Tuesday, January 26, 2016

The True Family of Highsec, Part 2

Previously, on MinerBumping... Agent Liek DarZ was contacted by Jaroth Kings, a highsec miner who was interested in buying a permit. After selling a permit to Jaroth and informing him of all the wonderful rules of the Code, Liek treated the miner to a surprise drop-in. Liek was horrified to discover that the miner was flagrantly violating the Code! He had no choice but to terminate the miner's vessel and revoke his permit.
Jaroth Kings > its all good, heading back to wh
Liek DarZ > Have you removed the permit already?
Jaroth Kings > no
Liek DarZ > So, will you remove the revoked permit from your bio, or will I have to take measures?
Jaroth Kings > go mad and do ure measures
The miner no longer pretended to be Code-compliant. He defiantly encouraged Liek to take further disciplinary measures against him. It was a decision he would learn to regret.
Liek DarZ > You are the one who broke a contract knowingly, not me. Have a nice time then! o7
Jaroth Kings > safe
Jaroth Kings > fly safe
For now, however, Jaroth felt confident he would never suffer any additional penalties for his bad behavior.

Within a short time, Liek penned a form EVEmail to wabbitrage, the CEO of Jaroth's corp.

As it turned out, Liek was familiar with wabbitrage, who was a permit owner himself. Most likely, wabbitrage had been the one who instructed Jaroth to seek a permit in the first place.

Liek concluded the EVEmail with a log of Jaroth's greatest hits. Miners rarely realize that when they spew insults at our Agents, word gets around.

Liek DarZ is an elite Agent of the New Order. He keeps himself busy with the important work of improving life all across highsec. Thus, Jaroth was a low-priority item. But a few days later, Liek had an opening in his schedule. He took the opportunity to follow up with wabbitrage.

The New Order exercises absolute authority over highsec, but it never does so in a heavy-handed manner. Liek's goal was not to tell wabbitrage how he must run his corporation, but rather to guide him toward the correct answer.

At first, wabbitrage wanted to give Jaroth a verbal warning only. Liek offered wabbitrage the chance to come up with a more suitable alternative.

Then the CEO tried to change the subject. Liek could tell that something wasn't quite right here.

wabbitrage began to show signs of frustration. He almost appeared to be reluctant to discipline his corp member. Trying to redirect an Agent toward another target is a classic carebear move (e.g., a miner saying, "What about the mission runners?").

The CEO had all the formalities down pat--praising my name, etc. And yet... You could almost hear the "but" coming.

wabbitrage was losing faith. He was smart enough to avoid breaking the Code--such a course was suicidal, he knew--but he didn't feel the Code in his heart. Liek DarZ had arrived not a moment too soon.

A lack of enthusiasm for the Code can be poisonous, especially in a corp CEO. The line members of the corp take notice. Maybe that's why Jaroth had acted as though his mining permit was a license to behave like a bot. wabbitrage's corp was in trouble. It was up to Agent Liek to rescue them, and to teach wabbitrage to love the Code again.

To be continued...


  1. But antiganking have voice comms now, why didnt they stop the gank originally??? 1

  2. A CHODE. agent threatening a peaceful corporation with an implied wardec.

    Typical. And expected.

    Jamey and his minions attempting to 'rule' hi-sec via threats, intimidation, and ultimately violence. Much like RL terrorists organizations.

    1. @Anon6:41

      Except we don't make threats. New Order Agents simply "tell it like it is." We have to gank you if you break the Law of Highsec. Even if we don't want to. Because that is our job, and Highsec is worth saving.

    2. I cannot tell if it's fail troll or downs syndrome, but that chode guy fails hard. Daily!

      From that we can deduct he is part of ag. With his completely wrong assumptions and invalid arguments, probably an officer. XD

      So faildo raine! o/ is he one of yours? Your xo maybe? The man with the schedules?

      I wont blame you if you don't claim the guy that posted:
      "Yep, heading off to WH space where CHODE. agents fear to tread.

      Smart move. Deny Jamey and his minions a target"

      Or this well worn shit post:
      "Code killboard shows nothing in lowsec. Your argument is invalid. My question remains"

      So is he hisec failition or no?

  3. You guys always describe the mining ships as "untanked" and "fail-fit". What is a good fit? How is a "gallant" supposed to fit his ship?

    1. Read the CODE. Dont ask others to do it for you.

      If you do not have time to read the CODE, then you probably don't have the time to play EvE.

    2. Properly, anyway

    3. You cannot 'fit' situational awareness and good decision making mods. Those are out-of-game skills.

    4. The code says nothing on how to tank ships, thank you very much. However, after posting this, I found a helpful post in the forum section of this site which answered my question.

    5. @Anon9:07
      The Code does indeed tell you how to tank ships; in that you are not allowed to anti-tank them.

      Put it like this:

      Are you using anything other than Reinforced Bulkheads in the low slots?

      Are you using anything other than Shield Extending/Hardening modules in the mids and/or in the Rigs?

      If you are, then you are wrong.

      Also, you can cut the attitude. New Order Agents are to be treated with respect; after all, we are the ones helping you.

    6. I apologize for my attitude, but I asked a sincere clarification question (after checking to see if the answer was in the code) and in response received only accusations of laziness and smug assumptions about how I play the game. I will treat agents of the code with the same respect they treat me.

      Thank you Ming for clearing up my misunderstanding of the code.

    7. @Ming Tso9:17

      Fit your cat: http://www.minerbumping.com/p/blog-page.html

    8. @Anon7:50pm
      Retired Agent here. This may appear sarcastic, but really is meant to help.
      The best ways to fly a tanked industrial ship are:-

      1) Don't fly an industrial ship. Blow them up instead, or extract ransoms. Believe me, it is exceedingly good fun. It's a common misconception that blowing up peoples' ships makes you a bad person. Well, IMHO to know me IRL is to love me.

      2) Don't fly an industrial ship. Blow them up. Make the other guy work for you, one way or another.

      3) See 1 & 2 above.

      4) If you insist... buy a permit and follow the Code. The Code is not there to bully or humiliate you, it's really there to help; principally to return you to points 1, 2 & 3.

      5) If you do, just keep an eye on d-scan at all times. You learn so much, for one people (especially carebears) are creatures of repetitive habit, and watching them may give you insights into hoe you can achieve points 1, 2 & 3. It also helps to ensure you don't take damage. Again, this is in the Code.

      6) Tank your ship by maximising its HP. You will make mistakes: it's inevitable. Don't be brittle and be so conceited to think you're entitled to protection, or complacent to think damage will never come to you.

      7) Realise that industrial "play" is nothing of the kind; it's a mindless borefest that makes you take on a second unpaid job. Reward yourself by making the other guy work for you and blow up his ship.

      8) Just give points 1, 2, 3 & 8 a go. Anyone who thinks ill of you is a terrible person IRL with the moral fibre of a paeophile priest.


    9. Oh, and learn to spell, as I must.

    10. Here's some golden advice from one of my earliest mentors in EvE: "Don't mine".

      He would alternately phrase it as: "Fuck mining".

      Best advice I ever received in the game.

    11. @Alana
      I give that advice to every newbie I meet. It truly is golden.

    12. If nobody mines and nobody flies industrial ships how will material and goods get to market? How will gank catalysts be provided to CHODE. agents if there are no materials available to build them?

      Is this the "end game" that Jamey and his minions really wish for for EO?

  4. antiganking is failing so hard! Daily! When will they act according to their so called morals, and start killing carebear bots and hisec bitches! Those are the real psyco's and bad guys.
    Chat logs verify this! Always!

    1. So faildo, your so called militia could in fact kill bots and other undesireables and actually help EvE and CCP, but instead you fail daily while smashing your face into the unstoppable force of the CODE. While trying to protect the very bots and nasty players that CCP would ban anyway.
      While CODE helps retain and educate the EvE player base, and all the while.you try to paint CODE as the bad guys.

      We all know who the bad guys are, the bots and nasty players that make death threats and wish cancer upon other space nerds.
      What the fuck are you thinking Faildo Raine? So you want EvE to become a theme park mmo that will fold up due to inactivity rather than remain the last great sandbox?

      I am asking you, Faildo, why you try to protect bots and the likes of foxbolt?

      You are either part of the solution, or you are the problem.
      You chose wrong unless your goal in EvE is to nerf it all to hell and make it fail, Faildo.

    2. @Anon 8:29

      You need to calm down. It is considered inappropriate conduct for an Agent of the New Order to use profanity. Zealotry is okay; profanity is not. Please conform to these guidelines in the future.

    3. Part of the soultion, or part of the problem. Pick a side, there is no middle ground.

    4. All's fair in love and war, Ming. Sorry, hisec bitches get no quarter or respect.

      Profanity is a matter of opinion. Usually if someone complains about something as trivial as language, they are probably a religious freak. There is no place for your sensitivity in this war. If language intended to instill anger in your enemy instills anger in yourself, then you need to do more to seperate yourself from your enemy.

      If you dont think this is a war, then you are fooling only yourself.
      This is a battle to the death to save EvE. HTFU or GTFO of my way, and i will handle those parts you find 'distasteful'.

      You wanna know what sounds profane to me? Asshats like foxbolt and every other hisec miner out there that thinks they have the right to turn EvE into a themepark mmo. AND anyone that coddles those same vile crybears.

      So what side are you on?
      I will use whatever it takes, any tactic, to defeat mine enemy. Anything less is shameful, profane even.

      You might not have what it takes to see this through. You should give thanks that some of us do, and in the future, you should remember that, friend.
      Now pick a side, Ming. And remember that your opinion on language is just that, your opinion.
      Do you know the relationship between opinions and assholes? Well it seems everyone has one, and yours is only non-repugnant to you.

      Do you even gank bro?

    5. @Anon5:15
      Miner, calm down.

      I will repeat myself: Agents do not use profanity.

      Miners do.

      This is not a matter of opinion or debate. Being an Agent of the New Order is about following rules, specifically the rules clearly laid out in the New Halaima Code of Conduct. That Code prohibits profanity.

      James 315 has been extremely clear on this point, and has never once used profanity to attack bot-aspirancy, and he never will.

      Profanity is the mark of the Miner, and if you wish to continue using the mark of the Miner as your sword, rather than the Word of James 315, then it is not that hard for the Agents of the New Order to begin treating you as the Miner that many suspect you of being.

      Follow His example. Read the Code and understand that profanity has no place in Code Enforcement. It is vital to your remained good standing with the New Order.

    6. @ Ming. If you are weak i can see you taking that path. For the real warrior, your arguments sound like miner prattle.

      Again: Do You Even Gank Bro? I had to look all the way back to May 2014 to find a hisec gank on your killboard.

      I will say it again Ming. If you are too weak or too timid to kill hisec bitches, stand aside and i will do it for you, friend.

      But there is a bigger problem here. You, Ming, seem unable to commit 100% to saving EvE.
      You tell miners how to tank their barges, when TRUE CODE COMPLIANCE means selling that barge and shipping into a gank ship.

      Damnit Ming. When you see miner being a bitch, you call that miner a bitch. You don't tell him everything will be alright if he does it smarter.
      Smarter is blowing shit up in hisec. You are just telling that miner how to do stupid shit smarter. He will still be doing stupid shit, hisec carebear mining/missions/hauling

      You have got to kill these fucks to make them leave hisec, as that is the only way to truly become CODE compliant. Any hisec activity where you are in no danger of dying is BOT-ASPIRANT.

      So Ming. You need to fit a cat i guess. Or htfu and support those that do. Or go back to wow, carebear.

    7. oh no Ming! quoted from the CODE tab on this site

      "- Keep local clean. Miners should be courteous in local and should refrain from the use of profanity."

      that says miners.


      "- Prejudice toward minorities is not permitted. For the sake of clarity, this cannot apply to all groups claiming minority status, but only discrete and insular minorities, which are defined as suicide gankers, Goons, and others who oppose highsec mining."

      your Prejudice toward angry ganker seems to be breaking the CODE. that can't be! say it aint so!

      It seems you misinterpreted the CODE. There is no room for liberal translations of the CODE. Get right with the CODE, all of you so called Agents.

      A true Agent would not have layered their own sympathies into their translation of the CODE.

      A true Agent blows shit up in hisec, Ming.

  5. Talk softly and carry a big stick. - Teddy Roosevelt

    1. He didnt carry a big stick, he carried a big gun. And the talk softly part was all rhetorical, Teddy was not one to hold his toung if someone needed a good ass chewing.
      If you really want to be like Teddy, shoot everything that moves, and chew out everything that wont undock.

      You know here to put the stick, yea? Up a carebears ass!

  6. I find it funny how people consider wardecs against mining organizations as terrorism, and then they set their autopilots go go to Jita in their pods and complain go CCP when they get podded. Wardecs are an intended and fully legitimate game mechanic. Like autopiloting, it has cause and effect. Don't like wardecs? Go play WoW.

  7. Kill all hisec miners/pve'rs

  8. Code is fail, epic fail. Come to Null sec you plebs and you'll get your asses handed to you. Peace and love peace and love of course.

    1. 'Anonymous' – calm down. Show Agent Ming some respect. Content aside, your ranting is indistinguishable from a miner.

    2. Confirmed. So far pottymouthanon claims to support New Order ideals but I doubt he is indeed an Agent. A true agent would speak gracefully and post with his name.

    3. You cannot coddle a carebear and be CODE compliant. You are all weak, and in need of some CODE study.

      Do you even read daily bro?

    4. Still posting as anon but claiming to be tough


  9. My my, is that a splinter faction i see? Maybe an extremist wing of the CODE?

    That looks fun! >:D


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