Monday, August 20, 2018

Tapestry of Tears, Part 10

Previously, on MinerBumping... Vaughn Law aka Lahnius had an violent meltdown in the mighty CODE. alliance's channel. Vaughn vowed to create "Hardcore AG" and annihilate CODE., starting with Agent Alt 00 in Nakugard. But first, he'd file a petition against Agent Trump The King.
Vaughn Law > opening a report form now
Vaughn Law > DUMBASS
Trump The King > Vaughn Law good luck
Vaughn Law > Trump The King DIDNT YOU SAY you were james 315"?
Vaughn Law > ok reported to ccp for account sharing .. othewr than that lets see how alt 00 plans go in nak and hek ... you turned us from code supporters into code hunters ... how f'k stupid are you lol
Vaughn was convinced that Trump was actually an alt of the Saviour of Highsec. If true, this would be a petitionable offense for some reason.

Alas, what Vaughn didn't realize is that Agent Trump was speaking figuratively. The "Hardcore AG" founder's petition, intended to be a silver bullet, would need to be scrapped.

Vaughn wouldn't be able to get the Saviour permabanned, but the Agents of the New Order remained vulnerable. Vaughn planned to target the Nakugard system as soon as possible.

Though he'd only been in CODE. for a few days, Vaughn considered himself to be among the alliance's finest Agents. His decision to defect to the resistance could be a turning point in the war for highsec's future.
Vaughn Law > Trump The King are you reading comnprehesion restricted?
Vaughn Law > lmao dumbass
Vaughn Law > hahahahahahaha
Trump The King > are you upset?
Trump The King > you sound upset
Vaughn Law > im going to kill alt 00
Vaughn again dared Trump to respond to his threats. Agent Trump still looked upon the misguided rebel with nothing but compassion and concern.
Vaughn Law > its goingto belike a code permit solicitation ... but ita going to say shit like "you have been killed because of trump the dump (but i will link your toon lol)
Vaughn Law > you fuck up
Vaughn Law > lmao
Vaughn Law > and its all your fault
Trump The King > ive literally won this entire debate
Despite his empathy, Trump saw the situation for what it was. He was clearly on the winning side of the hours-long argument.
Vaughn Law > i was code dedicated ... unbtil you opened your retard mouth and said you were james 315 ... and all the other stupid shit you spilled out of your idiot head lmao ...
Trump The King > we are all james 315
Vaughn Law > lmao ... you need to stop tokin on the pipe
Trump The King > anyone want to buy a marmite permit
Trump The King > marmite permit holders are our best customers
Trump gently reminded Vaughn of the original reason for Vaughn's outburst: Complaints about The Marmite Collective. That matter remained unresolved.

For three hours, Vaughn had ranted and raved in the alliance channel. At last, his work in CODE. was done. Vaughn went to sleep for the night. When he awoke, he began his campaign against Alt 00 in Nakugard.

The anti-Code rebel no longer had any use for his ganker alt. From now on, CODE. would need to contend with the rebel's main character. Vaughn was out and Lahnius was in.

Lahnius struck against Alt 00's Catalyst while it was in the midst of a gank. He managed to take the destroyer down, along with its empty pod. However...

...As always, the destruction of the Catalyst failed to prevent the gank. Lahnius would need to rethink his approach.

Alt 00 documented her encounters with Lahnius. She was unsure of how to present Lahnius' tears--until she remembered the Bayeux Tapestry. Pictured above is a zoomed-out version of Alt 00's tapestry. Later, we will see a properly viewable version. Until then, let us join Lahnius and Alt 00 as their epic tale unfolds.

Lahnius quickly and unexpectedly found himself on the defensive. His corporation was wardecced by Failed Diplomacy. To make matters worse, he was wardecced because Failed Diplomacy was under the impression that he was affiliated with CODE.--the very alliance he'd sworn to destroy!

Lahnius denied the charges, but Failed Diplomacy was confident that its intel was solid. Defeating Alt 00 and CODE. might prove to be more difficult than Lahnius had imagined.

To be continued...


  1. Meh seems made up

  2. So how does Lahnius reconcile all his trash talk with his complete inability to change anything? Why is ag content to fail all day every day without a twinge of shame or regret?

  3. I can't wait to see the next episode...

  4. Im waiting for James to publish an article

    about all the tears that the comment section

    produces from anonabetas.

    They are truly just as funny as the actual articles.




    1. Why you so ghey bro?

      Did your priest like you a little too much?


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