Wednesday, August 8, 2018

The Rising Star, Part 2

Previously, on MinerBumping... A new "leader" of the anti-Code resistance emerged in Isanamo: Akmaund Askiras, who proudly shared a CONCORD mail in the Anti-Ganking channel. After Akmaund closed the chat window, the Anti-Gankers dismissed his achievement. But Akmaund was already embroiled in a conflict with Isanamo's gankers.

While Akmaund argued with the local New Order representatives, they smashed a Stratios right under his nose.

Akmaund apparently hadn't noticed the Stratios loss yet, but something was angering him anyway.

Like other rebels, Akmaund attempted to cast himself as a champion of newbie rights. Our Agents were unimpressed--and none of the onlookers in local chat bothered to take his side.

In an attempt to discourage further ganking in Isanamo, Akmaund made an extraordinary claim about an invisible police force in the asteroid belts. They could strike the gankers at any moment.

Akmaund was so insistent that our Agents began to wonder what his problem was. Had the poor fellow been ganked by the mighty CODE. alliance in the past?

Agent Ernst Steinitz finally broke the news about the Stratios they'd ganked while Akmaund was supposedly on duty. It came at a particularly inconvenient moment for the aspiring rebel leader.

The Anti-Ganker weighed his options. His failure to save the Stratios suggested that maybe he couldn't do the job of protecting Isanamo alone. He'd need allies.

Alas, Akmaund's resistance movement lasted barely 30 seconds. The Code wins again!

For the first time, Akmaund's confidence was shaken. He was having trouble defining his mission. Maybe he could declare victory if he claimed his only goal was to have fun, but all he was doing was getting upset in local chat.

Agent Sphinx Mattel produced another piece of bad news: The Anti-Ganking channel didn't think anything of his "achievement" in getting on a CONCORD mail.

Akmaund struggled to defend his credentials as an Anti-Ganker. He'd stopped plenty of ganks, or a few, or maybe just one.

Agent Ernst investigated the proud rebel's killboard. A few days earlier, he'd lost an embarrassingly fit Blackbird in Uedama.

Worse yet, the Anti-Ganker had managed to get himself CONCORDed. Now that these facts had been made public in Isanamo local, would Akmaund's self-confidence be shattered? Or would he find some way to get his revenge on CODE.?

To be continued...


  1. Meh seems made up

  2. "Alas, Akmaund's resistance movement lasted barely 30 seconds. The Code wins again!"

    Cowardly highsec shitters don't belong in EVE. That akmaundshitter is just another useless windbag trying to defend the most vile and reprehensible shitters in the game.

    ALL highsec miners should biomass and go back to wow. IRL ofc.

  3. I am CCP Tara and I approve of this post.

    1. Do you work in the CCP office with CCP anti gankers ?

    2. The real fake CCP tara aka johnniepiddlesAugust 9, 2018 at 12:34 AM

      On both counts. I really am just a mad highsec miner with no recourse for the fail fit retriever I lost.

    3. Tara, how big are your busters?

  4. "Alt 00 July 21, 2018 at 12:09 AM
    It is neither glitch, nor exploit. Fortuitously Alt 00, in her infinite compassion, is willing to teach you how to execute this manoeuvre."

    All you have to do is admit you were wrong. Wouldn't it be better than avoiding the issue with your head in the sand?
    I mean, it's not like it's gonna go away anytime soon. ;)

    Oh wait, are you trying to wait it out in the hope that CCP will make some generalized blanket statement about patching some unspecified highsec mechanics and then you can claim it's not doable anymore?

    Sill miner, we all know you can't make it happen now, or even back when, but some of your alliance mates were hoping you would at least come clean, and not act like such a cowardly miner. But hey, there's plenty more where you came from, maybe one day NoL will recruit a winner. *fingers crossed*

    p.s. I still think "fortuitously" was the wrong word to use if no one is going to benefit from your nonexistent knowledge of how to agress/warp in highsec. Just sayin.

    1. Why are you harping on this? You seem to be harboring an awful grudge.

    2. Yeah he is cooked.

    3. Why not? I believe the "ex"-miner highsec shitter started it. I thought altanon wanted to spar, seeing as how she seemed dead set on defending her highsec shitter friends.

      Besides, why can't the shitter speak for itself?

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