Saturday, January 30, 2016

Highsec Miner Grab Bag #98

Well, it was fun while it lasted. We finally ganked bemaa, thereby putting an end to the New Order.

Thanks a lot, John E Normus.

Highsec powerhouse Ranger Balk was ganked, too. Just when you thought things couldn't get any worse!

Somehow, the New Order is still intact. Maybe all of our adversaries got into a big traffic jam with each other or something.

Sigh. It's hard to imagine anyone writing more words than I have to explain their motives for what they do in EVE. This is like handing George Washington Carver a peanut and asking, "Got any ideas?"

More wisdom from the Anti-Ganking channel.

As an accessible Saviour of Highsec, I have an open door policy. I generally accept convo invites from strangers. But as any intelligence agency will tell you, most walk-ins offer little of value.

Another of my candid remarks that will end up costing me, no doubt.

Of all the Russian miners who write tearmails in broken English, my favorite are the ones who include the word "creature" somewhere in the text. I'm not sure what the deal is, but apparently it's one of Google Translate's quirks. I call these "creature features".

In a word, the New Order represents progress. It comes in many forms, as you can see.

The Code liberates women. Before the Code, highsec culture was so backward.

Just another friendly miner. Mining is relaxing.

Reater Maulerant claimed to have quite an arsenal at his disposal. But was he telling the truth?

Hmmm. Must be 700 confirmed kills in real life, then.

For those who return after having been away for a few years, EVE is a whole new game. There may be fewer subscribers, but look at the quality of the content!


  1. Lol antigankers rageing non-stop daily.

  2. really guys you probably saved highsec from being a botfest and thats great. but that stupid kool-aid stuff "praise james" is making you look totally stupid and takes away the focus from you doing a good thing and turns it into a stupid cult that bothers even players that would like to join the CODE. its just plain stupid, dont do it.

    1. The only people it bothers are people who completely miss the forest for the trees like yourself.

      Really though, chiming in on a movement that's 3 years running, still growing every day, with more members, cash and notoriety than ever before, and telling us we're doing it wrong is just plain stupid, don't do it.

      -Galaxy Pig

    2. Anonbear 858: Miner, calm down.

      P.S. Praise James

    3. hey Alana, i guess the late e.e. cummings would be the greatest writer of all ages if you were there to tell him to capitalize the beginning of his sentences...oh and telling him the "boom headshot!" joke, not to forget that...
      plz guys believe me, i dont even have an eve account, i just read some eve pages cause its thrilling to see people following someone as a cult like you do with james the pixel savior and goons do with the shitani.
      bye now, be careful not to commit suicide if an asteroid passes near the earth, its not a titan to take you to the stars even if james tells you it is!

    4. @Anon7:34

      Wow. Miner, Calm Down.

      It is well known that E.e. Cummings got the idea for miscapitalizing his sentences directly from James 315, in a documented response to E.e. asking how he could improve his writing, which was, at the time IN ALL CAPS.

      James told him, quoth:

      "Maybe you should stop using all caps."

      The nerd then proceeded to use no caps.

      That is the Power of James 315. He actually forbade E.e to use capital letters at all, and E.e got super famous for it.

      The Code is so powerful, as we see every day.

    5. @Anon5:24

      Let us take take a moment to note the overall popularity and health of this blog,

      As recently as November or December, Minerbumping was celebrating its 4 millionth hit. Now, at the beginning of February, we are almost to Four and a Quarter!

      That's 250,000 pageloads. In the span of about two months.

      One only has to imagine how many of those pageloads that this miner is responsible for. At his computer, day after day, slavishly hitting F5 to see if I have posted so it can continue its response.

      So, I guess it would be fair to proclaim the following:

      In addition to trolling this miner harder than any agent has ever trolled a miner Ever, I have also been responsible for the lions share of page hits in the last few months

      All without lifting a finger.

      Long live James 315, and long live

    6. 4 million hits? Guy, my website gets 4 million hits a day from spiders alone.

      Website popularity? LOLOLOL..

      This website has a page rank of 1.. Of 10
      It is so in fact, Alexia doesn't even rank it

      Likely because the SEO is so poor actually: (missing h1 tag is pretty damn critical)

      Please stop your dogma and fanboism and worshiping unicorns and revisit us on planet Earth so you can actually HELP your organization, because you're hurting it by manufacturing facts.

  3. It is quite foolish to not consider that husbands don't hand over control to thier wives. That is how I went from WOW to EVE. So do not get pissy because there is a husband/wife team on one account. It can give CCP more new players. The husband was foolish not to inform her of cowards like you.

  4. It is quite foolish to not consider that husbands don't hand over control to thier wives. That is how I went from WOW to EVE. So do not get pissy because there is a husband/wife team on one account. It can give CCP more new players. The husband was foolish not to inform her of cowards like you.

    1. The best part is she wasnt informed and got pvpd and now you are whining anonymously on James's blog, and the sweetest part of it is theres nothing you can do about it but cry (anonymously) and generate traffic for the site.

      ANOTHET code victory!!!! 1

    2. The wife is gonna grow dissatisfied with her carebear husband after meeting the New Order.

    3. What is the '1' for at the end of your post Wolf? You seem to do that a lot.

    4. @Anon 4:40 Because Wolf is retarded, note he even misspelled "ANOTHER" lol

    5. Thank you for taking the bait and commenting. Op success XD XD

    6. You do realize that there are two people talking without names, and really this crap is appearing on EVE news. Silly little CODE.

  5. The tears of impotent rage are the tastiest sort. Miners going on in local about how tough they are or how CODE should be frightened of an AFK idiot that molests innocent asteroids- is akin to a guy with a limp dick yelling at it to work.
    Keep it up, miners. You are entertainment. You are the dancing monkeys of Eve Online- existing for the pleasure of your betters. Dance monkey, dance.

  6. I love it how carebears flock to this site to cry anonymously, like they are important XD

  7. We are so close to the big One-double-oh!

    Im so excited I'll pee my pants!!!

  8. Actually.. he said "George Washington Carver". Google it, anonbear.

  9. Hmmm.. A real carebears look at local and Dscan and NEVER afk mining, and don't fly autopilot.
    Ganked peoples are somethings else.
    They are the wast of this game and feed all parasite like you.
    And no, i don't cry i was never gank.

  10. meh, more CODEfail

    1. Calm down Beers, no one is blaming you for having a brain structure reminiscent of Dense Veldspar.

    2. yawn, CODE insults have really deteriorated. Ever since DJ got permabanned for harassment and loyalidiot took over the organization has been on a painful downward trajectory.

  11. A real ganker

  12. This comment has been removed by the author.

  13. "i am no CCP official" your agent should have stopped right there to prevent from looking like a retard and by extension, your organization from looking like a cluster of retards.

    A license is extended to "The Individual" and by law an individual can legally be him/herself, his/her parents (if under 18 or age of consent), his/her children (again, if under 18 or age of consent), his/her spouse, OR his/her attorney. To try and suggest that a husband playing on a wife's account is a violation of the EULA is like you suggesting that a player is liable for copyright violations for having a visitor at his house while he plays EVE. Its junk law.

    Have your agents lock it up, or at least get a clue before you post their incredulities of law. It is an atrocity that you have convinced a player that it is a violation of contract law for them to let their spouse play on their account. It's sickening. This is what happens when players try to back-seat admin a game.

    Any other BAR attorneys out there will vet my statements as true.

    1. In the spirit of completeness, an individual can also be his/her company. I neglected that as generally it doesn't apply to this situation being that the EULA says "for non-commercial use" baring a corporate entity from assuming a legal individual role.

    2. Oh, and by the way, I'm not a care-bear and currently hunting your agents and I hate bots worse then you do. You know why? Because I actually report them to CCP, and what's even more interesting is I don't see them any more when I report them. So it would seem that your interest is not getting rid of bots or the Chinese farmers, but controlling them and reaping the rewards against the EULA (Oh snap, someone's infiltrated our shit, yo) which is why you find your agents commonly getting banned. THIS is why I have made it my personal mission to pod every blinky CODE enforcer I see. I have 8 pod kills in 3 days, and I am but one player and I vow asymmetrically disrupt where I can until you pray for redemption and change your ways into a legitimate instrument of honor and integrity.

    3. One more thought if you don't mind. Did you know it is against the EULA to knowingly accept items or trade from a commercial farmer/bot? And what is it that you advertise on your website, exactly?

      Lets audit for a moment.

      1. You hunt bots. Good, all is well with the EULA.
      2. You kill bots. Good, all is well with the EULA, but you should report them too.
      3. You loot their shit. *DANGER WILL, DANGER* Wrong: Dead wrong. You just knowingly accepted items or trade from what you freely admit are bots.

  14. Is there any spanish spoken CODE Corporation?

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