Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Who the Hell Cares?

Perhaps it would be impolite to refer to a part of highsec as a "slum", but it's fair to say that Verge Vendor isn't the finest region of New Order space. It needs a lot of work. Fortunately, Agent Zopiclone was up to the challenge.

It's corporations like Hardcastle Industries that give Verge Vendor a bad name. Speaking of bad names, they spelled it as "Hardcastle Industires". You can imagine why the corp attracted Zopiclone's attention.

As expected, Zopiclone discovered one of Hardcastle's miners engaged in Code violations. The offender in question, Aurora Noxious, sat patiently as Zopiclone's Catalyst approached. Aurora made no attempt to escape.
Aurora Noxious > seriously wth?
Zopiclone > Do you wish to purchase a Permit today?
Aurora Noxious > what the hell are you talking about?
Zopiclone > You are in High-Sec Space and you were AFK while mining without a Permit.
Aurora Noxious > I wasn't afk
Aurora Noxious > I was sitting right there mining
Aurora Noxious > and what permit?
The miner claimed total ignorance of the Code. That's not unusual, but there was something about the way Aurora was behaving that seemed a bit off. Zopiclone's suspicions increased.
Zopiclone > Of course you were. Otherwise you would not have been blown up while a Catalyst was approching you.
Aurora Noxious > well honestly I didn't think some idiot would come blow me up in .5
Zopiclone > Please see the following website...
Zopiclone >
Zopiclone > The CODE rules high-Sec and we will blow up anything we like without a PERMIT
Our Agent knew Aurora was a troublemaker, but she didn't realize the full scope of the danger until she looked up Aurora's bio.

Incredibly, Aurora was the "CCEO" of Hardcastle Industires. This meant that her bot-aspirant ways were bound to trickle down to the rest of the benighted corp members. Zopiclone was determined to cut the head off of the snake. Otherwise Hardcastle was doomed.
Aurora Noxious > well thanks to you I don't have the 10m for the dam permit
Zopiclone > That is very doubtful. I have heard that line before.
Zopiclone > Compliance is mandatory if you wish to Mine according to the Code.
Zopiclone > You and your 7 other Corp members also should get permits if you would like to Mine.
Zopiclone > You will not set a good example to your ducklings if you dont even know about the CODE.
Zopiclone > As a CEO you should know better.
The CEO was lectured by Agent Zopiclone. As everyone knows, New Order Agents sit at the top of the highsec hierarchy. Some carebears dream of starting their own corp solely for the purpose of going on an ego trip. Carebears, don't bother. Even as a CEO, you don't really run your corp; the New Order does. Your position in the corp leadership structure is beneath that of every New Order Agent who bothers to take an interest in your corp. The same goes for carebears who run highsec alliances. If you create a corp or alliance in highsec, do it for the right reasons.
Aurora Noxious > how about you check my profile, NEW PLAYER, I am not required to know everything
Zopiclone > NEW Player or not. You chose the role of CEO. If you want to run a successful career in EVE there are rules to follow.
Aurora Noxious > no my kid chose the role for me first of all
Aurora Noxious > I don't do crap in that corp
Zopiclone > Thats not a very good CEO then
Before long, Aurora was spilling the tea. She admitted to crimes against her own corp. She didn't do anything for her corp, and was only the CEO because her child told her to do it. Sadly, Aurora's style of management is not uncommon in highsec.
Zopiclone > Why would people put you in charge if you "DONT DO CRAP"
Aurora Noxious > because to some people things are laid back and they put people they trust no matter the skills
Zopiclone > Yes this is troublesome.
Aurora Noxious > but then again who the hell cares
"Who the hell cares?" is the motto of bot-aspirant PvE corps all across highsec.
Aurora Noxious > and what guarentee do i have if I buy one "permit" from you that it is actually worth anything
Zopiclone > You read bios? Check my BIO. But if you are too lazy you send 10 million ISK per miner you wish to register in a Mail to me (the AGENT of HIGH Sec) and I give you a Permit valid for 1 full year per 10million isk. So 8 miners would be 80 Million ISK
Aurora Noxious > I don't pay for anyone else, they want it they can get their own
Zopiclone > Sounds like you are that CEO that only cares about themselves but fair enough.
Aurora Noxious > or a CEO that is the only one that currently plays
To Zopiclone's delight, Aurora expressed an interest in purchasing a mining permit. Mysteriously, she now had access to the 10 million isk required for one. However, Aurora didn't see any need to buy permits for the rest of her corp--including her own child. Mother of the year, folks.
Zopiclone > As long as you put it into your profile and follow the CODE you should be fine.
Aurora Noxious > should be?
Zopiclone > I honor the CODE and I honor the Permits
Zopiclone > I suggest you get a Permit before you lose a bigger ship in the future and fly compliant.
Aurora Noxious > at the moment I am trying to understand these "rules"
Zopiclone > I get lost in the CODE document myself. I read it daily and live by it.
Despite the bitterness of a few minutes earlier, the two shared a moment of appreciation for the Code.
Aurora Noxious > one more question if I may
Aurora Noxious > if we find someone that is AFK mining, do we report to you?
Zopiclone > only if you feel that its really important
Zopiclone > And they are violating the code.
Aurora Noxious > nods there is one out in Scheenins, I crashed let me get their name
With that, the business was wrapped up. Zopiclone graciously accepted Aurora's isk.

Although Aurora got a mining permit, she soon found that she was no longer welcome in her own corp, and she quit. Hardcastle Industires will be forced to navigate highsec without the benefit of her leadership. It's a good thing they have the New Order to lead them.


  1. Beautiful, Another Code Victory!!!!!!

  2. Poor Aurora, so naive :(

  3. I love stories that have happy endings. we done agent Zopiclone.

    The Code always wins! \o/

  4. Where is the happy ending? The new order has not left yet...

    1. "Where is the happy ending?"

      This isn't some kind of sleazy massage parlor. Go to lowsec for that.

    2. Alana said "This isn't some kind of sleazy massage parlor. Go to lowsec for that."
      Well, she and Kaely would know where to find those places.

    3. And don't forget Ming, Erotica 1, and others as they provide "services" to their clientele.

      Hey Alana, I know for a fact that you have small tits. Many of your customers don't like that. So why don't you spend some of those proceeds from your pirating operation and buy yourself some plastic tits. You can write it off as a business expense as a "personal" upgrade.

      Oh, almost forgot. Consider getting your vagina tightened. That one guy with the 12 inch dick totally stretched you out. Now it's like throwing a hotdog down a hallway.

      Or better yet, just implant yourself in a whole new clone as your current one is pretty worn out. Nothing quite like breaking in a bran new clone.

    4. BM, what's up oldschool? can we have more stories of how oldschool and knowledgable you are of trolling and the web in general?

    5. You gonna pay for my character resculpt so I can upgrade my 'bazooms'?

    6. Why thank you, Anonymous 4:44 PM. Complements are always welcome. Alana, I already said that you can use the proceeds from your ganking/pirating operation to pay for the redo. It's only a plex.

  5. "The code rules", really??? There is another new order lie, the code rules nothing, they run amock but they rule nothing...

    1. The new order has:
      Destroyed assets of more than several trillion isk (plus other disruption by bumping, etc.)
      Vast territory.
      A framework of law created by an unquestioned leader within the organization.
      A constituency of at least several hundred people although enforcement coverage is over a lot more.
      Are fairly well known due to numerous achievements.

      For standards relavent to computer game, the above more than meets the definition of ruling.

    2. from anon to another; you need to read the title again, or maybe it read more appropriately "nobody the hell cares".

    3. To anon@10:50PM, destroying assets does not qualify as ruling, it just shows how destructive and disruptive you are. The new order has no territory, I have never been in any system where my display indicates that the rulers are the new order, it does indicate on many systems Gallente, Amarr, Minmitar and Caldari ( for the main ones ). The new order has no authority to make laws despite their lies that they do. And as for jamie, I question his intelligence and competence. Those numbers of people are not enough to effectively control 1% of Highsec. And being well known whether for achievements or not does not qualify either. You fail to meet the standard...go back to sleep...

    4. Some of the arguments remind me of an individual that I know in real life. She regularly claims to be a "sovereign citizen" that is not subject to the laws relating to taxes, traffic, bankruptcy or whatever. This stupid RL carebear, much like stupid internet space carebears, is expressing a belief that is -- in her own mind at least -- true. And, yet, when the authorities she deems to be illegitimate come to confiscate her property for failure to pay taxes, mortgages and speeding tickets, she can only scream at them impotently. The analogy here is, I hope, obvious. Be a Gallant, not a Goofus.

    5. The difference is in RL, at least in my country, there are real votes to put the people in power, that are anounced so we can vote and nobody is allowed to vote our proxies as a default...the new order as an authority is lie...

  6. Agents Zopiclone and Snigie keep the verge vendor safe for everyone!

  7. Oh boy. I see that Jimmy the Butt Fungus Picker has been drinking his own lobster cum infused kool-aid again. Let's go down the hit list, shall we?

    "Perhaps it would be impolite to refer to a part of highsec as a "slum", but it's fair to say that Verge Vendor isn't the finest region of New Order space." You want to know where the slums in the game are? The slums are located anywhere there is a code agent.

    "As everyone knows, New Order Agents sit at the top of the highsec hierarchy." News to me, and everyone else who plays the game. And yes, I am speaking for everyone. The truth of the matter is that new order agents actually sit in the dirt where the dog shits. Like good agents, they look up to that furry tail wagging ass with their mouths open.

    "Your position in the corp leadership structure is beneath that of every New Order Agent who bothers to take an interest in your corp." Now here we clearly see Jimmy Boy's delusion taking hold. He seems to suffer from NPD or Narcissistic Personality Disorder. As far as the truth goes, the person listed as the CEO in the corp attributes is the person who runs the corp. Game mechanics can be a bitch.

    "It's a good thing they have the New Order to lead them." If the new order can anything, it's leading a retreat from a real PvP fight with real PvPers.

    I'm glad that I provide this community service of dispelling the lies that James 315 makes.

    Enjoy, and mine safe.

    1. Im glad that you take the time to come and wrote a novel that I didn't even read.

    2. After the 12th paragraph, I started getting light-headed, and had to stop and set up a base camp to rest while the Sherpas went ahead to scout out the rest of the post. But after a long nap and some serious re-hydration, I was able to push through and finish my ascent. I don’t know that I’ve ever been more proud of myself.

    3. Butthurt idiot bot. All that posting that no one reads, just to let us know you whine much? We know :) but keep whining please, we need the lols

  8. I'm so confused, as i have only recently learned of the 'Code' - but through what rights did members of the Code gain authority to make laws players need abide by?

    From what I have been reading, Code are pissed of at people who like to do the dishes or play with their children (aka have a life and be good people), while they get a little dopamine fix by playing a game in the background. Correct? Yes there are power-nerds using bots, but they would be few and far between.

    Code types are coming off to an outside observer (me) as an analog of Nazi/KKK-Arseholes, who are going out of their way to take the fun out of a seemingly endless sandbox, because they don't understand why someone else plays the game the way they do.

    Maybe Code should go make their own server to be jerks in. See how many people join.

    1. those tears though. any problems with valid high sec game mechanics should be directed to CCP not through your tears anonymously on a blog XD

    2. This is not true, sadly. Code is completely fine with people doing the dishes or playing with their kids or saving lifes in household emergencies. I think most of the so calles code agents also do the dishes sometimes. However it is wise to dock up, while pusuing these activities, because in Eve you risk losing you ship while being afk. (You might also lose a ship while actively playing but that's another story). If you feel you can't press the few buttons required to collect all drones and dock up - 5 seconds max - at least you should be aware of the risk and not start complaining, if the you are indeed blown up. It was your choice and your risk after all.

    3. As CCP has created a political and galactic sand box, I support your right to play the way you also want to play. If you need to behave this way to enjoy the game then go for it. Have fun being jerks and hunting easy targets through some pseudo-dogma. Whatever helps you have fun. If you gank me, whatever. CCP has given us the right to mine afk, and also, to be Arseholes.

      Long live cursing like a Miner. Long live playing how you want to. Long live risking spaceships that do not exist because it is how I wind down. And as much as don't like it, long live your right to malignant fascism.

    4. "people who like to do the dishes or play with their children (aka have a life and be good people)"

      Is this what qualifies as 'having a life' and 'being a good person', in your world?

    5. How does anyone get a dopamine fix by running a game in the background they're not even playing?

    6. The above reactions have suggested that some of your peeps may also be butt-hurt, and do seem to 'carebear' what people think, otherwise why the 'miner-mouth' reactions (*see Anonymous July 23, 2015 at 10:35 AM)?

      Alana... "Is this what qualifies as 'having a life' and 'being a good person', in your world?"

      Yeah... I believe in interacting thoughtfully with the real world (those were just examples, I have dishes, but no children) may actually be part of being a good person - not really all it takes, but it is the beginnings.

      I stated some things that I 'feel' are factual (therefore are not factual and are opinions with emotive flourish, much like everything on the internet, this site being no exception), and that bullies be bullies no matter how they justify it. You may not believe that I get a trickle of dopamine while mining, but I promise you I do, otherwise I wouldn't do it. Dopamine is the essence of why we do anything. *see Wikipedia - you don't actually want to do much with out dopamine, and end up all Micheal J Fox/Mohammed Ali aka Parkinson's Disease*

      I can take a ganking, and have, and will again, and after dicovering CODE, may simply be a mildly less AFK from here on in. So, maybe you have won a little of that battle.

      And to those who fear I may be sporting some tears, fear not! I learnt a long time ago (somewhere in the real world) to not give a single fuck about people who bully those they do not agree with - somebody stole their lunch money at some point, or told them they weren't pretty... and they never really got over it. Making other people sad gives them a little of that said, dopamine kick. The only reason I keep writing is because I get little responses, and little hits of dopamine surge, as I get the urge to write back, hoping for more reactions.

      Finally (for this post anyway), I understand, that you all hate miners so so much, and rest assured, you gank me and I have to wear it. I have come to terms with this - BUT, never expect that I will not respond in kind, and call you a C U Next Tuesday.

    7. Confused anon almost filled out a bingo card with that whiney ramble.

    8. Haters gonna hate... gankers gonna get cursed at... its the circle of jerks

    9. Wow. This thread is incredible.


      Dopamine isn't why CODE. does what we do. Our drug of choice, and that of many Code-Compliant citizens, is adrenaline. EVE is a game about unexpected adrenaline rushes. The small bit of dopamine you get from mining is only there to lull you down so the adrenaline rushes hit you that much more when we hit you.

      For all your crying, you should know that ganking isn't nearly as easy as you make it out to be, or as difficult to escape from, if you play Eve on adrenaline. You'll have a hell of a lot a better time, and maybe then you can even understand CODE. and the New Order, and why James 315 has made His life mission to convert the most stubborn, reclusive, antisocial specimens of the New Order Community and give them a Code to live by.

  9. I don't know what a "SJW" is, but from how the term gets used on the Interwebz, it's apparently some kind of wannabe totalitarian trying to impose an ideology on society and coerce everyone to comply. Which, I suppose, would make James 315 into one.

    1. does that make miners pro GG then?

    2. @Anon12:36
      You would be incorrect.

      "SJW" stands for so-called "Social Justice Warrior." This is a term to describe people who are outspoken on so-called "social justice" issues, in this case, the outlandish and ludicrous claim that people should be "allowed" to mine in James 315 space without first purchasing a New Order Mining Permit.

      These "dicks" claim to be fighting "for the common man," when in reality they don't have any connection to the concept- and are just looking for a way to legitimize irrational hatred, jealousy, and grudges against hardworking businesspeople like James 315.

      Hard work and dedication on behalf of the Saviour and His Agents is what it took for Highsec to arrive at where it is now, three years into New Order Rule. And these "Social Justice Warriors" are angry at our victory. They are angry that they lacked the vision to come up with it first, angry that James 315 penalizes them whenever they disobey Him, and that they are still oppressed by said lack of vision to see all the good that James 315 bestows upon Highsec, in the form of the Code.

      Honestly, I pity them.

    3. jamie is a usurper, and has not right to any authority or space he claims in EVE...go back to sleep ming...

    4. @Anon6:15
      In addition to the carebear's typical war on proper grammar and diction, it would appear that this "simple" miner is calling the Supreme Protector a "usurper." Which of course means that He has something that the miner thinks "should belong to somebody else."

      The miner fails to understand that the Power of the Supreme Protector was available for anyone to take- had they wanted to participate in the election for Supreme Protector was held.

      However, this licentious miner was was "too busy sleeping" when this happened, so instead it yawns and blurts out poorly capitalized treasonous whines.

      How sad that the miner is still angry that James 315 was elected. A shame that such a "social justice warrior" considers democracy to be inconvenient whenever democracy runs counter to its interests. I am so thankful that we have James 315 to run over tyrants such as this "dick" of a miner.

    5. You crack me up ming, you just won't let go of that lie, there was no election, the claim of the election was to give the appearance of legitimacy to that criminals claim to

    6. miners are the real harrassers #GAMERGATETRUTH

    7. Proof required...

    8. Ah Ming... Your girlfriend told me that you are not satisfying her. You should get some implants for you prick...or use your whole body since you are a prick anyways. She was also complaining to me that you are so cheap that you take her to Kentucky Fried Chicken to lick everyone's fingers.

    9. Care to cite any proof that miners are the real harassers of EvE Online, Mr. Anonymous July 23, 2015 at 8:09 PM? Of course, since you have not provided any proof what-so-ever, one can only assume that you are flinging the product of your ass onto this blog like the degenerate primate that you are.

      I, for one, can say that every miner that I have ever seen and known in this game are a quiet bunch who keeps to themselves...until you piss them off by either stealing their ore or ganking them.

    10. Its a good year for carebear whine:)

    11. @Butthurt Miner
      What, indeed is the purpose of the miner, if not to be killed?
      What is the meaning of their existence, if not to provide us with butthurt tears of impotent rage?
      Are they serving any purpose that could not be more easily filled by others?
      Can you provide any sort of proof that they are not just wasting their time by even existing?

    12. They have a purpose, ming, but your head is so far up jamies arise that you couldn't hear me if I told you...

  10. LOL! So much rage. So many tears. All over a video game. Do you idiots actually look at what you write before posting? This blog is a "tear harvesting centre". If you have not figured that out yet I'd suggest pulling your tear leaking head out of your ass.

    Any complaints here are wasted... give them to CCP. But since CCP has basically told all of you to HTFU, I would suggest you quit thinking this game is like WOW, and maybe start using your "situational awareness" a bit more and not be such an easy target.

    Or continue to cry here... which I admit gives me good laughs. Do any of you play CoD? I bet you just totally lose it when you get headshot continuously. LOL!

    1. And this, my friends, is a classic example of a sociopath.

  11. You say that like it's a bad thing.


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