Tuesday, January 12, 2016

A Calming Influence, Part 2

Previously, on MinerBumping... Agent Tisiphone Dira supplied content-starved highsec carebears with a reason to continue playing the game. More than that, she lent her gank recipients a sympathetic ear and gave them good advice. But not everyone she helped showed gratitude. Former Cheetah autopiloter Zulu Dorn exploded in anger.

Apparently Zulu had imported some anti-Goon sentiment from nullsec, or perhaps from elsewhere in highsec.

Tisiphone was undeterred. She resumed her mission to help the autopiloters. Rachel Naari's questionably fit Badger was intercepted. Tisiphone's Vexor triumphed in the 1v1 that followed--though the Badger was a ship that could shoot back.

Rachel bristled, especially at the loss of her 18 million isk pod. Tisiphone knew just how to handle this dispute. She redirected Rachel's focus from what she'd lost, to what she stood to gain from the experience.

Rachel had trouble shifting gears. She was a wallower.

Stereotypical depictions of therapists have them saying things like, "I'm sorry, but our hour is up." Tisiphone wasn't that kind of therapist. When she felt a carebear was on the verge of a breakthrough, she cleared her calendar and stuck with it, no matter how long it might take.

One and a half hours after the kill, Rachel and Tisiphone were still working. Rachel couldn't see what was wrong with autopiloting.

The session continued. It became a test of wills between space patient and space doctor.

After an additional hour of talking things over, Rachel made a breakthrough. She was prepared to admit that she'd violated the Code by going AFK to use the bathroom without an Agent's permission. She's still getting her life together.

One fine day in Uttindar, Tisiphone chalked up another victory during a major skirmish with a fellow EVE player.

Curiously, Thee Goat seemed to think he had won the battle.

Thee Goat had indeed gotten onto a killmail. However, he'd failed to actually disrupt Tisiphone's ganking operation; she successfully killed her target before the stargate sentry guns took her down.

Thee Goat fancied himself an Anti-Ganker. Despite failing, he thought he was a winner. Could Tisiphone free him from his delusions and help him embrace the Code?

To be continued...


  1. Looks like Thee Goat is a stranger to danger (geddit?!?!)

    Good work Tisiphone in spreading Hope and the Gospel.

  2. Something tells me this isn't going to end well for Thee Goat.

    1. lol i am looking him up now, added to the scouts list :)

      i'ma kill him till he goes Foxbolt


    2. {insert Goat Similator joke here}

  3. If AG keeps up with shooting our empty pods and getting on our concord lossmails we might have to disband XD

    1. I know right?

      That guy the other day that was like "CONCORD needs to also pod criminals in Highsec, then it will be balanced" just knocked me off my gourd.

    2. Because... you know... our pods are always rocking +5 implants and 6% Hardwirings. It might actually make things easier, you know? No more flying back to Uedama station.

    3. Ming! Did it knock you into a catalyst??? When you going to undock? All you ever do is talk unceasingly.

      Who cares?

      No one.

      Your preaching to the choir.

      Fleet up with us or shut up already.

    4. @1016, you are constantly asking Ming to fit a cat. This time you challenged Ming to fleet with "us" as if you are a hisec ganker.

      So i challenge you, friend, to prove you can fit a catalyst. Link your most recent concord loss to prove you can and will fit a cat, like your daily calls for Ming to.

      Or just keep sperging like a hisec whiney bitchbear.

      Post your loss. (See how i used 'your' correctly there? L2 english you shitheel miner bitch)

    5. I just come here to read the antiganker/carebear tears

  4. http://youtu.be/wIPoX8RK_CY

    1. Dafuk? That was supposed to be a reply to the first comment!

  5. Always hilarious when no nothing Carebears post KM's just like that and claim victory, even though the gank was successful.

  6. Oh Goat, you poor bastard.

    You actually think that CODE cares about losing their ships as much as you care about losing yours.

    Might as well be playing two different games. This will not end well for him.

  7. LOL.
    This is becoming A Thing.
    AG scum think whoring on a KM means they got a kill.....lol.
    Mike Adoulin

    1. Wow! So much hate. So much anger. I've noticed a lot of that lately with you guys. Some even loosing it in local.

      Why are you so mad bro?

      Did someone scram your ship at the gate while the rest of the gank fleet left you behind? Did your ship go boom? Those gate guns are mean aren't they. :(

      Or did you lock that freighter and suddenly your guns stopped working. You had an ECCM module and it was on, WTF? You didn't even make it on the killmail. :(

      Tell us what happened. You can share with us.

    2. @crybitch 1025, i see no hate or anger from that agent, only humor as he calls you out, a concord killmail whore.

      Concord killmail whores mean nothing to the glorious hisec ganker, as his ship is lost the moment it undocks. The concord killmail whores can do nothing to interfere with the overall plan, to kill crybitches in an effort to save EvE.

      What more noble activity than the wholesale slaughter of hisec crybitch miners. Kill them until they decide to afk in some other game.

      We know the hisec crybitches think they are indispensable to CCP's success, when in reality they are the cancer destroying EvE. Since CCP cannot seem to remove them fast enough, it falls to the hisec ganker alt to pound the crybitches into a quivering mass of impotent rage, to the point they either leave hisec or leave EvE. Either option is acceptable at this point.

      Save EvE, slaughter hisec carebears.

      Shhhhh! I'm hunting crwybitches!

    3. @ anon1025, you misspelled 'losing' as 'loosing'

      I did not read the rest of your post

    4. Actually. loosing also fits in context.

    5. love it how these antigankers rarely can show a 100% damage killmail they got on a code member

    6. @Anon0521

      Pulling the spelling card on an international messageboard.... Please tell us about your extensive knowledge of foreign languages.

    7. @ Kevan Smith

      'Lousing' might be applicable as well. :D

    8. @ Ano0n 6:45

      Happens all the time. Matter of fact, HSM members have to do at least 75% total damage to even get credit for a kill and collect a bounty.

    9. @ Anon 3:48

      You're an angry ganker.

    10. Ganker calm down.

    11. @Anon1:49

      What you are doing, is considered in many esteemed circles of Eve, to be granting Code a "Cultural Victory."

      This happens when you adopt the habits and memes of your enemy in a laughably hilarious attempt to discredit them; seen as an admission of your own failure to launch successful insults on your own.

      In other, more simple, words:

      You are admitting that The Code ALWAYS Wins, ALWAYS!!!!

  8. all that matters is that a carebear died and was forced to either ship up to fight back, or leave. this guy shows some promise, but he still needs to learn humility.

    learn to defend it or we will continue to take it from you.

    1. 'Learn to defend it or'

      Or? How about 'TRY and defend it, but we ARE going to take it from you'



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