Thursday, August 16, 2018

The Porpoiseless Miner, Part 2

Previously, on MinerBumping... Kynthia Loren lost her Porpoise and pod when she failed to obey the Code. But to the Agents who ganked her, it seemed that Kynthia had lost something far more important. Through their conversation with Kynthia, they discovered that she didn't believe anything mattered.

Our Agents challenged the sincerity of Kynthia's expressed beliefs. If she wanted to lose all of her stuff, they'd be happy to make it explode.

Most carebears--and more than a few nullsec alliances--claim that their losses "have already been replaced". Kynthia went a step further: She had no interest in replacing her lost ship and implants.

Hoping to jolt the miner out of her funk, our Agents invoked the name of the Saviour of Highsec. That usually does the trick.

Kynthia's ennui persisted, but she did let something slip--her intention to resume mining.

Agent Drugs McFarland hoped to see the miner become more engaged in EVE, even if it meant she didn't fight for the New Order. Kynthia wasn't interested.

Our Agents have encountered depressing, pessimistic miners before, but Kynthia took the cake.

Kynthia withdrew further and further from reality. She denied the existence of her fallen Porpoise.

The miner set herself adrift. Our Agents held to the truth; Kynthia sank into the abyss.

Most highsec miners have a distorted view of the world. That's one of the reasons destroying their stuff is such a useful tactic; it forces them to confront reality.

Kynthia retreated deeper into denial. Our Agents began to doubt if they could reason with her.

So much of EVE is based around perception, spin, and propaganda. The Code is a wonderful antidote to all of that. We know the New Order and its power are real because the players make it real. You break the Code, our Agents break your ship.

Kynthia allowed herself to become completely absorbed into her strange philosophy. She cared more about CONCORD than she did about people. She even suggested sympathy for some kind of bot-aspirant civil rights movement.

In fact, Kynthia was a bot-aspirant. She divorced herself from all normal human emotion and thoughts. Her humanity was hardly recognizable.

Another invocation of the Saviour's name was enough to make Kynthia log off. She couldn't even bring herself to join the chorus of "Praise James!" What a cold, bitter heart she must have.


  1. Kynthia Loren didn't care so much that she decided to log off instead of mine more.

  2. "Alt 00 21, 2018 at 12:09 AM
    It is neither glitch, nor exploit. Fortuitously Alt 00, in her infinite compassion, is willing to teach you how to execute this manoeuvre."

    Lol why didn't you just edit that when you had the chance?

    "Fortuitously" XD


    Stop embarassing your alliance mates.

    Well, those that aren't "ex"-miners that is.

    I'm sure the carebears think you are 'badass'.


    This formatting is getting a bit ridiculous.

    Where the fuk did I learn to post, redditposting U?

    Remember when I made that shitter register an account?

    He folded like a spineless coward.

  3. Lol is that the best you got?

    Made you register, whoz the bitch now miner? heheheh

    I made ehenemapoo and kip wanker register too.

    You are in good company?


    Lol that lisp tho, not that I'm judging.

    But seriously, what's the point of typing like this?

    1. I agree. It is better to get on comms and give us your tears in live forum, fakeagent anon.

    2. Same goes for this dipsbit,

      Lol made him post sperg about comms.

      Carebears will never truly change.

      'Converted' highsec shitters are living the ultimate lie.

      Watch as they melt down, every single one.

      Their NoL is showing.


      You are all crying here because of some anon made fun of your ag shitter friends.

      Stop fraternizing with carebear scum and kick the "converted" miners from your beds.

      They are not wanted here.





    4. Lol I think you may mean "broadcast" for reps, otherwise the premise is paper thin.

      Did it seem funny when you were posting it?

      Does it seem funny now?


      I like how it makes you mad when I use my new name.

      This is from the boss himself, Posted by James on Tuesday, January 7 2014. He last paragraph of the post titled 'A Highsec Lynching':
      "Let this be a lesson to all who would play both sides in highsec. You can talk the talk--you can even donate isk--but at the end of the day, your actions will reveal where your heart is."

      Even back then he knew you carebear shitters would fail to be proper gankers.

      He must be so proud of you, crying all over the comments every time some anon triggers your inner carebear.

      Seriously tho, typing like this must be caused by some deficiency in our education.

    5. *sperging intensifies*

  4. Porpoiseless miner, purposeless miner.

  5. #madeyouregistercookedbro

    1. The equivalent of ha ha made you look.

  6. Meh, the agents can't even invoke madness and fear into the miners anymore...disappoint much! I came for the tears but left empty handed...a truly sad time for Code, not sure what James is boasting about in these past two posts.

    1. We see fear and tears everyday. But such madness displayed by this miner is a rare gem. This one argued that the ships are only her possessions if she built them herself. Ahh, and that NPCs are persons.

      Nothing to complain about on my end.
      As always!

    2. Orunis, the miner literally rage quit. Learn to read in between the lines.

    3. The miner rage quit or simply logged off after the failed attempts at getting a reaction from him/her? What did they say that indicates to you any rage in their exchanges? I suppose I may have hurt your feelings with the reality of the situation. Spin it however you see fit...whatever makes you feel better. There were no tears to be had and it was a sad two parts to read...was hoping for some tears to be honest...

    4. The fact that the miner kept replying to them in chat says it all, she could have blocked or ignored and continued to ...mine? Hahah what a pathetic existence carebears have. Maybe she was bored at the thought of mining and logged out because of that instead of not getting the responses she wanted from the agents, either case is sad.

    5. And if she had blocked them it would have been spun as 'oh look she rage blocked them' code wins again.

    6. "Orunis", If you don't like the article, feel free to check out the hisec militia blog that no one reads.

    7. "Go read the militia blog"

      The cry of a desperate sperg trying to misdirect away from his fail. You really are a bush league shitter.


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