Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Tapestry of Tears, Part 7

Previously, on MinerBumping... Vaughn Law, also known as the former Anti-Ganker Lahnius, attempted to convince Agent Trump The King that there was a conspiracy at work within the mighty CODE. alliance. Trump's refusal to listen drove Vaughn to the brink of rejoining the Anti-Gankers.
Vaughn Law > Trump The King i have done nothing BUT enfore CODE. ... only to get shit on
Vaughn Law > that ends right fucking now
holdmybeer > Vaughn Law come ts
Vaughn Law > holdmybeer i warned you ... stop taling to me
Vaughn Law > holdmybeer STOP RIGHT NOW
Vaughn realized that one downside of having this conversation in the Alliance channel was that any member of CODE. could interject at any time. Trump The King wasn't the only Agent he needed to worry about.
holdmybeer > Vaughn Law come ts
Vaughn Law > holdmybeer done .,.. this asshole ended it
Vaughn Law > holdmybeer good job
Ilithyia Borgia > coms
Vaughn Law > NO!
Other Agents joined Trump in encouraging Vaughn to have the conversation on TeamSpeak instead. It was the last suggestion Vaughn wanted to hear.
Vaughn Law > i wqewnt ts only to get treated like shit ... not going to happen again
Vaughn Law > this is war ... alt 00 will not succeeed in nak at all ... and its on you holdmybeer
Ilithyia Borgia > Vaughn Law coms
Vaughn Law > im done
Vaughn Law > this is fucking stupid
Vaughn felt he still had some leverage over CODE.: His knowledge of Agent Alt 00's multi-Catalyst ganking operations.
Trump The King > goodbye then
Vaughn Law > Trump The King fk you
Vaughn Law > Trump The King i will huint alt 00
Vaughn Law > and you cant stop us
Vaughn Law > 11 cats on one guy... he cant control it ...
Vaughn Law > you fucked alt 00
Vaughn was confident that, if unleashed, he could shut down Alt 00 completely. And if all these CODE. members kept urging him to join TeamSpeak, he'd do that very thing.
Ilithyia Borgia > coms
Koruma Darrknauv > coms?
Trump The King > Vaughn Law im on comms
holdmybeer > Vaughn Law come ts
Vaughn Law > Trump The King i dont care ...
Vaughn Law > holdmybeer you should have stfu a long time ago
The chorus of "join TeamSpeak" continued. Vaughn was infuriated. He was now almost certain to rejoin Anti-Ganking.
Vaughn Law > lets see how this pans out
Vaughn Law > im pulling down all refineries and spedning 100% of my time ridding nakugard of CODE
Vaughn Law > GOOD JOB GUYS
Trump The King > we are waiting on teamspeak
Vaughn Law > Trump The King wait all you want , i did ts ... not doing it again
Trump The King > well i am on comms now
Trump The King > i wasnt before
Just hours prior to his argument with Trump, Vaughn had invited CODE. members to use his refineries in the Nakugard system. In light of subsequent events, Vaughn rescinded the invitation.
Vaughn Law > i was alt 00 worst enemy ... i will be again
Vaughn Law > good job
Vaughn Law > :)
Vaughn Law > 11 cats ... he cant handle them ...
Vaughn Law > his own words
Vaughn Law > nice work you fkin moroins lol
Vaughn saw a new future for himself: He would become Alt 00's arch-nemesis, sniping and tackling and jamming Alt 00's Catalyst army at every turn.
Meowmixery Riraille > Your killboard is awful brah..
Vaughn Law > look back on my kd ... LAHNIUS ... i was his worst nightmare
Vaughn Law > Meowmixery Riraille yer a derp
Vaughn Law > lahnius
Vaughn Law > THATS ME
Vaughn Law > hahahahahaha
Vaughn was a new character, but Lahnius had a record of engaging in Anti-Ganking activities. These people didn't know who they were dealing with!
Vaughn Law > ugh ... look back ... alt 00
Vaughn Law > you cant enforce this area
Vaughn Law > but i can and have fucked it up ... and now will again
Vaughn Law > Trump The King did this ... now i no longer supprt CODE ...
Vaughn Law > all permits deleted
Vaughn Law > no support
Vaughn Law > Trump The King good job
To formalize his break with CODE., Vaughn intended to remove mining permits from the bios of each of his alts. This was the devastation that Trump and his fellow Agents had wrought.
Vaughn Law > we our crew have always been supporters
Vaughn Law > no longer
Vaughn Law > vaughn law in 24 hours goes biomass
Vaughn Law > nice work you idiots
Trump The King > great
Vaughn Law > Trump The King fu
Vaughn Law > punk ass botch
As a final insult, Vaughn would biomass himself. That would show them.
Vaughn Law > Trump The King there are no tears here, just a fu
Trump The King > yeah
Vaughn Law > every alt 00 kill we get i will link it directly to you
Vaughn Law > anways
Vaughn Law > Trump The King im going to link every alt 00 kill directly to you bro
Vaughn Law > pods and all man
Vaughn had tried to be Alt 00's best friend. Now he'd become her worst enemy. Finally, Vaughn would have an outlet for his anger and frustration. And it was CODE. leadership's own fault for not taking his conspiracy theories more seriously.
Vaughn Law > our crew is the best at ag ... we hate ag cuiz of their stupidity ... WE ARE AG ... you need to look back on unrealguns kb son
Vaughn Law > we hunted and stopped alt 00 ... and we will againb
Vaughn Law > you fucked alt 00\
Vaughn Law > he cannot handle 11 cats
Koruma Darrknauv > Vaughn Law Can he handle 11 cats tho?
Vaughn despised the Anti-Gankers for their incompetence. Now he'd show them what a real Anti-Ganker looked like.

To be continued...


  1. Meh seems made up

  2. I am CCP Tara and I approve of this post.

  3. I am anti-ganking and I approve of this article.

    1. Hello salad al losttheplot, i am karma.

  4. "Alt 00 July 21, 2018 at 12:09 AM
    It is neither glitch, nor exploit. Fortuitously Alt 00, in her infinite compassion, is willing to teach you how to execute this manoeuvre."

    Not a good time? Is that shitter "hellcamping" you? Lol I'm sure all he needs is a hug. You do hugs, right?

    1. Of course. Alt 00 is always here, for those who need a shoulder to cry on.

    2. When you going to keep your word? Highsec shitters are always making wild claims and never following through. You must be a highsec shitter.

  5. I looked at that shitter's zkill. He greatly overestimates his impact on highsec ganking.

    Why is it that when some shitter manages to whore on a handful of CONCORD kills they suddenly think they are making a difference?

    Hell, to hear that shitter vaughn tell it, he was a real killer, but his zkill tells a completely different story.

    EVERY carebear shitter who's first instinct in EVE is to hide in highsec and mine, will never be a true PVPer. No matter how hard they try, their nature cannot be changed. Eventually they ALL will lose their self-control, over a game. A game they don't really belong in.

    I can't fault them for wanting to play EVE, the only true PVP Sandbox MMORPG around. But I can fault them for trying to change EVE into a theme park shithole carebear game. There are already plenty of those out there.

    Go play something else, carebear scum. And take your cowardly friends with you.

    In game of course. ;)


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