Saturday, July 25, 2015

Yes, We Can Kill Your Freighter, Part 1

I'd like to think it's more than a coincidence that highsec has improved so much since I took power.
Enia McCool > hi
Aaron Alckschild > sup
Enia McCool > ransom is 600m or we're going to gank you
Aaron Alckschild > lol what an asshole
Case in point, another lovely day in highsec.

Aaron Alckschild had been playing EVE for more than five years. He'd seen a thing or two--but not much more. He spent his five years engaged in highsec PvE, very, very, very slowly grinding isk. Then, at last, something interesting happened: His freighter was bumped.
Enia McCool > well, it's either a ransom or lose your stuff
Aaron Alckschild > leave me alone
Aaron Alckschild > stop it
Enia McCool > no, pay up or die
Aaron Alckschild > go pick on someone else
Enia McCool > you're the best one to pick on right now
Aaron attempted to engage his verbal warp core stabilizers, but to no avail. The bumper didn't wish to let Aaron's freighter go.
Enia McCool > do you see all those flashy red guys in local?
Enia McCool > they're with me, so you can choose to pay for me to "let you slip away"
Aaron Alckschild > ok ill give you 5 mil
The bumper claimed to be backed up by an Imperium/New Order gank force. However, Aaron didn't take her threats very seriously. His freighter wasn't caught in Uedama or Niarja, after all; he had the good fortune to be in Niyabainen, a 1.0 security system. This made Aaron almost completely invulnerable to ganks.

However, there were some warning signs for Aaron to consider. Enia McCool made no effort to disguise her life's purpose. She linked plenty of freighter killmails in her bio.
Enia McCool > time is running out
Enia McCool > see, you have an unbelievable amount of blueprints on you
Enia McCool > and by the looks of they could all be researched
Enia McCool > id say 600m is peanuts compared to what it's worth
Enia McCool > we're ready to kill you, timer's run out, so pay up now or you're dead
Aaron was running a great risk with his bot-aspirant hauling operation. His freighter was packed with blueprints. Actually, it wasn't "packed", since you can hardly fill such a large space with blueprints. Still, Aaron felt safe in the warm embrace of the 1.0 security system. He brushed aside the threats.
Aaron Alckschild > wait
...Until it was too late.

A gank fleet of 29 vessels, including several Taloses, dropped in. Aaron's freighter and its expensive library of BPOs went boom.
Enia McCool > no, you were too late
Enia McCool > so next time, remember, I don't bluff
Aaron Alckschild > NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
Enia McCool > 600m doesn't sound like much now does it?
In an instant, it occurred to Aaron that he needed to re-evaluate the situation.
Enia McCool > I warned you didn'tI
Aaron Alckschild > DUDE COME ONE, ill pay you now
Aaron Alckschild > please
Enia McCool > àlright, give me the 600m and I'll contract you back the stuff
Aaron Alckschild > shit
Aaron Alckschild > DUDE please, i worked so hard for all that stuff, and i didnt think you could really kill me like that
The carebear was filled with regret. This is a common attribute of the post-gank bot-aspirant. If only they possessed foresight in equal measure.
Enia McCool > well I can, but look, if you pay me the 600m now you'll have it all back in an instant
Aaron Alckschild > thats silly
Aaron Alckschild > the only way we could do this if by a contract
Enia McCool > not paying in the first place was silly
Aaron Alckschild > i know, but i didnt know you could kill me
Enia McCool > you didn't bother to check my bio did you?
Aaron didn't think he was properly warned by Enia. Her warnings weren't enough, because Aaron hadn't believed them.
Aaron Alckschild > DUDE COME ONE, im crying right now
Enia McCool > just send me the 600m and it's done
Aaron Alckschild > OH COME ON, it has to be acontract
Enia McCool > do you want the stuff or not?
Enia McCool > I guess you're not that interested...
Enia McCool > o/ fly safe next time
Aaron Alckschild > wait
Incredibly, even after Enia had lived up to her promise of killing Aaron, the carebear practically accused her of being a scammer. Where's the trust?
Aaron Alckschild > cant you just forgive me and give me the blueprints back for a price?
Aaron Alckschild > please
Aaron Alckschild > just make a contract for the 600m and ill pay it
Aaron Alckschild > with all the bpos
Aaron Alckschild > i need them, i really do
Aaron Alckschild > im just a peaceful guy playing with industry and stuff, i never pvp and suddently you come and take my stuff, PLEASE DONT DO IT
Aaron Alckschild > seriously I NEVER thought you could really do that for one second
In reality, everyone who engages in unlicensed highsec PvE is also a PvP'er. Everyone in highsec depends on the Code; it is a social compact, a mutual promise among all who dwell there. By violating the Code, carebears commit an aggressive act against all other players in highsec.
Aaron Alckschild > are you still there?
Enia McCool > yeah just got the stuff in 4-4
Aaron Alckschild > I CANNOT PLAY ANYMORE, this is horrible, I cannot believe you people do this .... everything and I mean everything I had was in that ship
Aaron Alckschild > PLEASE, are you going to give them back?
Aaron Alckschild > I know you must be laughing and having a good time fun, but I am devastated, I CANNOT AFFORD TO LOSE THIS!
Aaron Alckschild > Please help me out, I need those blueprints or I am out of the game because I cannot afford to lose this
Aaron Alckschild > You have no idea how much grinding work I had to go by to get those bpos
Carebears, grinding for isk will leave you feeling meaningless and empty. Especially when we destroy all the stuff you did your grinding for.
Enia McCool > now that I look at them, I think they're worth quite a bit more than 600m
Aaron Alckschild > ye they are
Enia McCool > more along the lines of 10b I reckon, you don't happen to have that on you, do you?
Aaron Alckschild > NO I DONNOT
Aaron Alckschild > I have right now about 1bil
Aaron Alckschild > I put all of my cash into building that blueprint inventory
Aaron Alckschild > IT TOOK A REALLY long time
Enia McCool > well, just talked to the other guys, they want to keep the stuff, 1b just won't cut it
Aaron Alckschild > well what the heck, how much do you want
Aaron Alckschild > i have a really bad headache right now
Aaron chose the wrong path in EVE and paid the price for it. Was there a way for the carebear to recover, or had his adventure in EVE come to an end?

To be continued...


  1. Anonbears take note. When someone disagrees with you on the forums or calls you an idiot or some such, that is not "tears". This article is the epitome of true tears.

    btw, The Code always wins! Always!

  2. If he had had a permit in his bio would he have been bumped?

    1. Sure he would have been bumped, and ganked, and then scammed.
      Thats the only way code works, honesty is not part of how they are.
      At no point was he going to get away. If he had given them the original 600 mil, they would have suddenly realized he needed to pay more. After getting ganked if he had paid 10 billion like asked, they would have suddenly said they 'lost' the blueprints or some other bs like that.
      Thats how code rolls, lies, scams and cheating are part of who they are.

    2. "If he had had a permit in his bio would he have been bumped?"

      Yes, because anyone can throw a permit in their bio. Ask yourself this: how Code-compliant is it to haul billions of blueprints in a freighter with the belief that one is immune to (elite) pvp?

    3. No because he would have entered the system with a "praise James 315" in local as he entered system.

  3. huge code win right here, that guy should have paid. why do people not know the rules of the game they play?

  4. Regardless of if they'd have let him go if he'd paid (I doubt it), billions of isk of BPOs in a (presumably unwebbed) unfit freighter and then offering an insulting 5mil to escape? That's really really dumb even in a 1.0 system.

    1. Replying to myself.. look at this guy's killboard: .. 635 mil in a completely unfit t1 industrial. Not even agility mods!

      Even after having it proved that highsec isn't safe he decides not to learn.

      No sympathy here.

  5. "Aaron Alckschild > NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
    Enia McCool > 600m doesn't sound like much now does it?

    Priceless. Well done, Agents!

    1. I liked that part best too. :D

    2. The sweet sound of another player quitting EVE forever.

  6. but where was antiganking to save the freighter XD

  7. His tears warm my soul.

  8. hello friend, do you have a moment to talk about Jesus Christ?

  9. Butthurt miner is perfectly correct in everything he said. I never got a permit and never will, i fly around all the time and have yet to be ganked by code, simply because i pay attention and am wise enough to avoid doing stupid things to give them the advantage. I even dare say i win against code all the time, since i have a regular habit of helping the ones code preys on.


  10. Mmmmmmm. Butthurtminer-m- tears best tears, just behind Aaron tears.
    Good job CODE. Thanks for the minerwhine!

  11. "I violate the code every day",
    "what I do what transporting blueprints is fly in a covert ops ship"

    Sounds like you're well on you're way to compliancy really. At least you can admit that high sec is not safe.

  12. This ... this is way code members need to be ganked in real life they simply play a game that i play for real life its not a problem to gank you concord will arrive late as always

    1. I think everyone should calm down and remember this is Sunday.

  13. He wants his BPO's back so he can continue to be a worthless carebear?
    What I would do is contract him back one blueprint at a time- one for each decently fitted combat ship he fought me in. Only when he showed promise at PvP would he get expensive BP's back.
    Or....contract the BP's five at a time....deep in NPC Null Sec. Then he at least would have to leave 1.0 space to reclaim them.
    The goal is to get care bears to improve themselves beyond the newb activities they cling to forever. Much like how the SoE epic arc makes players fly around empire space on a tour- I would make this care bear tour a swath of NPC null to better familiarize him with all that New Eden has to offer.

    1. I like the second option SollyLama! Not that i ever lost anything to code, but on the very unlikely chance i would loose blueprints to code, the second option would be fun. :)


    2. You are one arrogant code monkey there, sollylama...

  14. Your likely right Alana, Butthurt Miner does sound mad most of the time, course that is just a guess on my part. I rarely am mad thou, at least not at code. If anything i like code because i get to laugh at all the things you do.


  15. I want part 2. NOW!!

  16. I must say, this article's salt content is a bit higher than all the others. It is not every day that we get such a deluge of tears from both the target of the article, and then the average scrub antigankers who frequent this site, "even though they're not angry at all."

    Bravo, James, bravo.

  17. I detest CODE for everything but the great content you gals und guys provide.
    Moving 10 Billion isk of BPOs in a freighter and not more suitable ship really deserves a loss.
    As much as it pains me to say:
    I tip my hat and my regards to the saviour ;D


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