Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Yes, We Can Kill Your Freighter, Part 3

Previously, on MinerBumping... It began with a freighter full of blueprints.

Aaron Alckschild's dismissive attitude turned to horror when he learned that his freighter could, in fact, be killed. When Aaron begged for the return of his precious BPOs, Enia McCool and Multiple Inbound Supercaps had to explain that only half of a ship's cargo survives. The distraught carebear frantically negotiated for the remaining half.
Multiple Inbound Supercaps > you were carrying 10 bil
Aaron Alckschild > YES
Multiple Inbound Supercaps > and you expected you wouldn't die
Aaron Alckschild > I DIDNT kno
Enia McCool > I gave you fair warning man
The bot-aspirant felt his ignorance deserved to be rewarded with a discount. That's not the way the Code works, however.
Multiple Inbound Supercaps > if you had paid ransom you would have been fine
Aaron Alckschild > I DIDNT KNOW you could kill me and I think you should give me something back
Aaron Alckschild > shit this sucks
Aaron Alckschild > how about 3.5 bil
Luckily, Aaron's net worth was climbing rapidly over the course of the conversation. He now had almost enough money to buy the blueprints that had survived the gank.
Multiple Inbound Supercaps > for...
Multiple Inbound Supercaps > all of them?
Aaron Alckschild > yeah
Multiple Inbound Supercaps > you can have nearly all of them
Multiple Inbound Supercaps > 3.5 will buy you drones and ships
Aaron Alckschild > no man come on, for all of them
Aaron was engaged in an internal tug of war between his desperation and his greed. One moment he would beg and offer more isk; the next moment he would try to get a better deal.
Multiple Inbound Supercaps > i'm a businessman
Aaron Alckschild > bro, cant you consider my loss????
Multiple Inbound Supercaps > no
Multiple Inbound Supercaps > do you want them or not
Aaron Alckschild > yeah
Multiple Inbound Supercaps > 3.5 for drones and ships
Aaron Alckschild > and the other too come on
Which side of Aaron's psyche would prove stronger?
Aaron Alckschild > ok
Multiple Inbound Supercaps > you have like 2 minutes to decide
Aaron Alckschild > ok yes
Multiple Inbound Supercaps > [Multiple Items] (Item Exchange)
Multiple Inbound Supercaps > if you don't accept it i will take it down in 5 and put it on public contracts
Finally, Aaron relented. The supposedly bankrupt carebear would pay 3.5 billion isk for the surviving drone and ship BPOs.
Aaron Alckschild > wheres the naga bpo?
Multiple Inbound Supercaps > oops
Aaron Alckschild > and the ferox
Multiple Inbound Supercaps > let me re do it
Multiple Inbound Supercaps > [Multiple Items] (Item Exchange)
Aaron Alckschild > im checking
Aaron Alckschild > just a sec
Multiple Inbound Supercaps > its everything but the talos
Multiple Inbound Supercaps > we are keeping that
However, at the last minute, the deal was jeopardized by unforeseen obstacles.
Aaron Alckschild > No man
Aaron Alckschild > we had a deal
Multiple Inbound Supercaps > i've already put it in build
Multiple Inbound Supercaps > so
Aaron Alckschild > no way man
Aaron Alckschild > thats not fair
The Talos BPO was off the table. The gankers were already putting it to good use. (Maybe this explains all the Taloses we've seen lately?)
Aaron Alckschild > look ill give you the 4 bil for the whole thing, all the bpos
Multiple Inbound Supercaps > it'll be everything but the talos
Multiple Inbound Supercaps > seeing as we need them
Aaron Alckschild > shit man, that one along cost a lot
Multiple Inbound Supercaps > i know
Aaron Alckschild > come on, i need the talos one
Multiple Inbound Supercaps > so do we
Multiple Inbound Supercaps > hence
Multiple Inbound Supercaps > its mine
The carebear was despondent. The Talos BPO was one of the most valuable items in his collection. The collection that used to be his, anyway.
Multiple Inbound Supercaps > 3.5 for the ones on contract
Aaron Alckschild > can you at least include the other ones
Multiple Inbound Supercaps > i am not searching through 700 bpos for them
Aaron Alckschild > you have 700 bpos?
Multiple Inbound Supercaps > yes
Aaron Alckschild > shit thats a lot
Aaron Alckschild > you got those by gancking?
Aaron Alckschild > thats crazy
The carebear was bewildered by the gankers' wealth. He had no idea that EVE players could make money by actually playing the game, rather than mindlessly grinding for years in highsec.
Aaron Alckschild > man if you have so much cant you at least cut the price just a little bit
Multiple Inbound Supercaps > no
Aaron Alckschild > im really poor compared to you guys
Enia McCool > take it or leave it, we're gonna log soon
Aaron Alckschild > shit man
Aaron Alckschild > i also need the ancillary ones man
Aaron Alckschild > please
Aaron Alckschild > and the capacitor ones
In any case, the exclusion of the Talos BPO put Aaron in a tight spot. The price of 3.5 billion for the narrowly defined set of BPOs didn't seem so attractive. But Aaron needed those blueprints badly.
Multiple Inbound Supercaps > 30 seconds
Multiple Inbound Supercaps > [Multiple Items] (Item Exchange)
Aaron Alckschild > shit man i did it
Multiple Inbound Supercaps > there you go
Aaron Alckschild > shit man now im broke
Aaron Alckschild > what should i do next time this happens
Multiple Inbound Supercaps > pay the ransom
Aaron Alckschild > shit
Alas, the carebear suffered from buyer's remorse from the very moment he accepted the contract.
Aaron Alckschild > you have to give me now like a lifetime pass or something you know
Multiple Inbound Supercaps > no we don't
Multiple Inbound Supercaps > where do you get that logic from
Aaron Alckschild > yeah you said something like that
Multiple Inbound Supercaps > only if you pay the permit
Even now, with no leverage whatsoever, Aaron was eager to get more out of the deal. What an isk-crazy carebear.
Aaron Alckschild > well shit i just paid you about twice
Multiple Inbound Supercaps > you were buying stuff from me
Multiple Inbound Supercaps > different things
Aaron Alckschild > shit man, do you have other bpos you can sell for a discount or something?
Multiple Inbound Supercaps > not really
Aaron Alckschild > man i could pay a few bil more for a couple of bpos
Enia McCool > cya next time o/
There was no end to Aaron's lies. A few minutes after declaring himself broke, he offered to buy more blueprints. But the blueprint business was closed, for now. Our heroes had destroyed billions of isk worth of contraband, acquired a useful Talos BPO along with some miscellaneous blueprints, and made a profit from a large sale to the gank recipient. Most importantly, they taught an arrogant freighter pilot some valuable lessons about EVE game mechanics and humility. All in a day's work.


  1. Looks like another failure from Anti-ganking. Why didn't they save his freighter?

    1. Dude zip up, your insecuritys showing

    2. You misunderstand loyal. He is curious and saddened. He truly wants to know why the Anti-ganking community didn't make a decent attempt to save the poor freighter.

    3. That's curious, but... seeing how he taunts in local and makes fun of every ship he sees (who are all AG according to him), i'd say he truly doesn't care at all.

      After reading how loyal is supposed to be a nice person, and SEEING him in local with my own eyes... well... sorry CODE, but you lost a potential agent here.

      Code being virtuous and polite is one thing. Taunting and trash talking like a 12 years old kid, just like loyal does, that's another thing. That is not what i expected from the CODE i hated first, then slowly learnt to like. I'm truly disappointed here.

      The carebears are wrong, that's a fact. But, according to what i saw with CODE's finest agent, well, CODE is probably not right either.

    4. Its easy to find out if code is nice or not. I got one of my alts in code, and they disgust me at times, but i keep my alt mixed with them because i get great intel from them all the time, while they are clueless to me being there. I will give them some credit thou, with this website, their channel in game, and having an alt mixed with them, its easy to find out who they hurt and to help those people :)


    5. @ Anon 2:07

      There's no need to join loyalanon's corporation or otherwise associate with him. There are many agents of the New Order who prefer to enforce the code in their own way and according to their own vision of what the code stands for.

    6. Until you spend some time with Loyal murdering freighters wholesale, you'll never understand him. You may think you enjoy Eve, hell, you might not even be a miner, but when Loyal is killing freighters he's having more fun than you or I ever do. Join a fleet and find out for yourself; he lives for the kill.

    7. I think no one doubts that Mr. Loyalanon is having fun. It's just that he is not the level headed and polite harbinger of joy this blog makes him and other agents out to be.

      Perhaps not very surprising but sad nonetheless.

    8. Anon 8:19 just nailed it. That's exactly what i feel. I thought CODE , while trolling a bit, had a real vision of the game.

      Loyal is supposed to be the finest of all CODE, working for the good of highsec while having fun. And what I saw in local saddened me. Taunts, trash talk and all that... He is having fun, perhaps. But he only seems to enjoy trolling and destroying.

      Yes, loyal may have his ways of enforcing the CODE, but damnit, he's CODE's finest warrior! Minerbumping made him look like a nice, polite, respectful person, even though bot aspirants hate him. And what he REALLY says in local is not what people would expect from CODE's flagship. What a shameful example...

      That is NOT what I expected from CODE. THAT is not what I expected from loyal. THAT is NOT what I want to be associated with.

    9. is your caps lock broken or something?

    10. Miner 12:39, calm down. If you don't want to be an agent because you saw loyal trash talking in local (like any decent pvper would) then we don't want you. Go join in with the AG crowd and their vulgar talk and RL death threats. Just remember to get a Mining Permit on your way out.

    11. I started to believe in the Code, until i saw with my own eyes that it was false.

      Code says they are polite, virtuous and respectful, even though they're ganking.
      Loyal proved it's a lie.
      Loyal is Code's harbinger, Code's finest, and he's a flying lie.
      Therefore, the Code is a lie.

      I'm no carebear and i don't believe in their nonsense, but now i don't believe the Code can bring something useful to the game.

      No, Nitetime, it is possible to pvp and avoid the trash talk. And about the Mining permit ? No thanks, i'm considering not to pay for it. I'm highly disappointed in the Code.

    12. Oh, please, mr. Anonbear! Don't go! We need you! (Said no Agent ever).

      I didn't say that it was impossible to pvp and not trashtalk. I said that any decent pvper will provide such content.

  2. Well, credit where it is due. Of course he tried to bargain, but at least he had no crying baby or sick partner to look after and he did not wish you cancer, a car accident or a huge fire IRL. :D

  3. What is really funny is, if you take context of the game out of it, it really does sound like a thug trying to get out of being arrested and get his contraband back, by bargaining and trying to negotiate with the officer.

    1. The big difference here is that the new order are the real criminals here...

    2. Anon 12:18: Miner, Calm down.

  4. I thought the victim handled the situation well. He was very distraught of course but he didn't shift blame, make dumb accusations about the gankers or act belligerent really. He played along by the end and asked questions. In fact there's more eagerness to learn here than any sort of tears; and the tears that are there are more comical than raging. The only issue with this guy is his ignorance after so long. Attitude is fine.

    1. The real tragedy is that something like this didn't happen to him sooner. We need to make sure every player is ganked early and often so that they can learn while their mistakes are small. It's much better to gank a newbie with his 100k isk venture than this guy with his 10B in BPs. It's far kinder that way. That he was forced to learn this lesson so late is a failure of hisec and the carebear culture as a whole.

      We need to make hisec more dangerous.

    2. Well said, Anon.


  5. It's interesting how we went from

    Aaron Alckschild > ok ill give you 5 mil [to not gank me]


    Aaron Alckschild > how about 3.5 bil [to get my BPOs back]

  6. This was classic.
    I love how he kept saying he was broke and then kept upping his buy offers.....:)
    Mike Adoulin

  7. like Jesus the NO are teachers, and a hard lesson was learned here. Is the lesson less poignant because it was so hard? No, I think it was indeed more poignant.
    Let's hope this soul learns from his lies and the destruction to ones' life that such lies bring.

    1. I would rather see the new order learn from it's lies...and have them stop lying...

    2. @Anon4:59
      We would rather you learn from the New Order, and learn that the New Order hasn't actually ever lied.

      We are still the same three years later. Probably truer to who we are than anyone else in EVE.

      The CODE. is eternal, and all shall follow it, given time.

    3. Ming, calm down.

      You are not entitled to talk. Do something first, start by undocking.

    4. As an official Agent of the New Order, named so by no less an authority than James 315 Himself, I am entitled to do whatever I wish, whenever I wish, to whomever I wish, so long as it stays within the confines of the Code.

      Having established my credentials, I shall now dictate to you what you are entitled to.

      You are entitled to purchase a permit from myself or any other New Order Agent to conduct limited PvE activities in Highsec for the price of 10 million isk. The Permit is good for one year, and is subject to forfeiture upon discovery of Code violation.

      Should I decide that you are entitled to more, you may recieve it. But you will have to change your lower-class attitude.

  8. Shhh Ming, shhhh...Calm down.

    Can someone give him his medicine ? He's having delusions of grandeur, again. That's what happens when he doesn't take his pills.

    Joke aside, undock and do something. In fact, any greedy bot aspirant miner has more value than you. Because at least, he dares to undock, while you don't, scared as you are. Until you do so, you will not be taken seriously. At all. As of now, you are like a frightened puppy, hiding in his doghouse and barking to try and scare bad people off. You want to be taken seriously ? You know what to do.

    You're welcome for the advice. And by the way, you should thank me for the time i spent to answer you, because you truly are not worth my time. But that's another story, and i'm in a good mood.

    tl dr : Your word has no weight at all. Do something, and only then you shall be authorized to speak.

  9. All I can say in my time in EVE, is that when I have dealt with code, is that they have honoured any permits, if you follow the code rules.
    I have played Eve over 7 years now, with many accounts, and respect what they bring to the game. If a miner or care bears bought a permit and got ganked, then they haven't followed code permit rules.

    If you don't want to follow code then I suggest you keep eye on local and dscan to avoid a gank..

    Just remember eves about fun. Fly say and have fun all.

    Manic miners


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