Thursday, August 23, 2018

The Rising Star, Part 6

Previously, on MinerBumping... The Isanamo system witnessed the humiliation of aspiring rebel leader Akmaund Askiras, who was repeatedly defeated by Agents of the New Order. Akmaund sought refuge in the Anti-Ganking channel, where he spun stories of victories against his enemies. But even in Anti-Ganking, Akmaund found himself under attack.

Fellow Anti-Ganker Knowledgeminer ruined Akmaund's day by cross-referencing his claims with zKillboard. Akmaund responded by blocking him.

Each Anti-Ganker attempted to present their case to their fellow rebels. Who would prevail--the ineffective, delusional Akmaund, or the more realistic but gloomy Knowledgeminer?

Knowledgeminer knew that he came across as a pessimist. He wanted the Anti-Gankers to succeed in preventing ganks, not merely fantasize about it. However, the Anti-Gankers never had any genuine victories to raise their spirits.

All Knowledgeminer could do was criticize his brethren, because all they could do was fail.

Akmaund had, perhaps, actually blocked Knowledgeminer. When he saw other Anti-Gankers talking to him, though, Akmaund could no longer resist seeing what Knowledgeminer had to say. It was another attack!

Akmaund's competence had been questioned, and now his credibility was under fire, too. If Knowledgeminer won the argument, Akmaund's future as the leader of Anti-Ganking would be in serious jeopardy. (Then again, it's Anti-Ganking, so they'd probably take whatever they could get.)

Akmaund had no choice but to dig in his heels, zKillboard be damned.

Confident that he'd silenced his chief critic, Akmaund returned to his post and resumed guarding the miners of Isanamo.

Knowledgeminer scolded Akmaund for losing to the mighty CODE. alliance. Incompetent Anti-Gankers merely fuel the New Order's fire.

Akmaund suddenly noticed that the CODE. members he'd been tracking earlier were no longer in Isanamo. Declaring victory, he sought praise from Anti-Ganking.

The CODE. squad had indeed left Isanamo. At that very moment, they were ganking a Retriever a few jumps away. Akmaund had been too busy arguing to catch the Catalysts as they went through the stargates.

It became clear that Knowledgeminer was only interested in undermining Akmaund. The furious rebel lost his patience. Akmaund demanded that CCP resolve the matter.

To be continued...


  1. I guess the three times he thought he "saved a miner" were just bad warpins I had on him as he was orbiting the miners the first three times.

  2. "there is no right and wrong way" ... to stop a gank
    "i reported him too..." because he bruised my ego

    I almost feel bad for Knowledgeminer. If ag keep abusing him this way he might pull a Lahnius :D

    1. I've come to the realisation that anti-ganking's singular purpose is to serve as EVE's own Punch and Judy show.

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  4. Meh seems made up


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