Sunday, January 18, 2015

Kills of the Week

Bot-aspirant carebears view everything in terms of isk. The Agents of the New Order know better. Each time a violator is killed in the name of the Code, it represents not only the destruction of isk; it represents a triumph of the human spirit. Each individual kill has its own story. The fact that the New Order scores thousands of kills per month doesn't lessen the importance of each story. Let's enjoy some feel-good stories that occurred during the week of January 11th @ 00:00 EVEtime through January 17th @ 23:59 EVEtime.

Cinder Hicks lost a 2.6 billion isk Vindicator to Agents Sabriz Adoudel, Shnjago, and Tear Jar. This was no suicide gank. The three Agents are members of CODEdot's wardec specialist corp, Glorious Revolutionary Armed Forces of Highsec.

Our fearless Agents were overwhelmingly outnumbered by the war targets in local. But the enemy corporation was unable to save the Vindicator. They assumed our Agents can only kill ships that don't shoot back, and that we cannot engage in honourable, elite PvP. As usual, the New Order proved its critics wrong.

Taliis Faeldun's Raven Navy Issue was defeated by a mere Skiff! The reason is simple: The Skiff was piloted by Agent Lord Mandelor, who proved that when the New Order is at the helm, even a mining ship can be deadly.

The Skiff had gone suspect after taking some ice from someone else's container.

The Raven Navy Issue underestimated our Agent's power, and he got himself killed. Always bet on Order.

Rhanna Huunuras had a bad day. She lost her 9.7 billion isk freighter, along with a 2.7 billion isk pod. She had failed to buy a 10 million isk permit, so she was forced to surrender her cargo.
Rhanna Huunuras > go on and gank... i don't care
Siegfried Cohenberg > we're dunking your freighter
Sassa Huunuras > i know
Sassa Huunuras > i told i will not pay anythiong to anyone... it's stupid pay to you... beter luck next time
Sassa Huunuras > and enjoy your loses
Sassa Huunuras > i will enjoy the firework..
Cancel Cancel DockBackUp > Congratulations on being selected by our freighter audit fleet for a random inspection. Unfortunately, some of your goods were lost during the inspection process
In the end, she refused to give us 10 million isk, but she made a contribution of 8 billion isk in loot. This was happily taken by Agents GrayFox247, Emotion Sasen, Kahvegi, Cytheera, Allannon kado, Lady Ati, codras, Quaker Oatmeal, Sasha Cohenberg, Ms Minmay, Ricki Lake Show, Cancel Cancel DockBackUp and Commander Jack Simmons.

Agent Uprightness captured another unlicensed freighter using the power of the bump. But the freighter pilot acted like a typical bot-aspirant and chose to block our Agent. As if this is a single-player game where you don't need to interact with others if you don't want to...

Luckily, Starrshell was brought to justice. She lost everything she had, but according to Starrshell, this didn't matter:

The carebear bragged about purchasing hundreds of dollars worth of PLEX. This is proof positive that a New Order mining permit is the cheaper option, even when real-life cash is involved! Special thanks to Agents Emotion Sasen, Aaaarrgg, loyalanon, Cytheera, Ilithyia Borgia, Globby, Salah ad-Din al-Jawahiri, Pod-Goo RepoWoman, Darnoth, Jason Kusion, Chocolate Mooses, Ghuleh Idolatrine, Sasha Cohenberg, BAE B BLUE, Martyr Oira, Sophia Soprano, Kahvegi, Melon Arbalabator, and Hek Arbosa for this kill.

Agent Keera Erquilenne is new to the ganking business. In fact, I witnessed her very first kill just the other day. As any Agent will tell you, a brush with the Saviour of Highsec is always good luck. Two hours later, Keera scored her second kill ever. Inside the bot-aspirant Retriever, she found this:

...A pod worth 4.6 billion isk! Zann Nightroad had a Genolution-fit pod hidden inside that unassuming Retriever. Agent Keera Erquilenne has only just begun her new life as a ganker, and already she's earned the Podkill of the Week.

Carebears, you can spend eight or nine years slaving away in the asteroid belts. It will come to nothing. No one will remember what you did. In time, even your own recollection of your mining days will become fuzzy. That's one option.

Or you can join the New Order and take up arms against the bot-aspirants. Within a matter of days--or even hours--you will make history. Like Keera proved, you could become a star in no time at all! That's the sensible choice, don't you agree?


  1. I have said it before on this forum.

    Will ccp ever stop,or modify code's ganking tactics while code are doing such a great job selling plex for them?

    This is proof that players that have just lost everything will buy plex to continue to play at the same level they previously did.

    I am not actually saying I think any game mechanic should be changed, there is certainly a good financial reason for ccp NOT to change anything.

    1. CCP supports Code. so that will never happens I think.
      At the moment CCP sees Code. as an income until every insulted players stop playing and they lose income that way.
      Space whores is bad for EVE but CCP haven't pulled the but plug yet, that's the only eye they can see with ;)


    From the Zkill

  3. Congratulations Keera; welcome to the family!

    Great work from the wardec guys and, of course, our regulars in the ganking fleets. Shout out to all New Order Members and Supporters. We salute you!

  4. These are the kind of kills Veer just loves to see. I bet his troll face gets all bent out of shape after looking at all that isk down the drain. I must ask Veers, will you continue to troll for a bunch of afk loosers or will you come gank with us and make a real impact on Eve and have some fun?

    1. None of these "loosers" were AFK. What on earth are you talking about?

    2. The Code making CCP money from AFK people :D

  5. The Code ALWAYS Wins!!!!! ALWAYS!!!!!

  6. The PLEX purchases are fake. 40 PLEX = 32B while he lost only 7B to the gank. I guess in reality he is out in the belts to farm it back.

    1. Another clueless Gevlon post...where do you get this delusional nonsense from? He isn't allowed to buy more plex than necessary to replace his losses? You do truly belong with the CFC.

    2. Someone, anyone, please pay attention to me!

    3. I'm totally important and relevant you guys! Why won't anyone acknowledge me??

      Attention...we needs it! My precious...yes...the precious validation says we need to say the stupidest shit we can think of....we don't wants to...but we NEEDS it!

  7. Congrats Keera! M-m-m-monster kill!

  8. It's like watching Gollum talk to himself. LOL!

  9. Goofus says, "I'm just going to buy more plex for ISK, keep doing the same thing, and expect a different outcome."

    Gallant says, "Good fight! Thank you for blowing up my ship. I learned from that experience and will adapt. Sending you 10M ISK right away!"

    1. I really hope you say good fight when you get robbed too :-P

    2. CODE. Agents and Knights of the New Order make a point of congratulating those who successfully attack and destroy our ships because that is the gallant thing to do and we are, uniformly, gallant. Only a goofus would get butthurt about ISK.

  10. "In the end, she refused to give us 10 million isk, but she made a contribution of 8 billion isk in loot. This was happily taken by Agents"
    Code. don't care for ISK?
    Show me you don't care for ISK by destroying the ISK 100% instead of looting the wreck.
    You will never do that because you are the ISK whore and not the miner :P

    1. Aw, transparent carebear is transparent. Scooping carebear loot helps us gank more. Please don't project your greed onto our noble Agents, it only makes you look foolish.

    2. CODE is all about making isk, and causing grief. They always have been and always will (except when they get banned). Of course wont say thats the reason, they need the morale boost by lieing even to each other about their real reasons, which is simply they cant do anything else skillfully. Only reason they pick on miners mostly, is they are jelous that they cant mine as skillfully as miners. Kinda like the school yard bully, instead of learning he/she picks on the small but smart kids. Someday ccp will wise up and kick these code turds from the game, then they will have a nice game :)

      Code always wins, except when they dont (like 95% of the time),
      Except when they get banned,
      Except when they get ganked,
      Except when they fail to gank,
      Ect Ect.

    3. Wow, this flavor of butt-hurt is delicious. ^^^

      Korea is beautiful you guys! They have restaurants here that just serve chicken and beer. I feel as though I've come home.

      My heart is with you beautiful bastards. What a great Kills of the Week! Keep it up!

      -Galaxy Pig

  11. "you can spend eight or nine years slaving away in the asteroid belts. It will come to nothing. No one will remember what you did. In time, even your own recollection of your mining days will become fuzzy. That's one option." no one will remember you either its just a game nothing more

    1. Their posts, you know the ones with their names attached to it, will be found and linked to their persona long after your anonymous post has been lost in the other anonymous posters shuffle.

      Gamers has long memories - I remember meeting this really fantastic girl on holiday, who just happened to be great at playing Road Rash in the arcade. Thanks for bringing that memory back, they were some really good head to head sessions.


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