Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Calming Down Is Always an Option

Another day on the beat in highsec. Aurelius Micel was caught trespassing in Uedama with a capacitor-tanked Orca. It didn't survive the journey. Aurelius' 900 million isk pod was also destroyed.

The New Order doesn't cut and run. After winning the battle against the Orca, fleet commander loyalanon personally spoke with the pilot to see if he could be of assistance.

Aurelius was lucky enough to get an invite to a voice chat with loyalanon. That's the kind of thing lots of people would pay real money for, but the New Order doesn't RMT.

Though Aurelius claimed that he'd only just returned to EVE, he already had all of the carebear talking points down pat: We're the reason EVE is dying, according to the bot-aspirants. Paradoxically, though we supposedly have the power to kill the entire game, they question our ability to enforce our laws in highsec.

loyalanon's invitation to voice chat was declined. Then Aurelius rebuffed loyalanon's invitation to calm down. Our Agent began to wonder if this was poor timing, or if the carebear was simply ungrateful.

Our Agents never fail to win the argument.

Aurelius openly admitted to cutting corners for personal gain. His chances of getting a reimbursement waned.

Agents and carebears approach the world in two totally different ways. From our perspective, calming down is always an option. But for the carebear, to even consider calming down requires that a lot of requirements be met. No wonder they're angry such a large percentage of the time.

Aurelius cursed the community and its elitism. Though the New Order is known for elite PvP, we're always willing to lend a helping hand. I mean, loyalanon wasn't engaged in this discussion because Aurelius is such a great conversationalist.

The carebear made no attempt to conceal his bitterness. It was like he didn't care about making a good impression at all.

Once again, the carebear condemned himself with his own words. Until now, Aurelius maintained that he had only just returned to EVE. That was his excuse for not obeying the Code. But then he suggested that he should've "heard about our shenanigans before now". Which was it?

If this were a Bonus Round, you might say that Aurelius lacked full faith.

The former Orca pilot had many complaints about our great movement. Mostly he criticized us for not promoting and advertising ourselves enough. So noted. Sadly, Aurelius felt that he no longer had the ability to do anything of worth in EVE. Didn't he know about our ganker reimbursement program?

Skeptics and cynics say that the only reason someone would invite you to voice comms is for trolling and recording purposes. However, loyalanon actually invoked a well-established point of law: In court, live testimony is given more weight than written testimony. loyalanon only wanted to help maximize Aurelius' chances of making his case--if the carebear was honest, that is.

Sadly, Aurelius Micel was no honest carebear. He refused to help clean up the mess he'd made. Even if he lacked the isk to reimburse our gankers, he could've sent me an apology EVEmail for free. (Well, free aside from the 315 isk CSPA charge.) I suppose not everyone is interested in improving highsec. Empire space will continue to be governed by better men and women than Aurelius.


  1. This carebear is correct about one thing; Attempting to mine without a permit in James 315 space is much more dangerous than attempting to mine in low or nullsec space! There you might not be killed, but with the New Order around, you will ALWAYS get killed for not obeying the law! ALWAYS!

    1. Last weekend I flew several DST loads of POS fuel through Uedama without a CHODE. permit. No issues.

    2. look at you flailing away ineffectually at the keyboard. How much spit did you get on your monitor? got enough left to jerk off?

    3. ALWAYS get killed? Hmm I have mined daily for the past few months and have never been ganked. I have even auto piloted several times while taking a piss, no gank there either. I do whatever I want in high-sec, never have been ganked.

    4. @Anon9:53

      As has been documented in the Code, you shall be reminded that you mine in James 315 Space entirely at the discretion of Agents of the New Order; and not due to any power that you yourself possess.

      In other words, your ability to mine, (as well as your mining ship) isn't free, and is revokable any time any Agent of the New Order feels like taking it away from you.

      How powerless you must feel right now knowing this. Know also that a New Order Mining Permit is the only protection you have from the forces of justice.

    5. yea like I'm gonna post my game name so people from here can start stalking me...right. I'm a lot smarter than you guys

    6. @Ming Tso

      lol I don't feel at all powerless because I know you can't get me. Not only has no one ever attempted to gank but, but I also have insurance. No I don't mean in game ISK insurance, but rather I multi box. When I do mine, I have cloaky fighter alts sitting near me. I will take anyone out before enough damage can be done to my tanked mining ship :) So good luck

    7. @Anon3:00

      I would advise against lying to a New Order Agent.

      Want to know why?

      Because we are imbued with the power to detect lies.

      Lying is the first recognizable trait of a carebear. They lie daily. But New Order Agents see through every deception. But in your case, I didn't even have to use my powers. You're just a stupid liar.

      Here is why: Were we to attempt to take out your "hypothetical" so-called "tanked" mining ship, you would have to "decloak" your supposed but probably non-existent "cloaky fighters." If you knew anything at all about ganking, you would know that the maximum CONCORD response time is 15 seconds, and you would know that a standard cloaking device takes >20 seconds to even let you lock after decloaking.

      Oh, you're using a bomber? That's fit with torpedoes? One volley of torpedoes isn't going to cut it for taking out a Catalyst, and neither is one volley of Light Missiles. Oh you're using guns? Small Rails don't do enough damage in 15 seconds to kill a catalyst, and if you were using Blasters, I'd just lock you up and gank you in addition to ganking your poor mining ship.

      Oh I get it, you're using a Recon. Well, in addition to the 5-second cloaking delay, and the 5-second lock time for locking a cat, you might get what? 3 whole Highslots of Autocannon rounds? You might get me into structure, provided you were in range, but not before CONCORD did, and most certainly not before your ship would be destroyed, because you wouldn't be able to tank all the rest of the Catalysts, who would deprive you of your precious mining ship, of which there would always be a sufficient number of to kill whatever it was that The New Order marked for Death.

      So in summary, not only are you a liar, a stupid liar, but you are also wrong.

      The only way to survive a New Order gank is to purchase a mining permit, display it in your bio, and follow the instructions for safe mining as laid out in the CODE.

      Oh, and for future reference; don't lie to an Agent in the future. We can always tell.


    8. @Ming Tso

      Ok keep being delusional, you don't know how I operate. Why would I wait until you arrived on field and started firing before uncloaking? Heard of Dscan? Oh look a couple of catalysts appeared on Dscan...what's this? one of them was stupid enough to name their catalyst "James 315"? Begin decloaking while catalysts are in warp. What? you try to lock and shoot me at 15 to 20km out? I guess your blasters can't seem to hit me for some reason. Oh and look at that, you are jammed and cannot continue your damage to the mining ship...what a pity. Like I say, stay in your delusional world all you like, it is apparent now who is the stupid one :) Good day

    9. @Anon5:48

      By the grace of James 315, yes, we do know how you operate. We, by far, are the greatest authority on how Highsec Miners operate in EVE Online. Don't ever forget, we don't warp in blind. Our game is as good as our talk, since EVE punishes the unprepared. (aka, you.)

      You're flying tanked, which is good, but without a permit, which is bad. We know this because our bumping Orthrus has already scanned you and bumped you off your asteroid, denying you the ability to mine.

      This means that we know how many Catalysts it will take to ensure your destruction.

      Not only this, but only The New Order knows where and when we will strike. The only way you would have advance notice is if you were at your keyboard frantically spamming dscan for hours, which is something you won't do, because you are a miner, which means you are dedicated to being unprepared. Had you been prepared, you wouldn't be mining.

      So let's say for argument's sake that you notice the Cats warp in and you decide to decloak your Falcon to jam them. First, you must react to the fact that the Cats are there and decloak, then you must wait the five second cloak delay, and then another five seconds to lock them up. In the remaining 3 seconds or so, you might manage to jam one catalyst. Good job. Now, you still haven't told me what you are going to do about the other four.

      BOOM! goes your precious mining ship, along with all of the Cats.

      You lose, the New Order Wins. As it does every day.

      Now I won't say the New Order has never been taken by surprise. But with just you and your mining ship and a recon? Please. We have every eventuality covered with that poorly thought-out scenario.

  2. Why does CHODE. agent loyanon seem to always invite his victims to Bonus Room situation? Apparently he wishes to surreptitiously record the conversation in an attempt to harvest "real world tears". Does this behavior stem from a decree issued by Jamey herself?

    1. Did you not read the article?

      The answer is right there.

      Hear now the WORD of JAMES 315;

      "Skeptics and cynics say that the only reason someone would invite you to voice comms is for trolling and recording purposes. However, loyalanon actually invoked a well-established point of law: In court, live testimony is given more weight than written testimony. loyalanon only wanted to help maximize Aurelius' chances of making his case--if the carebear was honest, that is."

      Praise James.

    2. So Jamey is a lawyer now? A space lawyer?

      And it is not skeptics and cynics who say that the only reason someone would invite you to voice comms is for trolling and recording purposes, it is those of us who have seen the damage caused by the likes of Erotica1 and his Bonus Room. Obviously damage the likes of loyalanon wish to repeat if given the chance. Shameful.

    3. @Anon8:15

      Please recall for me what kind of damage you have seen caused by the so-called likes of Erotica 1 and the Bonus Room.

      If I recall correctly, the Bonus Room participant, a person named Sokhar, I believe, in the end, correctly sided with CODE., proving that The New Order Always Wins, ALWAYS.

      He rejected the faux sympathy of the pathetic so-called "Anti-Ganking community" and embraced the New Order Philosophy of Commitment to the Code, in addition to being what we like to call a "gallant" sport about the Bonus Room. I even believe that he was spat upon by the Anti-ganking in the end, for his supposed "betrayal."

      What losers these Anti-gankers are! No wonder they Fail Daily™!!!

    4. @Anon8:15, to continue;

      And as to your other point; yes, James 315 is probably the most well-read Space Lawyer in all of existence.

      Whom else would have the jurisprudence necessary to craft such a flawless document as The Code, I would ask?

      The task of daily dispensary of James 315's Mercy And Justice™ may fall to His Agents in these Days and Times, but I assure you, neither you, nor me, nor any Agent, nor any other Entity, for that matter would ever emerge victorious in a legal dispute with the Saviour. And even if it were possible, He is Invincible, so he would be Immune from any judgement.

      What an Honor it is that we have the Privilege to have Such a Saviour who Lives and Speaks to us His Wisdom Daily!

    5. "seen the damage caused by the likes of Erotica1 and his Bonus Room".

      And what "damage" might that be? You mean that guy and his wife losing their shit over internet spaceships? What was damaged?

      I think people who refer to internet drama as "damage" have other first world problems to worry about.

      -Galaxy Pig

    6. CCP seemed to believe damage was done, hence the banning of Erotica1 and other involved CHODE. agents.

      Who is more powerful in EO, CCP or Jamey? Which one is the ultimate power in high security space?

    7. @Anon3:37

      Since James 315 (praise him) wrote The Code, and CCP endorsed it, and is following His Lead Daily, I would say that James 315 is the ultimate authority in James 315 space. (Corrected your error.)

  3. Aurelius Micel > Sincerity in what? wanting to get back out to lo-sec to mine? All I've ever focused on in Eve is industry

    Oh thank the dear Gods Loyal, you caught him in time. Fancy coming back to a game that's allegedly dying, and complaining about it?

  4. But antiganking was there and watched him get dunked on there faces! Perks of being in the highsec militia I guess - a front row seat to the dunk zone.

  5. Near as I can tell, you guys are the ones all bent out shape lately. Just look at the comments here: Mrs. Anon-Angry-Ganker-8:16 is very mad.

    Looking back at your earlier blog posts it was never the agents that lost their cool. What's going on guys? Maybe we can get you on HSM teamspeak and talk about it. :)

    What was it that Yoda said, oh yeah, fear leads to anger and anger leads to the code... or something to that effect. So what are you guys afraid of? What's got you all skeert? You can be honest. Maybe it'll qualify you for a ship replacement. :P

    1. it think angry anon 8:16 was spewing vitriol in response to Ming's post. AG fails again hehe

    2. Antiganking has a teamspeak?? Oh man the tears and tension must be epic.

      *did we stop the gank?


      *maybe next time we might save a freighter guys


      * dont worry guys maybe next time. My petition to ccp about ganking is cyberbullying should get them bannrd


      *** FC I just shot an empty freighter wreck

      ** good now they cant salvage the wreck

    3. Lol! AG is going to rage when they find out that loyal got transcripts of their secret comms. Notice how Faildo Raine who has to look to pop culture to come up with an alter ego didn't post the details of their comms for fear of getting rekt.

      I used to think that AG wasn't organized enough to get voice comms but Loyal has given us the proof!

      Fail harder Mr. "Raine". We'll keep dunking freighters on top of your faces.

  6. lol'd at several points. good post

  7. Calming down is a great options in all aspects of gaming, and also at life. Truly there is wisdom here.

  8. Man, I got two belly laughs from your insane prattle today. I needed the humor.

    First, Code is only known for Elite PvP in your own fevered dreams. When the target can't shoot back that's PvP, sure. But not "Elite" in any sense of the word. I can claim I'm the greatest thief ever, but if all I do is steal candy from children, it's a hollow declaration.

    Second, Code are not police, you are pirates. That you claim otherwise simply makes you dangerous and delusional. Sure, you operate as you see fit, but outside the law. If you were the "law" as you say you were, CONCORD wouldn't kill your ships or allow anyone to shoot you.

    Code is nothing more than another group of pirates. You have more notoriety then most, and are generally successful, but you've let it go to your head.

    1. @Abbot,

      Let's go over and disprove your arguments in order.

      First, We have a dude named Kalorned. He does a regular series titled: "When Carebears Attack." All it contains is carebears shooting him and then him owning the carebears. This makes us elite PvP. Second, if you would care to use empirical data, our CEO, Loyalanon, is the top damage dealer on Zkillboard. This is a documented fact.

      Third, I will ask you, "Who is the law in Somalia?"

      Technically, the government is in charge. Yet they control an entire square block of land. The other land in Somalia is controlled by paramilitary forces, who have the best interests of their real leaders in mind. The same is true in James 315 space.

      James 315 controls the most powerful philosophical and military organization with the most important mission; to patrol and foster James 315 Space to be a healthy breeding ground for PvP, which, as we all know, is what EVE is really all about, second to paying respect to James 315(praise him) of course.

      And to your last point, call us "pirates" if you want. All lawbreakers refer to the police as "pirates, thugs, etc." because they don't like us enforcing the law. However, the Laws of James 315 space are facts that you are going to have to deal with, as are the consequences of breaking those laws. If you feel that they don't apply to you, you are welcome to fight us, but know that The Code will ALWAYS win. ALWAYS.

    2. @Anon7:08

      Sure, we're terrorists, to you. But to everyone else in James 315 space, we're not just the law, we're the Saviours.

      As I said before, your current demeanor toward the New Order is as a petulant emo teenager is to the NYPD. You can't understand why you need authority in your life and you think you'd benefit if it weren't there. However, since we are older, more experienced, and are better at PvP than you, (in addition to understanding The Code,) we know that following The Code, as written by James 315 (praise Him), is going to be better for you in the long run. And we are well equipped to make that decision for you, if you won't make it yourself.

      What would be better for you would be to stop resisting what is actually better for you, which is buying a permit and becoming a peaceful, compliant citizen, and, if you want to go the extra mile, a supporter of the New Order Community.

    3. @Ming TsoJ at 7:22 PM

      How utterly cultish. Jamey is a leader of a cult, and CHODE. agents are his willing minions.

  9. Hi Ming,

    Nice to see you. You may want to see a neurological specialist, I don't think your last cloning went right. Now let me take a moment to educate you.

    To your first point, "First, We have a dude named Kalorned.."

    If I follow that logic, I can claim I'm Billy Baddass if a relative of mine was or is in the special forces, even if all I do is channel-surf and stuff my face. Those videos and loss-mails prove exactly three things, and none of them prove "Elite" PvP.

    First, you have ONE guy that can actually fight.
    Second, idiots that aren't PvP experts tend to use the wrong ships, give those ships terrible fits, and have no understanding of combat mechanics.
    Third, those idiots die easily to people who know what they are doing.

    So, you have ONE guy that can actually fight. Congrats?

    Your second point in that paragraph, "..our CEO, Loyalanon, is the top damage dealer on Zkillboard.."

    Yes, he's the top damage dealer. Sure, he's got a lot of kills. You and everyone else reading know how easy it is to manipulate killboard stats. I'd be curious to see his stats once the pods, shuttles, newbie ships, industrials, blockade runners, mining barges, exhumers, freighters, jump freighters, and Orcas are stripped out.

    If you want to claim "Elite" PvP, the onus is on you to prove it. Blowing up badly tanked, over-stuffed freighters in Jita all day just doesn't prove you can fight.

    Your next block of text, "James 315 controls the most powerful philosophical and military organization.."

    First, I thought Loyalanon was your CEO? So, what's James315 running, besides his mouth?

    Second, James315 doesn't control anything. Not you, and certainly not me.

    Third, CODE as an organization is not the most powerful militarily or philosophically. You are militant, but that's different. The reach of your "laws" is the same as the range of your guns. If CODE isn't around, your "laws" are irrelevant.

    Finally, your "Code" can't win, that's actually impossible. Your "Code" makes any individual ship loss less likely, but it doesn't make a ship an ungankable fortress. Occasionally, you even blow up someone that's actually following your "Code". I don't see how that's a victory for your "Code".

    1. @Abbot

      Okay, let's go ahead and murder your arguments again, one by one.

      First, you claim that because not all New Order Agents are on the level of Kalorned or Loyalanon, that "We aren't the most elite PvP organization in James 315 Space."

      So, in effect, instead of having the most representative members of our organization represent our organization, you would prefer that we use less representative members of our organization to represent it.

      Due to, let's say, New Order Logistics's "Quite Active" rating, it could be said that at least some members of our organization could be inactive. Obviously, these would not be the most representative members of The New Order.

      However, because you like to think that the least representative members of the organization should represent it, then, at least according to your logic, The New Order is inactive, despite having probably the most active blog and killboard in EVE.

      What a load of hogwash you spout there, Abbot.

      Second, as far as Loyalanon's killboard, Zkillboard has all the tools you need to strip all those categories of ships out and generate a report that shows exactly how much Loyal shoots ships that shoot back. I'm not going to do it for you, since I don't believe in doing work for carebears, since all they ever want is for someone else to do their work for them (like you are asking me to do right now,) but i'ma tell you right now, Loyal is a much better PvP pilot than you give him credit for, and he's most certainly better than you are.

      Next, check out the CEO of New Order Logistics. That's Currin Trading. Check out his bio. Oh snap. That's James 315's legendary alt. Tsk tsk, you've been proven wrong again. But you're a carebear, you've got to be used to it by now.

      Next, it's actually in The Code Itself that while we control all of James 315 Space, Agents are allowed discretion in when and where we choose to enforce. Your argument is made of the same stuff as the "I'm mining right now and you can't stop me" argument, which has been proven false many times before. Like James 315 says; "When we decide to deny you ability to mine, you will be denied the ability to mine."

      And to defeat your last point; The Code, in fact, does make a ship an ungankable fortress. James 315's Invincible Stabber is a testament to the Power of the Code. It has never been killed, because it cannot be killed. The power of the New Order Mining Permit means that a ship will not die because of New Order Agents. And to this day, there has never once been a miner who was following the Code, who had a permit, that has been ganked by the New Order, and you cannot provide any proof to the contrary.

      I rest my case.

  10. Ming,

    To swiftly dispense with your first few blocks of text, having one pilot that can actually fight doesn't grace the whole CODE fleet with your coveted "Elite" PvP status. It means you have one pilot that's good. Most of the rest I imagine are decent enough, they know how to fit a gank ship and blow stuff up. However, that's not "Elite" PvP.

    As for the zKillboard tools you mention, could you enlighten me? I've looked and I don't see the way to filter kills out like I was talking about earlier. Perhaps I'm looking in the wrong place. If there's an FAQ with that info you could link, I'd like to read it.

    CODE always has discretion on who it engages or leaves alone. The reason CODE isn't the law is that when there are no CODE pilots around, your rules are meaningless. CODE's rules apply only as far as your guns can reach. CONCORD is the law, because even if they are not present, breaking their rules provokes a response. Sorry to break up your Delusions of Grandeur.

    Your last point is simply absurd. You claim the Code makes ships ungankable. You occasionally blow up properly fit, actively piloted, and fairly appropriately loaded cargo ships. Which is what your "Code" calls for people to do. So no, I see no ungankable fortress ships there.

    As for this myth of an "Invincible Stabber", now I know your last cloning was botched. Every ship will die, it's just a matter of time. The only way a ship can't die is if it never undocks. Sure, if I gave CODE a 10M ISK payoff means CODE won't bother me. But there's plenty more pirate/mercenary corps then just CODE. Renting protection from one band of delusional, heavily-armed, psychopaths when there are hundreds more just like it simply doesn't make any economic sense.

    I rest my case.


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