Thursday, May 14, 2020

Bitter Bling, Part 2

Previously, on MinerBumping... ashantiavi krystora made a huge mistake: She violated the Code by mining AFK in a blingy Hulk. After her 2 billion isk vessel was put down, she committed additional violations of the Code by making real-life death threats.

Under the Discord moniker "balou", ashantiavi attempted to justify her Code violations. Incredibly, she claimed that was exempt from the Code because she wasn't a newbie.

Most miners try to excuse themselves from their obligations under the Code by saying that they're too new to the game to be held responsible. ashantiavi might be the first miner who tried the opposite approach.

Our Agents didn't buy the miner's defense. The Agent in charge of ashantiavi's interview read out the indictment against her--basically the entire Code.

ashantiavi's defense was nothing if not creative. Since the Code did not apply to her, neither did the EULA/ToS of EVE Online.

The highsec miner demanded privileges for having such an old EVE account. What Code was she reading from?

ashantiavi must have realized that her reimbursement request was, at best, a long-shot. She could sense the isk slipping through her fingers. She didn't like it.

The miner began to feel that she wasn't being treated as one of EVE's elder statesmen. If anything, she was being treated like any other highsec miner. Her sense of indignation grew.

If she wasn't going to get any free money, ashantiavi didn't see any point in discussing the matter further.

Regardless of the miner's emotional state, the facts were the facts: New Order mining permits are insanely cost effective.

Before leaving the channel, ashantiavi decided to post at least one more rant. The audacious miner added even more demands to her already-long list. But how could she hope to get the Agents to agree to all of this? What was her leverage?


To be continued...


  1. Jeezus what an idiot noob. How can that miner have played EVE for so long and still not know that CCP is the reason she needs a permit to mine in highsec? Good luck with that petition, sugartits.

  2. And the punchline...

    Wolf Soprano is really 72 years old, yet plays a 12 3/4 year old in game. Works every time.

    1. Can't tell if serious. Seems a bit salty though...

    2. Heck no Anon 833. Anyone who RPs a 12 year old, and causes grown adult men to completely lose their shit, shows excellence at the game. It's also a trick that works every time.

    3. Yup, very salty. I'll take 'former retriever pilot' for 1000.

  3. Honestly, the only proper way to carebear in EVE is to keep your eyes on your screen, keep local clean, keep your permit updated and properly displayed, and keep your trap shut. That's the role the carebear chooses to play in this Epic "PVP sandbox MMORPG".

    Don't like it? Don't be a mouthy carebear, or do it somewhere else. EVE is PVP! There is no safesec you retards. Lol

  4. This is one mean miner bully!

  5. Someone his age should understand the phrase: "Respect is earned, not given." I'm not going to just respect some random 56 year old who could be a molestor for all I know (in-game, of course) unless they give me a reason to do otherwise.

    1. I don't think it's an age thing, I think he's actually a soft-skulled waterhead. In game, of course.

    2. At least he's self aware enough to know that his age is his best quality that could inspire respect.

  6. Http://

    Carebears are not too bright.


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