Friday, January 1, 2016

The Darkspear Mystery, Part 3

Previously, on MinerBumping... CODE. Internal Affairs chief Kalorned found himself embroiled in the shadowy world of black market permits, illegal mining, and diplomatic back-channeling. Primal Ascendancy leader Lord Connir did everything he could to steer his alliance away from an imminent war with the New Order. The matter escalated when Agent Latir Darkspear, who allegedly supplied the Darkspear miners' permits, came under investigation.

Latir claimed he was suffering from "super lag" and was having difficulty uploading a screenshot. Kalorned wasn't willing to let it go. A screenshot of Latir's wallet was absolutely necessary to corroborate Latir's story about the timing of the permit purchases.

At last, Latir produced a screenshot. Kalorned hoped that this would be the evidence he needed to put the whole matter to rest.

Alas, it was not to be. The screenshot did not include any actual information.

Our Agents have often seen in the past that "technical difficulties" arise when someone is trying to pull a fast one.

The moment of truth had arrived. Either Latir Darkspear would produce the screenshot of his wallet, or his future in CODEdot was in serious jeopardy.

Meanwhile, Lord Connir was on pins and needles. His alliance was on the brink of a war that could destroy everything he'd built.

Always protective of its reputation, it is the policy of CODEdot to avoid even the appearance of impropriety. Unable to produce a screenshot of his wallet and hoping to avoid scandal, Latir Darkspear had no choice but to resign his commission as a member of the alliance.

This left Lord Connir in a sticky situation. Since the alleged permits could not be validated by Latir Darkspear, Lord Connir's alliance was technically harboring unlicensed miners. The only other party who could prove the validity of the permits would be the Darkspear miner who bought them.

Unfortunately, the Darkspear miners had gone silent.

I wonder where Lord Connir heard that "TS convos don't go well with CODE."?

With no means of ensuring the integrity of the preexisting permits, Kalorned suggested that Lord Connir buy new permits for the Darkspear miners himself.

When well-meaning people work together in good faith, anything is possible. The crisis was averted without the need for bloodshed.

Now all the Darkspear miners had permits issued straight from Kalorned himself.

Peace in our time. Kalorned reflected upon the case in his journal.
"Being an Agent is not always easy; it takes great personal resolve, conviction, and longevity to manage the great burden. Negotiations for ending wars can be bad enough, but toss in bad Agents to the mix and you can truly develop some incredible situations such as the one above. Agent Darkspear unfortunately didn't quite have what it takes to last. While we can only hope he will continue to fight for the Code as he indicated he would do outside the alliance, I unfortunately have my doubts given his lack of activity and illicit side mining. With that being said, for every fallen Agent there are 10 more to take their place, and in that I feel we can take great comfort."
At the end of the day, the system worked. The Code was upheld. And the New Order showed once again why its Agents have the skill and moral legitimacy to rule over everyone in highsec. Government doesn't get any better than this.


  1. Another victory for the mighty code alliance!!! So glad kalorned is on the winning side!

    1. Since CODE was in effect battling a CODE agent, then I guess CODE was bound to win. I don't think James had this in mind when he stated that CODE always wins. At least, it is impressive that CODE IA did their job; uncovering and removing a cancer before CODE's word would no longer be trusted. Well done!

  2. dont you saviours keep a record of the so-called permits you make the poor miners to pay in a space that isnt yours? really, the guy that said that reading about eve is better than playing it was right...all i see is stupidity, bullying and buttkissing, really its a great read! no, i dont even have an account lol so james3670, gayrotica, failawyertani, cant have my isk, sorry guys...happy new year, i love reading your stories, its the absolute proof that we evolved from monkeys!

    1. Yes. Using an amazing technological creation like the Internet in order to read stories created by players who are enjoying what amounts to a galaxy simulation game is absolute proof that the process of evolution is amazing.

      It's the same process that lets you cry about a game that you claim to not even play! :-)

    2. @Anon 8:37
      You do not own any isk if you do not have an account. This makes you a "poor." And we don't want no poors up in this bitch.

      You wouldn't even make it past the bouncers in the parking lot, much less get into the party.

    3. "absolute proof that we evolved from monkeys!"...

      Sorry, I tend to read only the beginning and end of a paragraph before I decide if it is worth reading. Do you even know a thing about the Theory of Evolution? Even one minute detail?
      You have failed the test. Your paragraph was not read.

    4. Yea right 837, you dont have an eve account. Well you seem a bit butthurt there friend, would you like a permit for that?
      Permit salve best salve for raw butthurt.
      Next time try harder not to sound like a bitch, miner.

  3. Amazing story, great job Kalorned! Another victory for The Code!

    Where was antiganking to save that alliance? Oh right, failing nonstop daily, of course!

    1. I'd like the anti-gankers-failing-so-hard comments a lot better if each of them came with a link to a killmail that antiganking failed to stop.

      Such killmails aren't hard to find, from the looks of things. Here's an example from just 15 minutes ago!


    2. Well we know who that anon is, good job mr kusion! Nice kill. Oh look, a ship that can shoot back, i wonder what the AG excuse will be this time.

  4. So much created content. I love this game. God bless James 315 and IA. We need to keep our ranks pure.

  5. Absolutely fantastic content! I'm honored to have a 3-part series about this incident. Spanning two years no less! Fly safe Agents, and happy hunting! o/

    1. Maybe next time you should just be honest and say that you sold illegitimate permits to your alts.

      A true Agent of the New Order is pure of heart and is always Honest and Just.

      I encourage you to repent your ways and perhaps purchase shares in the New Order along with valid permits for your alts.

    2. @ darkspearanon, how did you not know you would be caught carebear? You neglected the CODE to mine illegal ore, what shame your alts must feel.
      Once a bot

  6. So Kalorned threatens a CEO with a Bonus Room situation and the CEO automatically caves. Jamey and his cohorts have zero honor. A bunch of sniveling thieves.

    1. Look at this Anon, who equates "being on comms" as being "in a Bonus Room."

      It would do well to remember that people in Bonus Rooms were there freely, and of their own volition. This miner did not choose to share APIs, nor join comms. Therefore its argument crumbles into dust.

      Praise James!


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