Thursday, January 22, 2015

Over Five Hundred Forty-Six Billion in Shares Sold

I often get questions from people about buying shares in the New Order. I'll answer a couple of them today.

Way back in the summer of 2012, I limited the number of shares available in the New Order IPO. If memory serves, I only planned to sell 100 million isk worth. These sold out very rapidly. So I made another batch of shares available, and those sold out almost instantly. Sensing the EVE community's ravenous hunger for New Order stock, I made the only decision that a responsible business owner in my position could: I offered to sell an infinite number of shares.

Another common question is whether shareholders are exempt from the mining permit requirement of the Code. The answer is no. Shares and permits are two totally different things. Gallants never have a problem with this. For instance, Kunza received my reply to this question and got himself sorted out with a permit right away. Speaking of Kunza...

Kunza proved his gallantry in a big way, purchasing 5,000 shares. This sent us over the 542, 543, 544, 545, and 546 billion isk marks and earned him a Quintuple Supreme Protector's Tip of the Hat™. Now that's how you introduce yourself to the New Order family!

...And yet, every single share counts.


Sasha Nyemtsov is the best kind of scholar: the kind who loves to share his knowledge with others. To that end, he's recorded the third and final part of the current series.

Sasha's description is as follows:
I've uploaded the final part of James 315's 3-part essay, which marked a pivotal point in the history of the New Order of Highsec. No longer could sceptics remain in any doubt about our mission and methods.

In this blistering explosion of myths, James 315 rocks the EVE boat as only he can. We learn the key to The New Order's sail-away success and why we will never be defeated. Deadly serious stuff, to be sure; but there's always room for a chuckle or two with James 315 at the helm!
The New Order's commitment to the education and re-education of EVE players is further evidence that we have created a functioning society in highsec.

Permanent links to all New Order artwork, including Sasha's wonderful audio files, may be found on the Links page.


  1. Educate miners
    Enforce civilization
    Support CODE today!

  2. Absolutely wonderful! Great job Sasha!

    -Galaxy Pig

  3. More senseless drivel from code monkeys....

    1. more drivel from the wayward pissant....the code is drivel whether it is in written or audible form....

    2. But, EllipseAnon, I'll bet you listened to it, just like I did.

    3. No, I did not, not in the mood to hurl...his voice is good, but the subject matter is extremely nauseating...

    4. DJ! Calm down! Really.
      Everyone enjoys that your banned, glad to see you have a place to let out your rage over the ban.

  4. The Code ALWAYS wins!!!! ALWAYS!!!!

    1. Honestly the code always looses.
      Plenty of New Order agents are permabanned, and cant play at all.
      Just ask DJ and Erotica.

    2. Anon 4:53..Yet you are here...reading this page. I'd call that a win.

    3. I resent the idea the new order agents are loose they run a very tight ship around high sec I'll have you know.

    4. awww merrizon, so sorry your feelings are hurt!
      *hands merrizon a glass* please fill it, dont want those tears to go to waste.
      Face the facts, new order is slowly becoming yesterdays used trash.

    5. Frothy-mouthed Anon
      Can't understand sarcasm
      mistakes it for tears

    6. Ming! Calm down! Its just a game!
      No need to get so upset, words are just words, they dont hurt you.
      Its not like you have been banned, yet.
      *Drinks from the glass of your tears*

    7. Anon heard of "tears"
      collected by the cool kids
      Watch him try too hard

    8. who said I was upset? I merely stated the efficiency of the new order, which has kept them in business for over 2 and a half years. Yesterdays news, you big kidder you.

    9. In before "whine glass", "drink your tears", *using emotes*.

      What a thoroughly predictable anon.

  5. "Sensing the EVE community's ravenous hunger for New Order stock, I made the only decision that a responsible business owner in my position could: I offered to sell an infinite number of shares."


    I trust nobody but Sasha to lend voice to our Supreme Protector.

    1. He didnt think anyone would buy his story, but plenty of people did, hook line and sinker. After seeing he made some isk all he saw was $$$$ and wanted more. Simple and to the truth, he just wanted more, still does and always will. I just feel sorry for the fools that believed him, and still believe in his lies.

    2. A couple billion isk is a pittance compared to the amount of content generated by James, the New Order, and this blog.

      Best investment I've ever made.

    3. funny i never saw the patch

    4. it's hard to see anything on screen when you're afk

    5. @Anon4:56

      If you think that ISK is the motivation for James 315 and the New Order, I can't begin to tell you how wrong you are.

      ISK can't motivate someone to post on a blog every single day for two and a half years. There's something more to it than that. Consider that when you consider purchasing a permit. Read between the lines.

    6. Your right ming, you can't begin to tell me how wrong i am, since im right.
      There is only 2 things that motivate james and new order, the first is isk, the second is causing grief and trying to farm tears.
      Unfortunately for new order, farming the tears is getting harder, but for the rest of us your all getting real good at providing the tears, especialy every time one of you gets banned. Take your advice and read between the lines. Get out of new order before you join the list of banned players that think james cares about them.

    7. @Anon6:17
      I'll repost a post I made elsewhere that I think sums up my response to you:

      "I don't see why everyone is against the New Order; our sole mission is to forcefully remove safe highsec solo play as a viable playstyle. Which is good. Eve is a multiplayer game, the most rewarding moments in this game come from interaction with other players.

      In other words, if you don't socialize, you end up as some sort of greedy asshole who only cares about money, rages at every loss, goes to outlandish lengths to try to get legitimate players banned, (or the police involved,) does solo industry, ends up researching BPOs for all four dreadnaughts, builds them, but never undocks with them, spins them in their ship hangar so they can have their *achievement,* and then finally biomasses, telling everyone that they know that "EVE is a terrible, awful, rotten game where only scammers get ahead," when they finally trust someone and have it all stolen from them.

      Fuck that. This is not the way EVE is meant to be played, and we all have a duty to stop poor playstyle choices like this from happening.

      We are CODE. We are the defenders of this game."

  6. Getting real tired of your terrible spelling, fake Veers.

    1. D400! How is life after getting permabanned for real life harassment?

    2. Veers, let's be real. Can we be real for a sec?

      D400 wasn't banned for real life harassment, as you claim.

      The reason D400 was banned was clearly listed on his login screen.
      The reason listed was:

      I just would like you to know, that if his ban is reversed and you are contemplating suicide after that, because you built your life around a person getting banned in a video game, we would like you to know that The New Order cares. And and we are here to help, since, after all, we really are a big happy family.

    3. Ming, do you have a problem with typing words twice?
      (The New Order cares. And and we are here to help)
      Also, proper sentences dont start with the word and.
      Should really check everything you post before you press the publish button.

    4. my dearest Mingie,

      D400 was most certainly banned for his vile and reprehensible bonus room conduct, where he, along with DJ and others, did all in their power to inflict humiliation and emotional torture on their victims. This is well known, and alluded to by chief villain James 315 himself, among others.

      I don't expect the ban to ever be reversed, nor would such reversal cause me to consider suicide (I already deal with griefers like Loyalanon and Gorila quite capably in game). My life is not built around folks getting banned from a video game. It simply serves as an excellent example of despicable and toxic slime getting their due desserts. At the end of the day all of you agents who get so much pleasure from the despair of others will end up wallowing in your own despair and denied the pleasures that you hold so dear. Good riddance, griefers.

    5. I agree veers, the sooner they all get banned the sooner eve will be a better game.
      They abuse the loose rules to cause grief and get people upset. Its SO nice to see how much they cry about it being unfair when some of their numbers are banned. Unfortunately, even thou james assosiates himself with these lowlifes, he keeps enough of a distance to not be taken down with them when they get banned. Someday thou, someday his turn will come.

    6. Anon 5:49. How about posting with a name or your main, instead of hiding and post under "anonymous". At least Veers has the balls to post under his name. :)

    7. "At the end of the day all of you agents who get so much pleasure from the despair of others will end up wallowing in your own despair and denied the pleasures that you hold so dear"

      Wow it really is panto season isn't it look how melodramatic veers is getting.

      Hey Veers HE'S BEHIND YOU!!!

    8. Getting real tired of your shit, fake Veers.

      The Veers@12:15, 1:26, 2:07, and 5:12 are not me. You can tell they're not me because I am an immensely wealthy and capable lawyer in real life (who likes to spend 10+ hours at a time autistically mining red crosses because I like to enjoy my free time), and it'd just be silly for me to get as emotionally invested in hating people in a video game as those Veers are. I mean, just look at that language! "Vile, "reprehensible", "torture", "chief villain", "despicable and toxic slime getting their due desserts"....this is not the language of an employed adult, it's the language of a precocious child who has spent so much time playing a video game that he's lost sight of the differences between a video game and reality. How could anyone ever take such ridiculous melodrama seriously? And of course I, being the real Veers, demand to always be taken seriously.

      Stop impersonating me, fake Veers! Nobody will ever believe a rich and successful lawyer like myself could be so childish.

      PS: I'm a lawyer, you idiots. Griefers. Torturers. Slimy scumbags. Griefers. Stop trying to make people feel bad over a video game, you idiots. On an unrelated note, I can't wait until you're wallowing in your own despair and denied the pleasures you hold so dear.

      PPS: Why no, I don't know what self-awareness is. Why do you ask?

    9. @ Kaely Kakes
      I see no reason to post with my real name when posting as anon gets you all riled up and upset :)
      btw, your tears are really tasty.
      I rather the tears of DJ and Erotica, but yours are nearly as good :)

  7. If you think Code. is idiots and not trustworthy, try to play DayZ ;-)
    In that game you can trust no one at all and every one is lying and trolling everyone.
    Not a finished game but as free as PvP gets...
    No rules and no safe places and they have VAC and BattleEye to stop cheaters.

    1. Played Star Trek Online the other day, what a joke, only Veers types would like that game... Hey veers why don't you go check it out, you'll like that you can spend all day either afk or farming NPCs and no one bothers you. come to think of it why dont you play any other mmo out there since they are all the same themepark with a different skin on them.

      Oh veers you don't like the bonus room 'scum' because you werent the first to think about it. just fess up you are an evilminded socialpath in the extreme

  8. just remember each time you come to this blog you are entering "douche bag central " I like to come here now and again as it helps me appreciate the good people in eve by reading the bile that gets posted here from the bad people in eve ( both sides.)
    fortunately for me the majority of people in new eden are rational reasonable people.
    there is always going to be a fringe element and this blog and code are it,
    I'm happy your relevance to the part of new eden I live in is zero and I can go about my day
    so thanks james for being here and allowing me to remind myself that new eden is fun when you operate outside of "the savior of high sec " space. new eden is huge after all some of you people should go explore you may find a place that's fun to be in you never know ???


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