Friday, July 31, 2015

Fighting the Insurgency

War can get ugly. But sometimes it can be beautiful.

We have always been the most transparent organization in EVE. For additional accountability, Agent Kalorned of the The New Order Gamis Affiliates has been put under the microscope. Are his actions in Gamis justified? Watch the video and see for yourself.

Afterward, why not check out Gevlon Goblin's post on CODE.'s 2014 kills? There are plenty of numbers there--numbers which reinforce the theory (an established scientific fact now, really) that the CODE always wins. Can't wait for the 2015 stats!


  1. The committee has carefully reviewed the evidence submitted. We agree that deadly force was fully justified.


  2. And a tastefully presented video proving what has become undeniable truth; altogether now...

    The Code ALWAYS wins!

    Thanks Kalorned; stirring and entertaining stuff. Kalorned ALWAYS delivers!

  3. "The principle of self-defense, even involving weapons and bloodshed, has never been condemned, even by Gandhi . . ."--Dr. Martin Luther King Jr

    “He who cannot protect himself or his nearest and dearest or their honor by non-violently facing death, may and ought to do so by violently dealing with the oppressor. He who can do neither of the two is a burden.”--M. K. Gandhi

  4. Agent Kalorned - winning hearts and minds with the power of his elite pvp!

  5. I'm a bit torn. Yeah, awesome stats but... well... Gevlon. Him making sense just feels wrong somehow.

  6. GAH! No, bad phone! Wrong comment section!

  7. Idk what music's in these videos but they're blocked half the time in my country. Care to use free use music next would b awesome


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