Monday, January 11, 2016

A Calming Influence, Part 1

The New Order mining permit is often compared to a tax or user fee. There's no question that our Agents provide highsec residents with many essential services. But they're not merely cogs in an impersonal machine, vast though the Order's power may be. Our Agents care. Sometimes our most important job is listening to the carebears' problems.

Mariyah had a lot of problems. Over the past 7 years of playing EVE, she'd grown drunk on bot-aspirancy and bad fitting advice. The destruction of her Tayra was inevitable. The only question was whether the person who ganked Mariyah's ship would care enough to help her address the root causes of her problems.

As luck would have it, Tisiphone Dira was the ganker on duty. And she did care. She cared a whole bunch!

Our enemies accuse the New Order of trying to provoke carebears into behaving inappropriately. In my experience, the carebears need little encouragement. What they need is guidance.

Rick Therapist isn't the only therapist on our staff. Every Agent is called upon to act as a therapist for grieving miners and haulers. The first job is to calm the carebears down. At its core, the carebear's anger comes from a place of indignation; they feel they've been treated worse than they have a right to expect. The answer, then, is to make sure the gank recipient knows that the gank was his fault. That way, the logical part of his psyche knows not to be indignant, and his emotions follow suit.

Unfortunately, not all carebears are strong on logic.

Many highsec dwellers who get content delivered to them while AFK persist in blaming others. It takes them longer to embrace the unique selling point of EVE, which, let's face it, today basically consists of us.

"There is no Code," says the carebear. For something that doesn't exist, it certainly manages to destroy a lot of trillions of isk formerly owned by those who violate its rules. Less effective groups of PvP'ers--including nullsec empires, wormhole "owners", and lowsec campers--have a smaller impact than we do. And highsec PvE'ers have the smallest impact of all. By the carebear's reasoning, nothing exists in EVE.

As the saying goes, it only takes one psychiatrist to change a light bulb, but the light bulb must want to change. In the meantime, our Agents can nudge the carebears toward a healthier lifestyle by violently punishing their maladaptive behaviors.

Zulu Dorn, for example, probably wouldn't have been willing to listen to someone who tried to convince him not to autopilot his fail-fit Cheetah. Even the most persuasive person in the world might not have succeeded in talking him out of it. In a split-second decision, Tisiphone opted for actions instead of words. One suicide Thrasher later, the Cheetah was gone.

Now Tisiphone didn't need to persuade Zulu to stop making the mistake with the Cheetah. She only had to prevent him from repeating the mistake.

But that's easier said than done, for carebears are accustomed to doing the same thing over and over.

To be continued...


  1. Wow these chat logs remind me alot of antiganking chat - FULL of tears.

    And tisi is a cool guy who doesnt afraid of anything!!!

  2. The words of the Saviour, directly validated by CCP and enshrined in their "Golden Rules:"

    "The answer, then, is to make sure the gank recipient knows that the gank was his fault." -James 315

    And CCP's translation:

    "If you lose stuff, it's almost always your fault. Really, only yours." -Golden Rules of Eve

    The New Order, carrying out the vital and core principles of EVE Online, every day, and proving, beyond the shadow of a doubt, that there is not one day in EVE where it would survive without the Mercy of James 315 and the New Order of Highsec.

    Not. One. Day.

    1. EVE survived for about 10 years with Jamey and the tear-harvesting front known as CHODE.

      Every. Single. Day.

    2. @Anon8:23

      And yet, it is so important that the carebear understand that it was his fault that he lost his ship for not following the Code, that CCP deemed it worthy to enshrine James 315's words into the Golden Rules of EVE.

      Coincidence? I think not.

      It IS extremely important that carebears understand that they are at fault for the loss of their spacecraft for not following the Code.

    3. 'Anonymous' - Eve might have survived – but it did not thrive. Not until the brave Agents of the New Order bought peace and prosperity to high-sec, unified by the glory of the CODE.

    4. I don't get why this anon keeps posting this...

    5. Give 'em a break, man. It's all they have...


    6. @Anon1158

      The "copy/paste" that you are referring to is that particular Anon's way of expressing his unique frustration with me, in particular.

      It believes that if it continues to figuratively stick its fingers in its ears and yell "nyah, nyah nyah, nyah nyah" in a loud enough manner, the Truth of the Code will be able to be drowned out, and that it will not have to face facts.

      This is okay. The New Order allows for personal choice. This includes the choice to sit in time out looking stupid. It also includes the choice of purchasing a permit and coming out of time out and rejoining the community in a less petulant way.

      Either way, the New Order will be here, enforcing the Code, as will I. Always.

    7. ah I get it, thanks for the info.

  3. Ming you moron, CCP's statement made no mention of the code...they are trying to tell us "we" are responsible for our own safety, the is no requirement by them to follow the Buffoon of Highsec or that fiction you call the code...

    1. I was not arguing points about MMO, RPG or the sandbox. CCP would not make a statement the way ming phrased it...if the truth hurts that bad maybe it is you that should gtfo Eve...

    2. anon1052 you told no truths fool. gtfo EvE bitch. No one wants your whiney vag around here. How would you know how CCP would phrase something? Oh thats right, you would not know. Do EvE a favor and biomass your miner, and then yourself.

      Or just keep sperging half truths and lies on this site so we can laugh and point at the whiney bitchbear that knows nothing about EvE or CCP except what you pick up in the ag channel.

      Go back to wow you crybaby puss.

    3. Daym brutha getting some tuff love in hurr.

    4. Yes Alana, you code monkeys need some tuff love...and some attitude adjustments...@2:36, After you go back first...

    5. CCP would never make a statement about the New Order... of course not... they would never endorse anything like a mining permit. Nope. Never.

      I'm just going to leave this TOTALLY UNRELATED link here for people to enjoy. Totally unrelated... yep...

    6. "We dont need more players, we need more quality players, and this does not include the hisec dweller."

      I think CCP would disagree on this one...

    7. @Anon10:11

      The simple Truth of the matter is that The Code Existed long before CCP's "Golden Rules."

      The Code mandated that miners were required to type "gf" in Local after a combat-related encounter with a New Order Agent, as is good etiquette for PvP-related activities in EVE Online.

      This admission acknowledges the reality that the owner of each ship in a PvP-related encounter is fully responsible for the losses that they might encounter; Code is responsible for each ship they may lose to CONCORD; and similarly, Miners are responsible for each ship that they lose to CODE. for not following the New Halaima Code of Conduct.

      Therefore, the line "If you lose a ship, it is almost ALWAYS your fault. Really, only yours."

      Note that a particular word that appears in CODE.'s logo, and is part of our mantra, appears there.

      That isn't a coincidence.

      Neither is the fact that CCP started talking about how CODE helps player retention exactly at the 3:15:00 mark in CCP Rise's presentation at Fanfest.

      CCP knows we're here, and what we're doing. And they more than tacitly support The Code and James 315's vision.

      You know this to be true.

      Now is the time to stop fighting it.

    8. @Anon2:54

      Why don't we take a second and view your comment through CCP's eyes?

      Imagine you are CCP for a moment. You are the only major game, no, technology company that solicits player feedback. You are the only company where it is possible to send them a letter and get a non-robot response back. Blizzard, Playstation, Facebook, EA, Google, none of these companies would even dream of having a direct relationship with their community.

      Now, bring into focus of why this is. The answer is: Pubbies.

      Pubbies, roaming all over Facebook. PSN. World of Warcraft.

      These are the worst kinds of people in existence, and it is impossible to have a meaningful conversation with them, much less their "community."

      Therefore, it is necessary to have a filter. A "Step up," if you will. A way to separate those who are "unworthy" of joining your community from those that are.

      The New Order is one of these mechanisms. And the fact that it exists and continues to thrive, every day, is tacit proof that CCP, in fact, doesn't want every mouthbreathing neckbeard playing their game. Mechanisms that say "You can't come in here" are needed to keep those without a real commitment away from those who are worthy.

      In the end, it is the quality, not the quantity, of players that should have the privilege of interacting with such a wonderful and diverse community.

      And if you aren't capable of following something as simple as the New Halaima Code of Conduct, CCP itself has basically said, "We don't want you in this game, until you do follow The Code."

    9. Interesting long read.

      The arguments in your first alinea are flawed, Eve definitely has one of the best community-company relations in the field, but they are definitely not the only one, neither are they immune to competition.

      Now, imagine you are a car salesman. Would you want your customers to be good drivers, or would you want to sell as many cars as you possibly can? I have bought and wrecked quite a bunch of cars since I got my license, but I never met a salesman that fit in the first category.

      The fact that ganking is nerfed release after release (quicker CONCORD response, no insurance payout after concorddokkened) says that CCP does not entirely agree on CODE's practice. Any which way, CODE seems to be on a road to nowhere, a catch 22 if you want:
      - ganking will be nerfed to a point it is no longer a viable playstyle. No more tears, no more CODE.
      - ganking will be buffed, high sec mining is no longer a viable playstyle, no more carebears, no more tears, no more CODE.

      As I do agree on a lot of arguments CODE has for high sec ganking (no AFK'ing, botting etc...) sometimes I cannot escape from the sense of similarity between soccer hooligans and CODE: Vandalizing out of affection, loving the game to death.

      TL;DR All good things in moderation.

    10. @Anon5:00

      Let us examine your flawed argument in minute detail, so that all may benefit.

      First, name me one other technology company that has relations with their community on the level that CCP does with theirs. Pirahna? Nope. EA? Laughably Nope. Maxis? You remember that whole debacle with SimCity? Nope. Bioware? Nope. Blizzard? The most you can submit is a bug report which won't be looked at by a human. Nope.

      You are correct in that CCP isn't immune to competition. Or they wouldn't be, that is, If there were indeed another company that could do what CCP is doing. If there were, I'm sure there would be a lot of people jumping ship.

      But there simply isn't one.

      Elite Dangerous? Nope. (and the carebears are already whining about CODE. popping up there as well.)
      Star Citizen? Nope. (Who the fuck plays Star Citizen?)
      Star Trek Online? Nope. (It's a single-player game about PvE and monetization. Go play it if you don't believe me.)

      CCP is the only company that has direct playerbase representation in their design model, has devs regularly answering questions on Reddit, (instead of banning questions on Reddit) and directly (and by directly, I mean physically face-to-face) interacting with its players. It is the only company not actually terrified of its community, and it is the only company reaping the benefits of a positive player/developer relationship instead of finding ways to protect its staff from its playerbase.

      Now, let's turn our attention to your less-than-careful analogy.

      Car salesmen never see their customers again after they sell them cars. They don't even see them again if the car breaks down; that's a job for the service department. It is not the job of the Car Salesman to determine what the car driver will do after they purchase the car; that is irrelevant. Its only purpose is to sell the car like some kind of robot. Nothing else.

      By contrast, CCP is not interested in "selling you a product" the way a Car Salesman would. They are interested in selling you "an experience." An experience full of danger and decisions, an experience that is unforgiving that tests you in ways you can't imagine, an experience that pits you against your fellow capsuleer and rewards only those who are victorious, leaving the defeated destitute and scrambling.

      They are also selling you "a relationship." A relationship made present by frequent updates, community feedback, an API system, and accessible staff.

      By contrast, it is all the other game companies like Blizzard, EA, etc. that are attempting to be Car Salesmen. They are afraid of direct feedback, they are afraid of their communities, they are afraid of getting their little feelings hurt or dealing with the real reactions of the public to their products. This is why EA is a shitty company, and I dare you to tell me otherwise.

      Finally, Ganking has recieved some nerfs as CCP has refined its vision for CONCORD, but have you ever stopped to realize... that ganking still exists?

      As long as CCP continues to force new players to make the original choice between the gun and the mining laser on their Rookie Ships, there will always be capsuleers that choose the coward's way out. There will always be those that choose that mining laser, and as we have seen, those are the capsuleers that are the most prone to turn into the worst examples of EVE players, both toward other players and to CCP. Buffing ganking would allow the New Order to more effectively complete CCP's wishes for The Code to be practiced by all capsuleers, but it would not stop miners from happening, as attractive a scenario that is to me, personally. A Final Victory for The New Order is all I can think about sometimes.


    11. But because ganking exists now, you must understand, that CCP has accepted it as a legitimate and intended playstyle. No matter how much the miners attempt to laughably organize, no matter how much they petition, they will not be heard. Ganking is here to stay. And as long as there are non-compliant miners, The New Order will be here to stop them.

      And lastly, what the New Order does is not vandalism. It is Education. Education about the game, Its Saviour, and about the dangers of PvE.

    12. "This is why EA is a shitty company, and I dare you to tell me otherwise."

      From a gamer's standpoint you may call EA's approach questionable, from an investor's point of view, I would not call a billion dollar profit (WIKI, EA financial statements) company 'shitty'.

      As for the analogy, maybe more abstraction is required to make you understand, with the car salesman I obviously referred to the whole car company in general. In that CCP and for example Mercedes-Benz are not so different: They build stuff, sell stuff and maintain stuff.

      Unfortunately, this is all the time I have to elaborate on this issue, I may get back on the rest of your reply when my schedule allows for it.

    13. @Anon8:22

      No, I think you're oversimplifying the issue.

      CCP isn't selling a product. They're selling an experience. Even Mercedes-Benz isn't an apt analogy; It is a car company. It makes and then services that product. Its product is very similar to Lexus, Audi, and several other car companies.

      EVE is different. It produces the only form of "Internet Spaceships" or even "MMORPGs" that retain paying subscriptions after 12 years of existence. That is something that, as an investor, you would be interested in.

      What makes EVE Online different from other "cars" in the market? The fact that EVE Online is the only game committed to free and open and unlimited PvP, both in the market and in space, instead of an instanced, opt-in, no-risk excuse for PvP like every other game does.

      It is this that makes EVE Online "an experience." It is the fact that you must use 13 different player-created tools to process the information that EVE gives you. It is that you absolutely must make friends to survive in this game. It is that you must take RL precautions against spying, and keep track of who said what where, who saw you where, and who knows what, or else, someone keeping track will jump you and relieve you of your stuff. It is that consequences are real, and there are no "safe-zones" where "players can mine in peace," unless they purchase a New Order Permit and obey the Code, Praise James.

      This is what the New Order is here to protect and defend. This is what The Code was written for, and what the New Order stands for. And because of this, The New Order will endure, until we have 100% Code-compliance.

      Also, would you please give me a link on how to fit a Catalyst? I was looking for it here, but the gentleman who was upset-posting it seems to be slacking on the job.

    14. "Even Mercedes-Benz isn't an apt analogy"
      Obviously you have never driven a Mercedes-Benz.

      I am afraid you are overcomplicating the issue here. CCP is a profit-driven company, not a charity.

      As an investor I am interested in returns. Declining subscriptions may be an indicator for lower returns, which may put off new investors and drive out the existing ones.

      Do not get me wrong, I am not against CODE, or suicide ganking in general. However, your defense is singleminded:
      "It is this that makes EVE Online "an experience." It is the fact that you must use 13 different player-created tools to process the information that EVE gives you"
      If that were true, why are those tools not delivered with the game? Because it is what YOU need to keep YOU satisfied. Someone else may enjoy the game without that level of immersion. I know I did.
      "It is that you absolutely must make friends to survive in this game"
      Again, this is what YOU need to enjoy the game. Many player do not like the hassle with corporation drama, fleet droning etcetera. They do fine as freelancers, solo pirating and so forth.

      Dictating a playstyle in High-Sec (In a way the entrance to the game) may change a new player's perception of the supposedly open-ended nature of the game.

      At the moment I believe the CODE-Eve relation to be symbiotic, maybe even synergetic. However, a CODE presence too large could tip the nature of this relationship to parasitic; CODE devours the host, resulting in the death of both. (You have to either appreciate or excuse my sense of drama)

      Please accept the following as a token of peace:

      Fit your cat:

    15. "Even Mercedes-Benz isn't an apt analogy"

      Obviously you have never driven a Mercedes-Benz.

      Surprisingly, I believe you are overcomplicating the issue here. CCP is a profit-driven company, not a charity. One of their goals is to attract new investors and retain the ones they have. Declining subscription numbers are an indicator for declining revenue. This may put off new investors and even chase away the existing ones. Believing that investors are interested in anything else than ROI's is naïve. Cute, but naïve.

      Do not get me wrong, I am not against CODE or suicide ganking in general, however your defense is singleminded:
      "It is the fact that you must use 13 different player-created tools..." Is it? Why are those tools not included in the original installation? Because it is what YOU need to keep YOU satisfied. Many players enjoy the game with less immersion. I know I did.
      " It is that you absolutely must make friends to survive in this game" Again, this is how YOU want to play the game
      I think it is up to every player to decide that for himself. Many players can do without the corporation hassle and drama, or the fleet droning.

      Enforcing a playstyle on high-sec may have a negative influence on the perception a new player will have of the open world nature of the game.

      I believe that the CODE-EVE relation is currently symbiotic, maybe even synergetic, but too much CODE presence in high-sec may eventually turn this to a parasitic one; CODE devouring its host resulting in the death of both. (Appreciate or excuse my sense of drama)

      Please accept the following as a token of peace:

      Fit your cat:

  4. Im eating popcorn while enjoying these carebear tears.

  5. Just kill all hisec miners. Thats what we do all day and we are not even CODE.

    However, if you want to see some impotent carebear rage, try to sell the bitch a permit after you kill him. Then you get the real salt.

    We have tried just killing hisec carebears, and that is fun as hell without the permit rp, but add in a few jabs about the 'perp' needing a permit to mine in 'our hisec systems', and the crybear will lose their shit. All over 10 million isk.

    If you really want to make them squeal, after they rage for a few minutes, tell the sperglords that CCP asked for permit sales to be added to James' original business plan. Holy shit we get the best tears from that alone.

    Thanks James, you (and CCP) have given us everything we need to punish these hisec bitches where it hurts them the most, by destroying their incorrect assumptions that 'hisec should be safe' and 'hisec miners matter'.

    As long as James and the CODE agents continue expose these carebears for the rabid sperglords they are, my crew will continue to destroy carebears as a show of support, while our nullsec alts mine all the ore we need.
    We wont stop until hisec is populated with newbros only. We will Void any character over 30 days old that we find in hisec.

    Support CODE, support a healthier EvE.
    Remove hisec and watch EvE evolve into the perfect PvP sandbox.

  6. Can somebody from CHODE. please provide a link to real statistics proving that EO subscription numbers have increased since the scourge of Jamey was released on high sec?

    1. @Anon3:24

      That is not what has happened. EVE Online subscriptions, unfortunately have been in decline. There are many reasons for this; a stagnant sovereignty system, Supercapitals not being able to dock, an inability to create narrative, etc.

      However, what is indisputable, (and backed up by CCP's numbers,) is that The New Order, contrary to carebear belief, has been found to retain EVE Online subscriptions, because of the New Order's mission of outreach to carebears, by introducing them to PvP that otherwise they never would have found. We have SAVED these carebears from unsubscription due to the frankly comparatively boring PvE Content that EVE Online provides, and shown them another path, the path to the "Good Eve."

      Therefore, it can be said that while other areas of EVE Online can be a drain, it is The New Order that provides much of its player retention. To prove my point; look at the various carebears who continually visit daily, that do not agree with James 315's (praise him) Vision of the Code, yet, can't quite seem to tear themselves away.

      What is this, other than a direct demonstration that The Code improves player retention?

    2. What The Honorable Ming said. Hisec gankers help expose carebears to the one thing able keep EvE players resubbing every month, shooting someone in the face.

      Coincidence that PvP is responsible for player retention? No way foo! That is the original vision of the CCP devs. You can dispute thus all day, but sandbox PvP, in all its forms of fuckery, was always he intended to be the endgame, the meta before meta was a thing.

      Some of my best friends in EvE are now also RL friends. They are the reason i continue to resub month after nerfy month.
      And we met throuh some sort of fuckery in game. Almost always against each other, or as a direct result.

      You cannot EvE while afk in a gawd dammed mining barge. What the fuck part of this do the carebars not grasp?

  7. Who is this new angry agent? I kinda like 'em...

    -Galaxy Pig


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