Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Tapestry of Tears, Part 9

Previously, on MinerBumping... Vaughn Law aka Lahnius shocked all present in the mighty CODE. alliance's channel when he announced his intention to form a new, more powerful version of Anti-Ganking: "Hardcore AG".

Though Vaughn's allegiance was now solidly with Hardcore AG, he still expressed regrets about missed opportunities from his time in CODE.

Indeed, Vaughn saw himself as the judge of who was truly CODE. and who was merely a pretender. During his roughly 10-day stay in the alliance, he'd been one of the true CODE. members.

Vaughn was bitter about the fact that CODE. leadership never acted on his "intel reports". That wouldn't be a problem for Hardcore AG; he'd be the leadership himself.
Vaughn Law > COWARD
Vaughn Law > C O W A R D
Vaughn Law > waoit i know you ... ummm ... damn i cant remember your original name but wqe were in alliance in shattered galaxy .. and you were a bitch then too
Trump The King > wtf is shattered galaxy
Vaughn Law > hahahaha ikr
Vaughn Law > you were a punk then and yer a punk now
Agent Trump The King found himself accused of having a connection to something called "Shattered Galaxy". Apparently this referred to another game, which Vaughn had played in the past. Vaughn was convinced that he'd crossed paths with Trump in that game.

Regardless, Shattered Galaxy was the past. Hardcore AG was the future--one which spelled certain doom for Agent Alt 00.

Agent Trump realized that there was little chance of convincing Vaughn to join a TeamSpeak conference. However, there was a new priority: To gather information about Hardcore AG before it could seize control of Nakugard and other systems.
Vaughn Law > good gawd man you truly have no reasl idea who i am?
Vaughn Law > wow
Vaughn Law > idiot ... lol ... btw all refineries are pulled due to potential wardec ... by anyone ... fuck you punk
Vaughn Law > Trump The King you causewd all of this ...
Trump The King > im glad i caused this
Rather than trying to reason with the Hardcore Anti-Ganker, Trump aimed to make comments which might elicit information about Vaughn's intentions. With any luck, Vaughn would let something valuable slip.
Vaughn Law > i will copy that to alt 00 every fucking time we destroy him
Vaughn Law > ?love hugs and kisses
Vaughn Law > asshat
Vaughn Law > yoiu are a complete dumbshit
Vaughn Law > just like in shattered galaxy
Trump The King > wtf is shattered galaxy
Though Vaughn did not appear to have any useful information at his disposal, Trump's was a relatively low-effort operation: Hearing just a few words from Trump would set Vaughn off for quite some time.
Vaughn Law > its all goiod ... nakugard will be code free
Vaughn Law > and im about to prive it to you
Vaughn Law > Trump The King alt 00 cant controil 11 cats
Vaughn Law > i will exploiut it
Vaughn Law > and i will share
The anti-Code resistance leader's plan came into focus as he repeatedly indulged in fantasies about preventing ganks in Nakugard.
Vaughn Law > we are going to fuck you guys up ..
Vaughn Law > you have no idea
Vaughn Law > you creAteds a targert
Vaughn Law > crerated
Vaughn Law > alt 00 will pay
It had now been over two hours since Vaughn started ranting and raving in the Alliance channel. Our Agents decided to test the rebel:
Vaughn Law > but isnt this your dream?
Vaughn Law > to destroy code?
Trump The King > definitely
Vaughn Law > Trump The King i knew it, thank you fcor the confirmation
Vaughn Law > copied to james 315
Vaughn Law > mwah
With one word, Agent Trump spun Vaughn up into another fit.
Tax Collector HongMei > trump is James 315 dumbo
Vaughn Law > is he? lkmao thats actually pretty gay
Vaughn Law > thjats embarrsssing
Vaughn Law > well lets see how ccp feel about it lol
Vaughn Law > the while account sharing thing ... you know ... come on now big man how about you talksome more shit lol
Vaughn Law > opening a report form now
Vaughn Law > DUMBASS
With any luck, Vaughn would chase phantoms and waste his time on petitions while Alt 00 readied her defenses in Nakugard. But one thing was clear: Time was running out.

To be continued...


  1. Holy shit, that meltdown is better than foxbolt's, and that's not easy to beat.

    Highsec miners are complete shit.

    IRL of course.

    Leesh time?

    "Alt 00 21, 2018 at 12:09 AM
    It is neither glitch, nor exploit. Fortuitously Alt 00, in her infinite compassion, is willing to teach you how to execute this manoeuvre."

    Never forget shartdani.

  2. I keep him coming back and refreshing hourly.


    1. Oh yea, that's exactly how it appears.

      Lol you were made to register an account, but anon has made no changes except his target.

      Is your leesh too tight?

      You are now in the same group as people like kip wanker, foxbolt, little johnniepiddles, and that ehnemashitter.

      Let's be honest, you were already there.


    2. Wah wah wah wah.

      Stay mad and remember your place in the game and the comments section.

      The bottom.

    3. "Wah wah wah wah"

      You're a natural.


  3. Real Code Agents are confident and well-spoken and know how to convey a point without resorting to empty threats, foul language, and name-calling. That's because we're the elite, and because we know exactly what constitutes a valid petition.

  4. Jeez, if there is account sharing wouldn't that mean that James will get banned?

  5. "wtf is shattered galaxy"

    Trump/James, you owe me another keyboard.... AGAIN!

  6. I am CCP Tara and I approve of this post.

  7. Meh seems made up

  8. One thing is certain, this vaughn pleb is destroying the english language.

    Almost as bad as lissana struss.


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