Friday, May 29, 2020

The Plague of Nakugard, Part 5

Previously, on MinerBumping... Agent Alt 00 embarked on a mission to rescue the Nakugard system from its state of squalor. But her righteous campaign of Code enforcement was met with anger from some miners.

The latest emergency decree on MinerBumping had given Alt 00 sweeping authority to handle the crisis in Nakugard. She didn't hesitate to use it.

Some carebears complained that they were not "mining" at the time of their destruction. But the lockdown order that Alt 00 instituted was abundantly clear.

Alt 00 cleverly name-dropped the Saviour of Highsec in order to get Yua Tezuka to reveal her true intentions.

The poor behavior of the anti-Code faction did little to advance their cause. In any case, bot-aspirants never help each other.

Despite the whining from a noisy minority, Alt 00's lockdown actually enjoyed broad support. Responsible citizens were happy to see our Agent cleaning up the system.

And it was a sight to behold, as always.

Miners and their enablers continued to die--with plenty of warning.

But no matter how much warning they received, it was never enough for the carebears.

A bot-aspirant's priorities: They always have an excuse for not watching local chat, but they never pass up an opportunity to grind isk.

Isk-grubbing miners bristled under the new restrictions. Had they nothing better to do, though? Apparently PvE was the only reason they played EVE.

The grousing and grumbling did not discourage our Agent. In fact, she only expanded her activities further.

In addition to ganking, Alt 00 began to bump the miners when appropriate. Would that be enough to correct their selfish attitudes?

To be continued...


  1. Miners disgust me!

  2. Nasty highsec miners, intent on spreading disease amongst themselves. Good thing Alt is there to watch out for them.

    Never forget shardani-GREER! Remember it's miner with an "e", you filthy animals!


  4. Ahem.

    A pox on your kingdom does not necessarily mean "disease". it also means misfortune or bad luck. It's a medieval colloquial of "hey, hope your day sucks".

    1. Calm down nerd, it sounds like you need to take a medieval history course, and buy a few shares in the New Order Treasury.

      One of the first things you'll learn in any medieval history course is that 'pox' is actually an early modern word, not a medieval word, which refers to pustules or 'pocks'. As in, it is bad luck to get a pox!

      The word 'pocks', of course, comes from the medieval 'poccs', or 'pokke', and once again refers to (did you guess correctly) a pustule or open festering sore! Wow, amazing.

      As you can see, to wish a pox on someone is indeed a means of wishing them misfortune, specifically the misfortune of having their skin erupt into oozing sores. It's not exactly the same as saying "hope your day sucks" and is far more specific, being analogous to "i hope you get wu flu and choke on a ventilator".

      I hope this helps inform your next AD&D Campaign, and be sure to donate to the New Order Education Fund.

    2. Nope, sorry, it does mean misfortune. Do a Google search and you will see what I mean.

    3. As to buying shares in the New Order Treasury, sorry, I don't fall for scams.

    4. ehnema don't like paying her share. Even IRL she's a perpetual societal leech. She's into free shit, like welfare.

      But what do you expect from a whiny sniveling highsec carebear who can't even afford an alpha account. It's just bad genetics that makes her whine on this blog about the people that run this blog. She can't really help herself. ;)

      Make her really mad and she'll fire off a few lies and threats, in quick succession, about hiw she's not mad, and how none of this affects her, she's just here to "troll". Lul

      She's just like shardani-greer...

    5. For a moment I thought I traveled back in time!

      Did you find that the people already forgot how ignorant you are, so you felt the need to start displaying it publicly again?

      You came to the best place! This blog is dedicated to show the delusions and misconceptions of miners, and you were always a prime example, being exceptionally dull, even by miner-standards (and those standards are low beyond imagination).

      Welcome back!
      Please note that any mining permit you may had in the past is now invalid. Get a new one from one of the active agents!

  5. Remember when highsec antiganking losers like ehnema mehk were all screaming "What you do in game reflects what you are IRL!!" ?

    All while...

    antigankers: impotent, willfully ignorant, easily enraged, PREYS ON YOUNG CHARACTERS, vile language, wishes of cancer/death/disease against innocent women and children, RL threats of violence. MinOr killers IRL.

    Gankers: calm, helpful, plays by the rules, courteous, informative, Knowledgeable, willing to mentor new players. Too many accolades to list here. Always Winning!

    Don't know if I would have been advertising that if I were ag, just sayin. antiganker welfare queens are kinda dumb.

    1. Ehnea Mehk is just another footnote in the history of crybabies who flock to the comments on this blog. Remember little Johnnie Piddles? Remember Kennyanon? Embarrassments, all of them.

    2. They all have one thing in common, extremely low I.Q.

  6. Heh. You guys are so easily triggered. It's no wonder I enjoy posting here. Seeya guys around Nakugard.

    1. Of all the things you could have learned, you only managed to learn our terminology.

      It's still more than anyone ever expected. If you keep up, you could even become a proper permit-owner in a few more years!

    2. ehnema still doesn't know what 'triggered' means. She's too low I.Q. to see that the only reason she posts here on occasion is because she's triggered, and impotent to do anything about it in game, so she comes here to "troll" lul

      She gets triggered, then she posts ignorance about everyone else being triggered. You can't help that type of ignorance, there is no fixing her kind. She will never be more than a whiney miner that can't EVE properly so she comes here to whine about it, like a loser.

      It's like a disease, we call it 'Code Derangement Syndrome', it's what happens when a perpetual societal leech realizes she's the same shitter in game as she is IRL, and even in an RP game she can only manage to RP a perpetual societal leech. CDS in full effect.

      Remember what her and her ag friends say about "being IRL what you RP in game"? Well that's her main problem, she's a shitter IRL, AND she RP's one in game.

      You can't teach her because she's willfully ignorant, and apparently likes wallowing in her own hypocrisy.

  7. The failing is at epic proportions for ag.

    They even gave up on the parrot copy of minerbumping website and come here to calibrate the "failometer".

    1. I don't know if there are any instruments made today that can accurately read the full amount of fail in ag. Maybe one day Elon Musk will design a fail-o-meter to accurately monitor all of ag fail, but until then we can only use their past performances to guess at how bad ag really is.

      ag is so toxic with fail that they can't even stand being around each other. Full on loserville losers trying to run ag.

  8. Pox is an alternate spelling of pocks. Pocks are the pustules of some diseases, notably small pox and syphilis, and the word became attached as the name of the disease as well. The OED finds a usage from 1530 in which the pocks is called a punishment from God, so to call down a pox on a house is to wish the punishing calamity of a deadly disease on the family"

    That mouthy Ehnea carebear must be an English Major at Trailer Park Boys School of Fine Home Learnin'. yee haw (she acts liberal-canadian anyway)

    She had a blog at one point, I did try to give it a go, but I'm not into superfluous works of opinion that are so evidently biased and based on ignorance, willfull or otherwise. She tries real hard to be relevant in a much underserved "look at me!!" kind of way.

    She's cringy, I don't even really read her comments here anymore, I can already tell you what she's crying about, it's the same ignorant sperg she tried last time she got so not triggered and posted here for a few days. Just google her name and this site, she has nothing new.

    I doubt I could listen to her drivel IRL either, not without calling her out on being educated well beyond her I.Q. ;) she may have an "education", but hell Koko spent something like 35 years in school, and she's still just a monkey.

    You guys try not to get too "triggered", she might convince herself that she's really a 'winner'. In game of course.

  9. I find it amusing you guys keep bringing up a comment I made during my first few months as an EVE Online player, when I didn't know any better about the game....

    ...and which I retracted shortly after. Nice try.

    1. The name you still use is forever associated with everything you ever said - and what you keep saying. Just the usual miner things. If you knew better, you'd throw it away, bought a permit and never spoken again.

      Ingame of course, but it probably would be beneficial to consider it irl too.


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