Friday, May 31, 2019

The Elonaya Conspiracy, Part 7

Previously, on MinerBumping... The Trade Syndecate faced a mounting crisis when its miners were repeatedly bump-tackled by Agent Kalorned and ganked by his colleagues from the New Order. The corp's leadership proved incapable of handling the situation.

From the shadows, a mysterious individual named "Bgmc" encouraged miners in the Elonaya neighborhood to send CCP false petitions about our Agents.

While bumping some miners, Agent Kalorned received an invitation to a private convo. It was none other than bgmc himself. Oddly, the stranger encouraged Kalorned. Who was this guy?

bgmc was not a member of The Trade Syndecate. In fact, he was a 2008 character who belonged to the Brothers of Tangra alliance.

Brothers of Tangra is a reasonably large sov-holding alliance in nullsec. For some reason, they have a reputation for botting and RMT.

For some reason.

Kalorned chatted politely with the enigmatic fellow from nullsec. For now, he did not question bgmc about why he was so interested in highsec mining operations.

The flattery continued. bgmc complimented Kalorned on his sweet ride.

Even as they spoke, Kalorned's Orthrus bumped the miners in Elonaya. He waited for the other shoe to drop.

...And then it dropped. bgmc, who supposedly enjoyed what Kalorned was doing, suddenly expressed an interest in having him stop it.

bgmc revealed an ulterior motive for the chat: He wanted to negotiate a diplomatic solution to the conflict between the New Order and The Trade Syndecate. Kalorned was skeptical.

Yet another peculiar development: The diplomat from Brothers of Tangra referenced his sister "riley".

The behind-the-scenes message from "Bgmc" encouraging miners to put in false petitions about our Agents had apparently been signed by the diplomat's sister. Was this a case of account sharing?

Something sinister was at work here. It's amazing what a little miner bumping can bring to the surface.

To be continued...


  1. The conniving miners always have trouble believing how simple it really is to appease a Code enforcer. 10m ISK and a gf.

  2. This miner intrigue is getting really complex. Could another Ledrian-esque scheme be underway??

  3. There has never been any question about what it takes to get us to stop.

    Every citizen of highsec buys a permit and follows the Code faithfully.

    That's what it takes. So simple even a miner could do it.

  4. It would appear that some time in the beginning of May 2019 the corporation "Trade Syndecate [sic]" at the center of this dastardly conspiracy has gone defunct:

    A cursory EVEWho search reveals that much of that corporation's membership has reorganized into another illicit business venture:

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