Sunday, July 12, 2015

Kills of the Week

There's so much to see and do in highsec! Countless players spend their time here. Chaos would ensue, if not for the New Order and its Code. Each and every highsec activity is strictly--but not oppressively--regulated by the New Order. Remarkably, the whole system is kept running by a small network of Agents. They are a heroic fighting force. Let's check in on a sampling of the diverse regulating they performed during the week of July 5th @ 00:00 EVEtime through July 11th @ 23:59 EVEtime.

What's the most efficient way to gank 66 unlicensed mining ships? Here's your answer, courtesy of The Mortor, who packed 10 Procurers and 56 Retrievers into his freighter. Agents ThatOleSerpent, Josh Tsutola, loyalanon, Lament von Gankenheim, teh penguins, Sasha Cohenberg, Ryvarant, and prettypenguins couldn't resist all those barges wrapped up in a neat little package. Fifty Strip Miners and 100 MTUs were also disassembled.

There has been much angst lately about all the freighter ganking performed by the New Order over the last month or so. Consider the tears of former freighter owner Don't Forget 2tip, who forgot to tip our Agents.

But I don't wish to give the impression that the New Order is solely concerned with freighters. We care about so much more. We do it all!

Our Agents enjoy honourable PvP, and they especially love to ship shoots that can shoot back. The Crime & Punishment Thunderdome arose of our an EVE-O thread. Omar Alharazaad challenged the subforum to take on his Curse. Naturally, Agent Tengu Grib rose to the challenge and was victorious in the duel. You can even watch video footage of this fight.

Who doesn't appreciate a good wardec? Davies Charante fell out of love with wardecs after his alliance, Serenitas Solutus, received one from CODE. But first, he thought he'd test CODE.'s seriousness by mining during the wardec. Agents Zane Arnolles and Semtex Attor tore his Orca to pieces, along with other alliance property.
Semtex Attor > Well, i'm an Agent of the New Order of Highsec, that should explain it all!
Davies Charante > yeah, i know you guys, not good enough to be accepted into code, so you just follow their ideas, ah well, can't all be great eh?1
Semtex Attor > Not good enough to be in CODE.? Did you check my Corporation?
Davies Charante > a corp that's a member of, i.e, not fully in!
Davies Charante > a corp, that's a member, is a corp within a corp, so, either yours aint good enough, or code aint good enough, so they outsource, lol, you're like an indian call centre
Semtex Attor > So your corp is not good enough for Serenitas Solutus ?
It quickly became clear that Davies was a bit confused.
Davies Charante > maybe, maybe not, i don't give a shit,
Semtex Attor > According today, i doubt it...
Davies Charante > ah, but you're not aware of the facts call centre boy, i am
Semtex Attor > well, clear the facts then. My only fact for today is that we killed a POS of your Alliance, then i podded you while you where autopiloting through Uedama, then i killed an Orca of yours..
Semtex Attor > that's what i call Elite PVP!
Luckily, our Agents are masters at clearing up confusion.

Despite the vast array of activities we govern, the regulation of highsec mining remains our bread and butter. crazydaisy lived up to her name when the dizzy dame fit out a 1.3 billion isk Mackinaw and neglected to get a permit. Agents AeleDeux, Lisa Tears, and Get Well Soon cut her some slack by providing her a warning before killing her. The warning consisted of entering local.

Ich Binsnur didn't fare too poorly when he was punished for autopiloting. He merely lost an unfit frigate. By ganking such a low-value target, Agent Eva Mavas made sure Ich Binsnur wouldn't develop habits that would lead to losing more pricey ships in the future.

Unfortunately, it seems Ich had already developed some expensive tastes. That's what we get for giving autopiloters the benefit of the doubt.

Meanwhile, Schattenmaus lost a 5.6 billion isk shuttle in Jita. You guessed it--another six PLEX down the drain. Agent Nicolas Dupre gave Schattenmaus an additional six months to reconsider her hauling options.

Finally, we have Bogg Woppit's 3.3 billion isk pod, which was revealed after Bogg's Noctis was converted into salvage. Agent Eleni Helios smashed the carebear's crystals.

There are so many ways to pass the time in empire space. Highsec has something for everybody--if they follow the Code, that is. For those who disobey the Code, there is only death and destruction. Fear not! Permits are available for 10 million isk. Contact your local Agent for details. If you don't, they'll contact you.


  1. Look at that Mack!!!!! *Aeledeux Faints

  2. Looks like another week of failure from Anti-Ganking!!!!!

  3. All PLEX-Haulers must die. And 1 B Miners too. :D

  4. HIghsec is the province of Elite PvP!

    Well done, Agents!

  5. Just more sad griefing...code does nothing positive for the game - just tries to make others miserable. Fail.

  6. How'd Ich Binsur's kill wind up with a negative ISK destroyed?

  7. I love how there are no tears from AG every kills of the week post due to them failing to stop everyone!!!!

  8. I read a post by Galaxy Pig from the last blog entry, and thought I'd offer my take.

    Yes, I want Eve to die. I will open a bottle of whiskey when the servers are shut down and CCP shutters it's doors, and Reykjavik is left with one less developer of games where scamming and thievery are encouraged.

    Gaming is meant to be an escape from reality. All Eve does is takes the worst parts of human interaction and crams it into a "sandbox" scifi universe. This needs to stop.

    I believe ANY MMO should have PVP and PVE options, to cater to players both hardcore and casual. Eve is old, aging, and it's ganking playerbase needs to learn to let other people play the way they want. There is no other game like Eve, so they will either learn to behave and leave the players that are not like them alone, or they will find a new hobby. Because the things they do in Eve are bannable offences nearly everywhere else.

    I smiled when I saw those log-in numbers yesterday. A slow, painful death to one of the worst communities in gaming.

    1. Furthermore, CCP deserves to go out of business because whenever they offer up PVE-centric activities, PVP-oriented (or PVP-obsessed is more like it) players often do whatever they can to make the lives of PVE players a living hell. Incursions, missions, ratting, mining.

      Encouraging this kind of behavior, this kind of favoritism to PVP, will make me satisfied if it results in job losses for those that created such a toxic environment.

    2. Don't you hate pants?

    3. ^ Behold. The carebear we have sworn to battle. He pretends to be holier-than-thou, but would find satisfaction in CCP employees losing their livelihood.

    4. Eve is dead. Because of people like anon 6:36

    5. @Anon6:36
      I like how you try to sneakily rebrand "PvP" and "PvE" into the more carebear-friendly terms "hardcore" and "casual."

      What you need to know about this is: you are wrong.

      There are casual types of PVP. Ganking, for example, is one of the easiest and most casual forms of PVP. You just get a catalyst, and blow someone up who isn't following the Code. It's easy, cheap, fun, and it helps remind the insipid "PvE oriented players" that you aren't allowed to do PvE in highsec without following the law.

    6. EVE can't die. While it turns a dollar it will not die. It might get flogged off to some other company but it will not die.

    7. Oh please, Graic. If subs were doing so swell, CCP would still be releasing those numbers, instead of making us rely on log-in counters.

      But perhaps there is hope. Perhaps the company it gets handed off to will have the brains to make a PVE shard, and players like me will return.

    8. @Anon12:59
      There is a "PvE shard" of EVE.

      It is called "Star Trek Online."

      Go play that and live in a place where you can live within the rules.


    9. So many tears from the code bears when someone points out the truth that code does nothing positive for the game.
      At least some people (non-code members) do some positive things to try and keep eve around.

      Best tears are ming tears.

    10. @anon1:58
      I doubt any such "samaritans" have done as much good for undeserving and petulant carebears than the New Order. As of today, we have raised over 700 billion isk for their extermination- and returned that amount more than tenfold in destruction of non-compliance. I believe, if carebears were even capable of telling the truth, that the amount that the "samaritans" have donated to each other pales in comparison to the Good which the New Order has done.

      As such, there are endless carebears that I could donate 1 million isk to here and there with my substantial funding; I choose not to because giving to beggars promotes homelessness and becomes part of the problem; donating the Code to them actually helps them get on their feet and get right with the Law.

    11. Feel free to doubt all you wish ming, it does not change the fact that there are good players in the game who help others. I certainly do, all the time. You question if 'carebears can tell the truth', i have to agree with you, i question the truth that you claim all the time, cause lets face it ming, you are the ultimate carebear. You dont undock, you dont contribute to eve, all you do is run your mouth.

      P.S. Ming, your rants and tears are delicious and so funny. To think a carebear like you gets so upset over a game that he does not even log into anymore.

    12. Tears... you keep using that word...

    13. Is that the fake -M- or the butthurt one?

  9. But ming, the code is not the law, the code is a lie...

    1. But anon, the Code is the law, and has been the law for the past 1,114 days.

      If it were a lie, as you wrongly suspect, then it wouldn't have lasted this long, as any reasonable person could determine.

    2. Also, Anon12:35,

      Can you give me a reason why the New Order should not kill Highsec miners?

    3. Ming, i recall from history that hitler said the same thing. His law was the real law, and look at how he is written down in history. Code is no better, and in many ways far worse. Admit the truth and open your eyes, or keep blindly and stupidly following your fake leader (one who never undocks just like you ming).

      *waits for the flood of tears from ming*

    4. No ming the code is not the law, it never was, it has always been a lie, the timeframe you refer to cannot change that for ganking miners, that is your choice, but that does not mean I need to by a permit or pledge allegiance to a fool...

    5. @Anon2:01
      Indeed, you cannot come up with a reason why we should not kill Highsec miners. So I shall provide you with a reason why we do; their unpermitted existence is antithetical to the teachings of James 315 and the New Order, and their purging is necessary to have a Highsec free of freeloading vermin. Thank you for proving that the existence of the New Order as vital and necessary to the continued uninterrupted operation of Highsec.

      Your arguments are invalid, and reek of straight up indignant denial. For the last 1,114 days, the Code has been the Law Of Highsec. Countless authorities, including CCP, have deemed this to be so. What authority do you represent, given such small, insiginificant and weak-voiced assertations?

    6. Call it what you will mine the new order still seems to be the only group that is lieing to give themselves the illusion of have existance, and lack of following the code is proof that the code has no authority over me, no matter what you say or believe...

    7. @Anon4:03
      So, the Code has no authority over you, and yet you are here. Why are you here, commenting on if the Code indeed has no influence over you? Wouldn't it be easier to show your independence by, I don't know, not coming to this website and spilling your "first-hand accounts of the dangers of non-compliance" all over for everyone to read?

      Maybe the Code is having more of an effect on you than you claim. Otherwise, you wouldn't be so upset about it, and realize that 10 million isk is a worthy and affordable price that you can choose to pay in order to be free of the wages of non-compliance, which is wrath, by the hand of the New Order and the Agents of James 315.

    8. But ming, I have had no dangers, to date, code has destroyed exactly zero of my exhumers, and I have 5, whilest I have popped several new order agents (and Concord is not on the kill mail) while they were trying to blow up others near me...I am here to let people know the truth, the new order is a go back to sleep, you are more effective that way...

    9. Somehow i can see ming sitting at his desk, pounding away on the keyboard, tears streaming out of his eyes, in rage that players (i dont count ming as a player btw) should get him so upset that his fantasy is not as real as he thinks it is.
      In the words of real code agents, "Calm down ming! Calm down!"

    10. @Anon5:27
      Look at these whining excuses for people, patently denying the things that Code has so clearly done to them- One miner continually bloviates on how it hasn't ever lost a mining barge to CODE- all the while destroying New Order Agents left and right without Concord on the killmail, while telling us that it is the New Order who are the liars.

      Somebody who is actually a person and not miner, please tell me- does anyone believe this miner is telling the truth at all?

      And then the other miner is just so upset that it preempts itself with slogans that the New Order has made so popular throughout highsec. Clearly the New Order cannot be winning the culture war if carebears themselves are abandoning their native hateful rhetoric and imitating their New Order Agent enemies, and apparently desire to be like New Order Agents in every way. Even their children are doing it!

      Yes, I'm afraid that it appears as if the New Order is still winning on all fronts. I am quite pleased that I have done my part to expose and educate others on the criminal miner hypocrisy and malfeasance.

    11. And mingle keeps on raging.....such amusement it gives us daily.
      Always! Ming cries always!

    12. Calm Down ming! Please! Think of all the keyboards you smash in your fits of rage....Calm down!
      *hands ming a towel to wipe up the froth at its mouth*
      Calm down ming

    13. i dont like this person so ill just refer to everything they post as tears, heh heh thatll teach em

    14. @Anon6:07
      Just so that people can get a better idea about you, I'm going to re-post some of the things you posted on this blog from March 27, 2015.

      "What did you dream after that?
      Poor poor player that needs to be a digital bully to feel ok
      And you know you are Mingelingadingbingbongbigfatliar ;)"

      "No Mingelingfatdingdongliar, you maybe throwed your soiled panties at their ship.
      You must stop doing that and ask your mom to help you with your personal hygiene before you even kill the parasites you are carrying around.
      And don't forget to treat your STD you got from your fake leader, they need to be treated too."

      "Everything here is made up but it's are ally good place to mock Mingelingdingdongsmallpenisliar and other Code players ;)
      They even say you don't need to actually play EVE to participate so that's why I'm here to mock them all day long wihtout playing EVE ;)"

      This is the face of bot-aspirancy, and of this particular bot-aspirant. lawl

    15. These tears ^^^^ Priceless!

    16. Poor ming, are you really this stupid? I have never denied what the new order has done in the name of the code, I have always denied the new orders authority...

    17. In answer to your question Anon @ 7:30 asked,
      Yes, Yes ming is that stupid. You really should not have to ask, based on his rants its obvious.


    18. Haha, look at M being all tryhard, since nobody is paying him any attention.

    19. @ Ming,
      Far better then being a fail like you. At least i log in, undock, and actually play the game. Im not scared of trying, again unlike you ming.

      Lots of love,
      P.S. At the end of the month when i do another run to go and gank some more miners, will you be able to join me, or will you chicken out yet again?

  10. The law is whatever the most players with the most guns say it is.

    1. I think you should take your medication. :D


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