Thursday, August 2, 2018

Returning Player, Departing Player

Can you believe that there are still miners who attempt to evade the authority of the Code? Case in point: Colteck failed to purchase a mining permit, costing him his Retriever (equipped with a Civilian Shield Booster, naturally) and his 594 million isk pod.

Colteck's blunder was extraordinary--and no one was more surprised by the consequences than Colteck himself.

According to Colteck, the Code was "new". He's right. It's new in the same way that all of these old carebears who spend years mining in highsec claim to be "new".

Agent Aaaarrgg had to help get the miner caught up on current events. Miners tend to react to such things with disbelief. But that's why ganking them is so effective: They may disbelieve our Agents, but they can't deny the destruction of their ships.

Colteck was astonished by how much EVE had changed. It was as if EVE players these days were getting their enjoyment from the game by shooting other players' spaceships. Unbelievable. EVE used to be a game for pacifists who wouldn't dare engage in PvP.

If EVE was filled with spaceship combat enthusiasts now, then maybe the game was no longer meant for Colteck. He floated the possibility of quitting--as if he expected Aaaarrgg to try to talk him out of it.

This is why our Agents act as highsec's de facto news service.

Colteck had some strange ideas about liberty. Miners, your right to act like a Goofus ends where the Code begins. And the Code is everywhere.

The miner again entertained the idea of simply going into denial and backsliding into his pre-Code mindset. But once again, he was rudely awakened by the reality of his dead ship and lost implants.

Colteck hated Aaaarrgg. Yet Aaaarrgg was the best friend he had. Our Agent was probably the only person who had spoken to Colteck in years--maybe ever.

Unsurprisingly, Colteck was triggered by the phrase "elite PvP". The miner felt he never even had a chance to survive. That's a mindset common among highsec miners, and it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. The Code is the only way out.

Colteck admitted that he'd been looking at another window when the fight took place. That may have contributed to his defeat.

The miner tried to change the definition of PvP to exclude fights in which one participant "jumps" the other one. But as Aaaarrgg would point out, "jumping" is still "versing".

Colteck excused himself from the private convo and pondered his future in EVE.

...He didn't have one. All these months later, Colteck still hasn't made an appearance. He came back to EVE, got ganked, and left. If that's what being a "new returning player" is all about, why do they bother? For best results, read the Code before you resubscribe.


  1. I'm not sure what's the whole point about Alt 00, but keep trying.There are only 2 persons within alliance whom could be so reckless,and insisting that NOL is a trash etc,even tho its just a default starting corp for CODE. [I bet its more likely about its current leadership than anything else] Non the less I'll pass this discussion.I prefer ganking than writing crap on comment section.

    Have a good day.

    1. Yet here I am, crying like a highsec shitter, about I don't even know what, but at least I posted some uninformed sperg that didn't have any relevance to the ongoing topic of altanon lying like a turd. Now I will just make a few more assumptions about the leadership of my old corp. Let's see, what else can I do to look like a highsec carebear ag shitter? XD

      Yes, I am ex-NoL, and you know what they say: you can take the carebear shitter outa highsec...

      Maybe I should mind my own business and go back to my highsec ice mining fleet. ;)

    2. Well,Aus on holidays so that leaves only 1 person.Feel free to contact me on corp chat during Eu prime time,or just send me an email about your concerns with me being in NOL,my ice mining fleet and whatever else you've got on me,I'll gladly discuss them with you.Its just more and more of the same thing from the past..amazing that you are not bored yet.

      Have a good day.

    3. LvG wasted his time on Ralliana. So much knowledge and insight all freely offered, and Ralliana chooses act like an uninformed highsec sperg.

      Man, the old guard was so much smarter than that. I guess that's what you get when the original pvp-centric community is slowly replaced, not with other natural pvpers, but with "converted" highsec carebear shitters.

      NoL should be recruiting nullsec/low pvpers, but they act like they are too scared to go...

      Lol sorry, couldn't resist!!!1! XD

      Your character don't need to leave highsec to go visit other groups in their public channels or forums. And don't send some confused ex-miner retard like vaghun or apachreee or Salad al Tosser, send a real pvper. Real nullsec pvpers (not the nullbears) like blowing up shit ANYWHERE, and they would make much better highsec gankers than the folks you have to choose from in highsec.

      CODE. should look outside highsec for new recruits. Seriously, who can NOT understand the problem with trying to take someone whos first instinct in game is to be a miner, and force them to not only denounce their preferred playstyle, but kill others like them. It's unnatural for them to pvp, that's why they melt down so easily when they try to fight their own nature.

      Tell me I'm the only asshole that sees it....

  2. "I wasn't afk mining. I was controlling two characters."

    Uuuh, is he really that stupid? Must be a Grand Design alt. Carebears are idiots. At best he was alt+tabbing between two fullscreens and was completely oblivious to what was happening on the tabbed one, most likely he was completely afk.

    Typical highsec miner, little education and even less tact. Gets mad and lies like a shitter. At least he wasn't claiming he could "gank miners and get away" before the cops arrive. Now that was a spergy move lol!

    Something something Roy Rogers' horse..


  3. "Alt 00 July 21, 2018 at 12:09 AM
    It is neither glitch, nor exploit. Fortuitously Alt 00, in her infinite compassion, is willing to teach you how to execute this manoeuvre."

    Oh I get it, it's gonna be a running gag! ahaahahhaahah

  4. Perfectly shows Code is hurting the game. Their vermin behavior ruining the game, lowering player count every day. They should be ganked in real life with flamethrowers and banned from the game forever.

    1. I bet that's written by an agent. No miner would be stupid enough to justify everything we do in such a condensed manner.

      Or would they? I must remember to not underestimate the boundaries miners create for themselves.

    2. Pull the barbwired choker chain hard around this miners neck and make him pay.....

      50% of all ore and related products.

      The highsec miner needs to be disciplined like an agricultural resource.

      When they fatten up, chop their heads off and teach them respect for the masters.

      Then and only then will they learn their place in this game.

  5. Meh seems made up

  6. Looks like a power-tripping basement dweller who gets his jollies ruining other's fun.Hi-Sec miners are why you can afford ships dumbasses. Low/Null-sec miners mainly sell to Alliances that are at war


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