Wednesday, January 27, 2016

The True Family of Highsec, Part 3

Previously, on MinerBumping... Agent Liek DarZ killed Jaroth Kings, a non-compliant miner, and was treated to a number of impertinent remarks. Liek contacted permit-owner wabbitrage, the CEO of Jaroth's corp. In a private conference, the Agent discussed with wabbitrage what could be done about the wayward miner. Liek couldn't help but feel resistance on the part of the CEO to do what needed to be done.

Liek was as diplomatic as possible. He didn't want to make wabbitrage feel uncomfortable. And yet, both men knew that if matters weren't handled properly, a wardec was a very real possibility.

wabbitrage was in an awkward position--one that many highsec CEOs find themselves in. He didn't want to alienate his corp members or show weakness in front of them, but he absolutely could not afford to face the wrath of CODE.

The CEO had bad news: He was sure that the miner wouldn't apologize. Violent conflict seemed inevitable. However, his corp could avoid punishment if he expelled Jaroth.

In the end, the Code will unite all highsec. Until the day of final victory comes, the Code can also divide people: Cousin against cousin, brother against brother, Goofus against Gallant.

Liek DarZ had compassion for wabbitrage. The CEO was forced to choose between his real life family and the New Order family.

The burden of leadership can be a heavy one. wabbitrage felt the weight of the world on his shoulders. Should he remain loyal to his blood relations--those to whom he was bound by the accident of birth--or should he remain loyal to the time-tested principles of the Code?

Liek urged wabbitrage to do the right thing. We all knew what we signed up for when we subscribed to EVE.

wabbitrage's sadness and regret was palpable. He couldn't bring himself to kick his cousin out of the corp. If Jaroth didn't apologize, they would be pushed to the brink of war with the New Order--a war wabbitrage couldn't hope to win.

Communications were reopened. Unfortunately, tensions had only escalated in the meantime. Agent karma balancer had learned of Jaroth's insults and was brought into the conversation.

You might say that karma balancer was cast into the role of "bad cop". But there was nothing feigned about karma's indignation when she heard about the offense committed against a fellow Agent.

wabbitrage urged the Agents to believe that he had done everything possible to keep his corp compliant. He claimed he'd always been loyal.

It was a disaster, and wabbitrage knew it. The whole world he'd built in EVE was crashing down all around him.

In this desperate hour, wabbitrage could only hope against hope that there was some way out of his dilemma. The war drums were beating.

To be continued...


  1. Im surprised that antiganking didnt agree to help the wardec, oh thats right they are all in npc corps from when code wardecced them last time XD

  2. Previously, on MinerBumping... Agent Liek DarZ killed Jaroth Kings, a non-compliant CHODE.-alt miner, and was treated to a number of impertinent remarks. Liek contacted permit-owner wabbitrage, the CHODE.-alt CEO of Jaroth's corp.

    So transparent. Jameyu is doing practically anything for content. Even lies.

    And this "karma balancer" as being some kind of judge in CHODE. even when that screen shot shows him as only joining the day before. Please.....

    FTA:"Non-PvP Strategies/Tactics

    1. “The Killjoy” – Basically, your corps will do nothing. Your members will dock up in stations and stay docked as long as wartargets are online or in/near your systems, and even just log off and come back on later. No one will actually engage the hostiles for any reason, denying them any PvP whatsoever.

    a. Staying docked will immediately lower the morale of the enemy corps. Denying them any action or potential for kills the fun/vengeance/merc payment factors of the wardec. In essence, you are utterly wasting their time. If you want to play this up real nasty, have all of your people dock up and stay online. This will force the aggressors to camp that station or surrounding gates in the hope they might snag a kill. NEVER undock or tell the enemy if you are following this strategy, it makes it ever more effective.

    b. After a few days of being denied kills/action all together, the enemy corps may cancel the wardec or simply not renew the dec after the week is over.


    1. Cool story bro. Everyone in CODE, GSF and every other independent agent out there is an alt of The Mittani. Didn't you know? He's just that good.

  3. This is getting exciting. I'm gonna make some popcorn, anyone want some?

  4. Allow me to fix karma balancer's bio:

    "Because if you're reading this, it's all over."

    Please note the correct use of the word "you're" vs "your".


  5. Another epic tale in the works. Well done, Saviour!

  6. That feeling when I read karma saying, "nah im over this guy"

    kinda like seeing a Talos fleet land on a jump freighter...


  7. where's butthurt miner at these days?

    I thought he was committed to trolling this site. He can't even commit to that properly.

    1. Miners have the attention span of a pigeon. Why do you think they are always afk?


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