Monday, August 27, 2018

Tapestry of Tears, Part 12

Previously, on MinerBumping... Anti-Ganker Lahnius dreamed of destroying the mighty CODE. alliance. The first step in Lahnius' master plan was to defeat Agent Alt 00 and liberate the miners of Nakugard. However, his campaign got off to a rocky start when he was unexpectedly wardecced by Failed Diplomacy corporation--which accused Lahnius of working for CODE.!

Failed Diplomacy's spokesman, Aitillies, told everyone in Nakugard local that Lahnius was colluding with CODE. behind their backs. Lahnius was convinced that Failed Diplomacy was either being manipulated by CODE. or working for them.

Members of Failed Diplomacy suggested that they might use the wardec as an opportunity to attack Lahnius' prized refineries in the Nakugard system. The threat rattled Lahnius.

To make matters worse, Lahnius' refineries were only under threat because people thought he was affiliated with the very group he despised so much.

Slowly, Lahnius began to reconsider the notion that CODE. had tricked Failed Diplomacy. Could Alt 00 be funding their contract? Unbeknownst to either anti-Code organization, CODE. wasn't responsible for the mix-up; the rebels were simply clueless. Alt 00 looked on in satisfaction, occasionally interjecting a comment for her own amusement.

...Then Lahnius said something which he would come to regret.

Aitillies was already suspicious of Lahnius' connection to Alt 00. Lahnius' remark about Alt 00 knowing he didn't drink cinched it: Lahnius and the CODE. member were thick as thieves.

Aitillies declared Lahnius' guilt. The Anti-Ganker had accidentally confessed to working with gankers--in front of everyone in Nakugard!

There could be no doubt that Lahnius was CODE.'s man in Nakugard. Failed Diplomacy was now absolutely committed to ruining him.

Lahnius protested his innocence. He'd rather spend his time working on ways to attack CODE., but instead he was forced to argue with CODE.'s other enemies. How Kafkaesque.

Our Agent continued to silently observe as her sworn enemies cursed each other for being under her influence.

Neither rebel would back down from a fight--or at least a slap-fight in local. Meanwhile, the ganks of miners in Nakugard proceeded as usual.

So far, it appeared that Alt 00 would win the fight against Lahnius without needing to fire a shot. Would her enemies remain confused, or would they eventually discover their mistake and find a way to unite against CODE.?

To be continued...


  1. "Neither rebel would back down from a fight--or at least a slap-fight in local."

    lulzy! Those idiots were acting kind pink.

  2. You know what I was thinking? I was thinkng how cool it would be if someone could agress illegally in highsec and still manage to warp away before !CONCORDOKKEN!.

    Too bad highsec mechanics don't work like that.

    1. Why are you hiding in the closet for?

      do you have stagefright?

      I have the cure for you girlyboy.

      Get a real ship, turn it up loud, skull some bourbon and make a run for it....destination null and engage the first thing you can land on.

      Your constant whining here about people you can only immitate is pathetic.

      Harden up spaghetti arms.

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