Sunday, May 24, 2020

Kills of the Week


To the bot-aspirant carebear, victory is a distant dream. They can't even imagine what it would be like to experience victory. But to the Agents of the New Order, victory is a constant companion. Each and every day, our Code enforcers pull off astonishing, magnificent victories. Here's a sample from the week of May 17th @ 00:00 EVEtime through May 23rd @ 23:59 EVEtime...

Judging by his name, piloting a Rhea was central to Rheactive's identity. Yet even a jump freighter enthusiast like Rheactive couldn't remain at his keyboard; he fell victim to bot-aspirancy. Which, in time, always leads to death. Rheactive went AFK and autopiloted his 53 billion isk ship into the Niarja system. Agents eviserater Adoudel, Globby Rackner, Charlotte Rackner, Olivia Rackner, Georgia Rackner, Ivy Rackner, Kimberly Rackner, Benji Rackner, hegils, Phoenix Rackner, Leena Mae, Adara Gaea, Vitreous Humor, Druklin Statille, Kaorixx Midumulf, Dandy Betelgeusian, Gun Shells, Pranav Singh, Razor Enaka, Yolandi Yvormes, ReactionSlave01, MrWreckHD, Smee1, Saber Amalthea, SpoopySpai, Mara Sov's Bathwater, Duff Azizora, Balrogh, Kayak Attack, Vetis Zeksh, Sauron Zanjoahir, Kira Talis, Mont Poljus, Gr1m310 Paz-Morales, Zi Aylet, AnimalMotha Muvila, bloi Lauu, and Kaguya Singh were waiting for him. They were at their keyboards.

Nuriya Mahirimah managed to squeeze 5.4 billion isk of bling into her Golem. Yet the decadent, bling-loving marauder pilot couldn't remain at her keyboard, either--not even to gaze admiringly upon her bling. No, Nuriya, too, fell victim to bot-aspirancy. So she autopiloted into the Uedama system, where another family of Agents was waiting to punish her: Agents Jason Kusion, Catalyst Whisperer, Joel Kusion, The Kitchen Samurai, Darth VaIdemar, Jackson Kusion, Jayden Kusion, Kullanmuru, Hot Salt, Skogstokig, Infinite Devotion, Jacob Kusion, Jake Kusion, Jeremy Kusion, Justin Kusion, Kapten Badkruka, Master Kock, Jeffery Kusion, Josh Kusion, Whale Harpoon, Joshua Kusion, Jayson Kusion, Jack Kusion, Duktig, Jonas Kusion, Jeremiah Kusion, Jessie Kusion, Johnathan Kusion, Raggarkuk, Hide Yo Freighters, Knuutti, Joseph Kusion, Jimmy Kusion, Josiah Kusion, and imnotgaypls.

Anti-Code carebears sometimes whine that gankers kill too many non-mining ships. If feeling especially brash, they may even dare our Agents to kill a miner. But the carebears always regret it later. Ashes Gray was mining in a 0.8 security system in the Verge Vendor region. He thought he would be safe there, so he blinged up his Mackinaw to 1.4 billion isk. But what's the rule? That's right: Every system in highsec belongs to the New Order, and they're all patrolled by our Agents. Ashes was reduced to ashes by Agents Never Gonna SeeGrandKids, Zopiclone, and Fate and Destiny. Nearly a billion isk of loot dropped.

Minerex 1, on the other hand, would never dream of losing a 1.4 billion isk Mackinaw. No, he'd much prefer to lose a 1.3 billion isk Skiff. Agents Jorgen Pedersen Gram, Augustus De Morgan, Niels Henrik Abel, Felix Hausdorff, Erhard Schmidt, Max August Zorn, Ernst Steinitz, and Huln Falnon easily tore through the miner's pretense of a tank.

Tired of seeing miners die yet, carebears? GrimsDeath DeathsGrim ensured that he'd lose a lot of isk while being a source of confusion to anyone who looked at his fit. It was bad enough that he lost 1.4 billion isk, but look at how he lost it. Or should I say to whom?

While in his precious mining ship, GrimsDeath made the puzzling decision to pick a fight with Agent Krig Povelli, who happened to be nearby. Agent Krig never backs down from a fight, so he happily participated in a 1v1 with the miner.

Despite being a highsec miner, ewkjeld Hansen wasn't foolish enough to mine in a blingy ship. Still, he was a decadent bot-aspirant. He hid his bling within his pod, thinking it would never be found. But the miner's secret treasure could not be concealed from Agent Ernst Steinitz forever.

Filthy miner.


  1. Miners disgust me.

    1. Only miners aren't disgusted by miners. And I'm not even sure of them in this regard.

    2. Please, even miners are disgusted with miners. Miners suck the life right out of a game.

  2. Miners,

    Who would want to play a social PVP video game like an anti social drone.

    Ganking miners is still the most elite form of PVP the players invented and mastered.

    The technical mastery displayed above is proof week in week out.

    Why are ag so bad?

    1. "Ganking miners is still the most elite form of PVP the players invented and mastered."

      You're a deadset drongo mate. Explain how killing a mining ship demonstrates superior skills. Does CODE ever fight evenly matched opposition?

    2. anon504 should be asking himself what it is that makes him post that kind of mad drivel.

      I mean, does he not understand the meta or what? Just another low I.Q., easily triggered shitter using the same old tired ag talking points. "Evenly matched" lol. You're not even able to quantify that. Even if the ships and the skills were identical in a pvp match, the pilots will never be, and that is X10 in highsec.

      Yes dumbass, CODE. and most independent gankers, have plenty of kills that are not highsec miner ganks.

      Here's a hint, smart guy, on zkill look for the trophies tab, then scroll down to 'get a kill in null/low".

      There is no excuse for the sheer ammount of ignorance, or undeserved familiarity, in your post, but thanks for crying about gankers on the premiere highsec ganking blog. You must be a former Retriever pilot.

      Bless your heart.

    3. Also, learn proper English friend. There's a reason it's the language of the skies. Don't try so hard to brouge it up.

    4. Anonabeta: 0504, please remain respectfull when addressing an elite PVPer such as myself.

      I'm not your mate miner.

    5. Anon 7:08 that dopey miner needs a more thoroughly argued explanation. 2000 to 3000 words should do the trick.

    6. Karma Balancer your style of "elite PVP" has a lot in common with poachers who kill rhinos in captivity and about as much class.

    7. Another highsec loser comparing ganking to some RL "tragedy". So 2014...

      Too low I.Q. to rp properly in an mmorpg. Leave your RL sympathies in RL, dumbass. This is a "PVP sandbox MMORPG" according to the folks that developed the game. Why should an afk coward hiding in highsec be offered any special consideration?

      Do you ever wonder what it is about other people playing EVE properly that makes your kind so mad?

      EVE's not for everyone. No shitter left behind does not apply here. Miners have no spark of divinity.

      If you are so worried about endangered animals, why aren't you out there doing something about it? Are you a coward IRL too? Watch what Gankers do when they are worried about EVE becoming infested with cowardly highsec shitters, they take action.

      Or you could just keep coming here and crying about a game you don't understand, on a blog dedicated to harvesting tears from cowardly ag fools.

      Is 2000 words a bit too much for you friend? Wanna know why? Lul

    8. The EVE equivalent of a Rhino is a skiff, the ship of shame if you will.

      They are not extinct, they are everywhere. Like locusts.

      I am all class when ganking miners.

      Are you or ag going to stop me?

    9. Nice work anon 7:08AM/4:42PM, plenty of the usual CODE justifications we've all come to expect. Need to make it longer to really drive your points home.

      Karma Balancer you just keep on believing that you're an "elite PVPer" no matter what anyone else thinks. Better start getting your list ready for Santa Claus.

    10. Do you want to know why your only defense against a well articulated argument is to cry about the number of words it contains?

      Specifically, why it's YOUR only defense. Come on, you can get it. Just try harder.

    11. Well anon 4:31 PM the joke is on me. I wanted longer posts not shorter ones.

  3. Looks like Zopiclone is back on the wagon. Next up, Kalorned?

    1. Kalorned's no quitter, he don't need no stinking wagon!

  4. Hmmm, why are ag so bad?

  5. Who remembers when highsec antiganking losers were all screaming "What you do in game reflects what you are IRL!!" ?

    All while...

    antigankers: impotent, willfully ignorant, easily enraged, PREYS ON YOUNG CHARACTERS, vile language, threats of violence against innocent women and children, minOr killer IRL.

    Gankers: calm, helpful, plays by the rules, courteous, informative, Knowledgeable, willing to mentor new players. Always Winning!

    Don't know if I would have been advertising that if I were ag, just sayin.


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