my mining characters and i get away with it all the time

    2. Sure you do, random anonymous blog poster too afraid to post with his main @ 11:11pm.

      Do you also have powerful friends in null sec?

    3. Good job anon. These Code fools are incapable of keeping proper books and records. It's the Bernie Madoff of Eve Online.

    4. Oh no, Anon@11:11! Please don't do that, it's *totally* not a victory for the Code for you to display our permit in your bio (thus showing other miners the might and power of the Code) and mine in a Code-compliant manner (otherwise you'd get popped even with the permit).

      On a related note, please don't throw me in that briar patch!

    5. obviously CODE is too fail to be good at pvp, otherwise they'd not need to kill miners. lol ... but beeing retarded enough for even beeing able to successfully doing their extortions, that's delicious.
      Well done, perhaps try to have a bit less dope and beer while playing, it would massively reduce the need to buy PLEXs to be able to play

    6. "Maria MalukkerJanuary 18, 2015 at 1:04 AM"
      With you logic all evil win as soon as someone adapts to it?
      If terrorist threats and people adapts to that the terrorist have won?

      You sounds like you are satans whore but who knows, maybe it's just sounds like that when you have a big James cock in you mouth ;)

    7. You didn't just "adapt" to us, Anon@1:56. You fly our flag (by having our permit in your bio). You follow our Code (by being ATK, and responsive and polite in local). You may still resent us in your heart of hearts, and you may still be very brave by saying you dislike us in anonymous comments on our blog, but to anyone playing Eve, you're one of ours.

      I don't know what that looks like to you. To me, that looks like victory.

    8. "Maria MalukkerJanuary 18, 2015 at 2:47 PM"
      It sound like satans whore to me ;)

  5. I caught herpes a few years back. I can tell when it's coming on cause my cock gets itchy the day before. CODE is like Herpes in that you can tell when they are coming on. I support Veers and what he has to say about licking cocks infected by herpes. I only wish I had more to do with the 9/10 bans then doing nothing.

  6. Code. hunting for rage once again.
    Hope they get a virus in game ;)

  7. So much rage. So much butthurt. Over a video game...

    1. Are you butthurt?
      Must be because James cock have visited your brown eye :-P


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