Sunday, July 26, 2015

Kills of the Week

Highsec has been busy! So much happens in New Order territory each week that it's impossible to follow it all--even in these jam-packed Kills of the Week posts. Let's start off by jumping into the middle of a conversation that occurred during the week of July 19th @ 00:00 EVEtime through July 25th @ 23:59 EVEtime...
Krillnodd Burnebataar > I can't afford your fee and I can't afford another ship
Krillnodd Burnebataar > I have 12 million which I need for taxes on what I am about to haul to market ...I can't even afford my plex this month
Krillnodd Burnebataar > I put everything into this ship to try and plex my account
Krillnodd Burnebataar > I am trying to keep playing eve
C-ta Vilosa > me too
C-ta Vilosa > and if every freighter pilot i bump keeps lying to me i can't even afford bigger ships, let alone plex
It was another bad week for bot-aspirant freighters.
Krillnodd Burnebataar > you can tell my charcter is not that old ...Ive tried mining and that did not work I am trying hauling
Krillnodd Burnebataar > I have spent all my skill time on mining and the skill for this ship
Krillnodd Burnebataar > whatever ...I am sick of dishonest people like you and the constant harrasment ...eve is not worth all this bullshit ...I try to help people but this game brings the worst out in people do it if you are going to do it
Krillnodd Burnebataar > all I have is some veld and scor and not that much either
Krillnodd Burnebataar > my baby is crying so i am going afk
To be fair, we can't be sure his baby was actually crying. Maybe Krillnodd was on a laptop in some location with an echo.

Meanwhile, the Anti-Ganking channel offered Krillnodd little hope. Except for an alt of the bumper, who encouraged him to buy a permit.
C-ta Vilosa > it might be a good idea to dock up first if you wanna go afk
Krillnodd Burnebataar > duh ...I would dock if I could
C-ta Vilosa > well you'd be able to dock if you paid up
C-ta Vilosa > wanna eject from that freighter? we can take the ore as payment and let you go
Krillnodd Burnebataar > fuck you it
The situation became desperate. Krillnodd didn't want to leave before seeing his freighter die, but he also had to deal with the baby in his house. (The other baby, I mean. The one that wasn't playing EVE.) Finally, he asked our Agents do put him out of his misery. They did it. Now let's see some killmails!

Mysake and a few of his friends in Uedama didn't get the memo that CODEdot has a wardeccing corp comprised of members who have positive security status. When they saw one of our Agents sitting on a station undock in her Proteus, they couldn't resist attempting to kill her. Oops! That's not how highsec works. Agents Kaely Tanniss, Caldari Sentry Gun III, and CONCORD Police Captain joined forces to take them down. Kaely didn't even need to pay a wardec fee on that one.

What's worse than equipping ORE Strip Miners to your ship? Putting them in your cargo bay while you mine with tech I ice harvesters. Anaeth was too lazy and too bot-aspirant to remember which station held her gear, so she kept it with her. She neglected to bring any kind of tanking modules, or a mining permit for that matter. She was eliminated by Agents John E Normus, loyalanon, and Sophia Soprano, who also grabbed her 379 million isk pod, for an even billion isk loss.

Arle lost his ORE bling the old-fashioned way. Agents Ilithyia Borgia and Mal Warre detected his illegal activity and fried the 888 million isk Hulk. Credit where credit's due--they had some help:

Agent Guristas Invader was steadily plinking away at the Hulk long before they arrived. But the pod was saved for the human gankers. It was a juicy one, worth 3.2 billion isk. Thus, Arle lost over 4 billion isk, all so he could steal some of my Pyroxeres. He could've just asked.

Olusegun Obasanjo was terribly confused. He flew a cloaky-probey Orca with a mix of tank and anti-tank. What was he up to? Agents John E Normus, Ann Boncroft, Tisiphone Dira, and Catalyst Knight noticed Olusegun AFK autopiloting through highsec. They repeatedly invited him to private convos, but he never responded. After confirming that he was AFK, they rode into battle and won a glorious victory.

Nearly 5 billion isk of Carbon-86 Epoxy Resin was safely recovered. So far, Olusegun hasn't petitioned our Agents for reimbursement. Maybe he left his keyboard and never came back.

ironwool barreled into Jita with a 25 billion isk jump freighter. Such a ship can withstand a lot of damage in a 0.9 security system. When faced with a threat like this, the forces of good band together. A massive gank fleet was formed with 35 ships, including 16 Taloses. They brought justice to Jita! Many thanks to Agents Sophia Soprano, Salah ad-Din al-Jawahiri, John E Normus, Ilithyia Borgia, Sasha Cohenberg, JerryRin AT2016 Commentator, BoneyTooth Thompkins ISK-Chip, loyalanon, Ido Adudu, Fabulous Andy, OogaBooga WhereDa FreighterAt, Straight Up Dominated, Jason Kusion, Poopsock Jones, Yojiro, General Nelson, Generic5Guy, Galdor Amandilis, Krios Deninard, mooking, Unfit ForDoody, holdmybeer, Bob Painter, Mal Warre, SynthiaGreey, kaz89, Worlds Hatter, Seduxine, Martyr Oira, lock fire squish, Stein Cohenberg, Silvester Cohenberg, Sherman Cohenberg, Globby, and Etriza.

Note: Anti-Ganking failed again.

Autopiloting through highsec in a rookie ship, Malleus Hereticus looked like nothing more than a newbie. Agent Aaaarrgg checked his profile. Malleus was a 2009 character with miner propaganda in his bio. That's no noob! Our hero tore through the enemy's pod and shattered 4.8 billion isk worth of mining implants. As any New Order Agent can tell you, there's more than one way to harvest in highsec.


  1. Note: Anti-Ganking failed again.

    Always non-stop daily

  2. Replies
    1. More like weak PVP...

    2. yes, kills of the weak. it's pun for the whole family!

  3. another week full of win. in b4 the haters

  4. Is there really an anti-ganking presence at all? When I pass thru your killing grounds, I never see them saying anything in local.

  5. I think antiganking would be more present if the current mechanics in the game didn't favor the gankers.

    CCP should find a way to fix that. That would put the antigankers even more to shame !

    1. I'm sure adding a mechanic such as "bumping intentionally more than x times in a minute gets you a suspect tag" or something like that would put gankers and antigankers on the same ground. It's totally feasible. That won't change much for the gankers, and it would open opportunities for antigankers to shine... or fail miserably.

    2. @Anon9:39
      Let me tell you what would happen with that.

      We would intentionally put our Catalysts in front of AFK autopiloting freighters. And then, after they bumped us and became suspect, we would kill them, scot free of any CONCORD intervention.

      You want penalties for bumping? WE want penalties for bumping.

      Because any way you slice it, The Code ALWAYS wins, even under any rules Antigankers could dream up. And the reason for this is: We are smarter, more dedicated, wiser, and better than carebears, in all aspects. We will ALWAYS adapt, and we will ALWAYS win, in any circumstance.

    3. lol Gorila Vengaza......? is that you making all these anon posts? You just reek of being Gorila Vengaza. I can't put my finger on it.

      Is your return as an anti ganker also the reason why we see Butthurt Miner coming back to post these last few months?

    4. I seriously doubt anyone would ever return to being an Anti-Ganker after suffering through the out-and-out persecution that speaking in the Anti-Ganking channel is.

      I mean, white supremacists have nothing on the amount of hatred and vitrol that is regularly produced by Anti-Ganking.

      Plus, why would someone go back into the closet and start posting anonymously, after they've revealed their true name?

      What you are suggesting can't happen.

    5. i might just reactivate my eve account to lurk in that channel and laugh at the stuff that gets spewed in there.

    6. There goes ming again using words like 'we'.
      Ming, you should reword what you say to "I will stay in station, you can undock and go kill miners".

    7. @Ming

      I'm sure CCP could implant a way to distinguish intentional bumping and unintentinnal bumping. It can easily be done with the client and server.

      You pushed the Approach button and successfully bumped once ? You are eligible. Do it again and again, until you reach the "x bumps per minute" limit and boom : suspect.

      Putting catalysts in the way of AFK freighters would not make them suspect, unless of course they approached them.

      I'm not saying that would stop CODE at all. I'm only saying it would put gankers and anti gankers on the same ground. Because right now, the current system favors the gankers : antigankers (when they they manage to make a fleet and all) HAVE to wait for code to do the first move. And then it's usually too late.

      Code would totally be able to adapt to that.

    8. @Anon5:42
      Okay, it's obvious you don't get out and PvP much, so lets give you the benefit of the doubt, and think your thought through to conclusion.

      First question: Is it possible to bump another ship without hitting "Approach?"

      Why, yes. Yes it is possible.

      Now think about this.

      Carebears have been saying for years that the current system "favors the gankers," and that just One more nerf™ is all that would EVE would need to bring the haulers and gankers into balance. The Saviour has spoken of this phenomenon in detail. I encourage you to listen to that link. It may open your eyes to exactly how many times your request has been considered, granted, and why it won't ever work.

      Every single time this happens, the carebears celebrate the "death of CODE." when CCP decides to buff CONCORD response time, or give Freighters lowslots so they can refuse to tank their ships, or make it so that ships that go GCC in Highsec for some unknown reason have their warp drives magically disabled without being warp disrupted, or allow friendly fire to be enabled for corporations because of awoxers, and on and on, they advocate that just this nerf will be the one that finally brings balance to the game.

      And every, single time, CODE. modifies our tactics to keep doing what our Saviour told us to do: find Code-Violators, and deprive them of their ships, offering to sell them permits for 10 million isk.

      You see, the Code ALWAYS wins because we put so much more work into what we do than the carebear does, because it thinks that is entitled to its isk without having to work for it. By contrast, Agents of the New Order are anything but lazy, or even impolite.

      You believe, incorrectly, that the balance currently favors gankers, but this is simply because we do our jobs so much better than carebears do. The truth, is that carebears are lazy and don't want to take simple precautions to protect themselves. Even CCP Falcon has forcibly slapped down entitled miners who think that they should shirk their own responsibility to think about safety, and who advocate the preposterous position that "Eve Online should be a game where you can be completely safe."

      This is an absolutely dead wrong assumption, and it is the intention of the New Order to forcibly drill that into everyone's head who thinks it.

      It is our sworn intention to change this wrong and dangerous philosophy.

    9. Half of your text is not relevant at all. Mostly code propaganda, so i will not comment about something as useless as that.

      Now about the real relevant part.

      YES i know it's possible to bump intentionally even without clicking Approach. It's just going to be more difficult for CODE. But as everyone would expect, Code WIL adapt.

      And YES, the current mechanics ARE in favor of gankers. It's not a matter of taking precautions or being lazy, or feeling Highsec should be perfectly safe or not.

      Let's talk facts : Concord WILL fire at anti gankers if they attack a bumping Machariel. The ganker might survive, leaving no opposition at all while he bumps his prey, until death occurs. How is that not favoring gankers ? :)

      Not that i don't mind of the mechanics being in favor or not, As a miner, it's none of my business.

      My humble opinion is just this : code is LAUGHABLE when they brag about being better than AG, while they are favored by the concord mechanics :)

      Note that AG may not take advantage of my suggestion, if it comes to the game.

    10. The moment the anti gankers fire at a bumping machariel, they become gankers. The bumping machariel is decidedly NOT a ganker in any scenario. The fact that you have the nerve to whine about ganking while using it yourself is the highest hypocrisy.

      tl dr: anti-gankers are just fail gankers who choose ridiculously difficult to gank CODE based targets and then whine when they fail.

    11. Whatever words you might choose to "defend" it, a bumping machariel is controlled by a ganker, or someone part of a ganking group. It IS a ganker tool, Period.

      And please explain to me how i was "hypocrite" ? I tried really hard to see where i said or even implied i'm ganking, to no avail.

    12. @Anon2:08
      Maybe you should, I don't know, get 30 or so of your best friends in Catalysts, and then get a warpin on that Macharial. And then, I dunno, counter-gank that Macharial. It would be funny, and you would probably get a "gf" in local from the Macharial pilot.

      Sometimes when you're in a snowball fight, the game mechanics are structured so that the only way to win is to actually throw snowballs. It doesn't make you immoral or wrong, despite the token use of the words "criminal" and "security status." And it helps to actually solve your problem, because It actually gives meaningful consequences to those who are fucking with you, which is exactly how EVE Online is intended to be played.

      So quit your hypocritical whining.

    13. Oooooh right ! Giving an opinion which is different from CODE, or observing facts and don't have the same conclusion as CODE = hypocritical whining.

      Why didn't i think of that sooner ?

      I'm sorry, but no, i'm not whining nor am i hypocrite. I don't have to whine about a gank (yet)

      You really are a poor sight, Ming. And no, i'm not insulting you. I really pity you, poor lost soul. Following a false prophet is harsh for the mind. But it's okay, i'm a good person and i forgive you.

      Because both and i know that you will realize your wrong doing and you will stop wielding the CODE, it's only a matter of time :)

    14. @Anon8:05
      Actually, yes.

      Having an opinion which is different from that which The New Order approves of is, in fact, hypocritical whining. It's also a waste of time, and also, a losing proposition. It also makes you worse than useless.

      This is because what The Code says has been proven to be correct- And who are you to challenge it?

      Are you claiming you're some sort of expert on this game? Given that you have so little experience with it and its mechanics that you don't even know that you can bump someone without approaching them?

      Should we be listening to you over the Saviour of Highsec because you think your opinion has any sort of value whatsoever?

      I think that the words of the current CSM Chairman, The Mittani would do you well to read.

      If you don't know about a topic, shut the fuck up.

    15. @ Ming,
      Since you don't participate in any way, perhaps your the one that should 'shut the fuck up'
      Undock and do a real gank and maybe, just maybe some people, Code included, will start to take you seriously.
      Untill you do something in game and not afk for once, your no better then any miner out there.

    16. @ Anon 9:29

      Can't agree more.

      And Ming, you're wasting my time by ignoring the fact i SAID i KNEW it was possible to bump without the Approach button. Read again please, and just like Anon 9:29 said, do something instead of vomiting the code crap in vain.

      And who am i to challenge it ? A miner, watching his back. You will think mining is bad... but at least, i'm doing something. Unlike you.

    17. Ming stopped replying, so im going to assume either he raged so hard he smashed his keyboard, or he is crying so hard at being useless that he cant see his monitor.
      Quite possible it is both.
      oh, and in b4 ming rages that he 'is' a code agent.

  6. Heh, so many Cohenberg toons on the freighter gank ? There is no way to be efficient in combat when you have to alt tab all the time. Smells like Input Broadcasting and Input Multiplexing. Bad idea.

    1. You can issue commands sequentially, and it works just fine for ganking. Smells like you jelly.

    2. Hope he really does that then. I just found it unusual.

    3. Grasping at any straw to try and petition bomb your enemies eh?

      I suppose it is the only way you could ever hope to do any damage against the likes of CODE, you pathetic carebear.

    4. It has NOTHING to do with being a carebear or not, being for or against Cohenberg.

      I was just wondering about the possibility of Cohenberg using Isboxer to control his multiple toons and ships, which is FORBIDDEN. IF (and i repeat : IF) it's the case, then the guy has no right to be called an "agent", and should be dismissed.

      And to be honest, i don't care about doing damage to CODE. I prefer doing damage to the ice belt in Halaima, right under CODE's nose who are there in local and doing nothing. It's more profitable.


    You missed this one. This must be some new definition of always wins the rest of the world is ignorant of.

  8. A 25 billion kill. Nice one.

  9. Agent Guristas Invader was steadily plinking away at the Hulk long before they arrived.

    i lol'd


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