Wednesday, August 22, 2018

The Rising Star, Part 5

Previously, on MinerBumping... Akmaund Askiras had a dream: To become the most powerful anti-Code resistance fighter in highsec's history. To claim leadership over Anti-Ganking, Akmaund would first need to win victories against the New Order in the Isanamo system. But after Akmaund bragged about his misdeeds in the Anti-Ganking channel, he was shocked by the reaction he got.

An Anti-Ganker named Knowledgeminer immediately rained on Akmaund's parade. He pointed out that Akmaund had failed to prevent ganks--and indeed, that Akmaund had been ganked himself.

The aspiring rebel leader swiftly went into damage control mode. He claimed that his repeated failures in Isanamo had been victories.

Fortunately, Akmaund had been the only Anti-Ganker in the system, so there were no witnesses to contradict his version of events. With any luck, Knowledgeminer would go away and let Akmaund celebrate in peace.

Knowledgeminer proved to be stubborn. He refused to accept Akmaund's version of events. But he wasn't in Isanamo. How dare he?

Furious, Akmaund insisted that he'd stopped ganks and saved miners. For some reason, Knowledgeminer had a vendetta against him. Where was his proof?

Akmaund's downfall was one familiar to Anti-Gankers all across highsec: Killboards. There was API-verified evidence that Akmaund had failed to prevent ganks. He couldn't simply dream up victories against the mighty CODE. alliance.

Akmaund was now convinced that there could be only one explanation for Knowledgeminer's refusal to indulge his anti-Code fantasies: He must be a CODE. operative!

In fact, Knowlegeminer was an Anti-Ganker, not a CODE. spy. For some reason, Knowledgeminer's bio was used as evidence of his secret pro-Code sympathies.

Then again, if Knowledgeminer was really a spy, how did he make it through Anti-Ganking's rigorous security procedures? Akmaund didn't know what to think. One thing he did know: Knowledgeminer was an obstacle in the path of his destiny to lead Anti-Ganking.

If Akmaund was ever going to take command of the anti-Code resistance, he would need to find a way to deal with Knowledgeminer.

Knowledgeminer and his approach drew the criticism of his fellow rebels. After all, if they couldn't fantasize about fictional victories over the Code, they wouldn't have any victories at all.

While the members of CODE. continued to gank, Akmaund found himself fighting a rearguard action against the very people he was supposed to be inspiring. Could Akmaund's brilliant career be over before it started?

To be continued...


  1. Holy shit at the ammount of ignorance and just plain stupidity in those chats.

    Even that one shitter with the good information is still just a coward hiding in highsec.

    Is he still too ignorant to realize that the only thing worth doing in highsec is ganking miners?

    He's probably unable to separate rl and shits.

    And that other idiot... jeeeezus!

    I'm betting he has some extra chromosomes.

    Or severe head trauma.

    Either way he shouldn't be online without supervision.



    "Alt 00 July 21, 2018 at 12:09 AM
    It is neither glitch, nor exploit. Fortuitously Alt 00, in her infinite compassion, is willing to teach you how to execute this manoeuvre."



    NoL grads lul! XD

    1. Finally he's just putting all his sperging into one comment.

      Get it all out little guy

    2. That's it buddy vent that frustration there's a good boy

  2. Akmaund should listen to Knowledegeminer - he is one of the better anti-gankers out there.

    ('Better' being relative - ignoring the fact his alt Dave Hawk wasted hours chasing after me in a 692 million ISK Cynabel, only to completely fail to prevent any ganks, and then to have said Cynabel obliterated - he can at least say that he tried).

    1. ^^ agreed. Knowledgeminer is one of the few ag'ers who actually puts some effort into ag'ing.

    2. Mushmouth bullshit talking in circles...

      There are no "better" ag. They are all shitters by default. If you find your self feeling sentimental towards them it's because you are like them. Hisec is for losers, all of them.

    3. What exactly is a 'Cynabel'?

      Please tell me you are not truly that ignorant about the game you "play".

      Do you actually try to look like an idiot, or are you just a natural?


    4. Yeah kinda makes me sick all this praise to a miner. Although your last statement pretty much confirms you are just a salty phag

  3. > Anti-Ganking's rigorous security procedures


  4. Knowledgeminer is one of the few AG who actually understands what is going on, but he is still just a rat that got lucky and found it's way out of the maze. I was banned from the AG channel years ago for pointing out their stupidity, but I still keep an alt in there to observe the rats, just in case one of them does something interesting, like die in a particularly humourous way.

    1. Wrong, flat wrong, if he knew what was going on he would leave highsec. The fact that he's still there, trying to "educate" the retards, just proves he's too stupid to leave. Same goes for any "highsec pvper" who is too scared to venture out into the rest of EVE.

      But you shitters keep blowing sunshine up his ass, soon he'll think he's as good as you think you are, then you can all join NoL and further embarrass their alliance.

  5. I am not sure if I am supposed to be amused or sad.

  6. Knowledgeminer was attempting to convey the fact that the presence of CONCORD on the killmail means that the ganker was able to fire for the full time allotted and therefore that the antiganker did not affect the outcome in any way (successful use of ECM excepted).

    Like a typical ag Akmaund chose to get offended and block what he could not understand instead of accepting the constructive (if acerbic) feedback. And that is why they never get better.

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