Friday, January 29, 2016

Is Your Child Ready to Mine?

Unlike the greedy carebears, who only think of themselves in the present moment, the New Order is always planning for the future.

As Origo Lim will tell you, it's never too early to teach your child about the Code.

At this point, I'd like to add that MinerBumping is a great resource for teaching your child how to read. However, please be aware that since we report on the activities of highsec carebears, the occasional profanity is to be expected. On the plus side, if it's inevitable that your kid is going to discover curse words, he may as well learn them in both English and Russian.


The rebel asks, "Why doesn't the New Order ever shoot ships that can shoot back?" Answer: We're too busy shooting ships that can shoot back.

The Derelik region owes much to Agent Kalorned and his alts. Can you imagine what that place would be like, if the Code had never arrived? Let's just be glad it did.


  1. Now that is a beautiful permit. Good on you Simon!

  2. Using children to mine, oddly enough, is what a lot of miners tend to do. After beating them out of frustration due to their constant losses to the New Order, (since the New Order cannot lose, and hitting kids is the only thing that miners think they can win at,) they force their kids to mine in ventures to save up enough money again to be able to afford their exhumers.

    Naturally, this abuse is hell on a child, but then, this is where the New Order steps in and rescues the child, teaching them how to PvP and not be like their parents- eventually teaching them to fight back after they're strong enough.

    They then go on to be active, happy, productive members of the EVE Online PvP environment.

    And this, in part, is how the New Order will achieve Final Victory over the forces of Mining. We will teach their children that they so neglect.

    1. I find that Ming's Comment is best read while listening to this.

  3. "On the plus side, if it's inevitable that your kid is going to discover curse words, he may as well learn them in both English and Russian."


  4. I wonder if antiganking give there kids tickets to the front row of the uedama dunk zone!

  5. It is worth to note again, how cheap the New Order Permits are. They are only 10.000.000 ISK! The Thunderegg mining permit comes at the price of 15$!
    No carebear should complain that permits are to expensive!

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