Saturday, May 9, 2020

Highsec Miner Grab Bag #209

You know what this is. Grab Bag time.

Judging by the tearmails our Agents have been seeing lately, highsec miners have little interest in flattening the curve.

Of course, the Goofuses still dream about people getting cancer. That will never change.

Cross over from game to RL in-game, you mean.

I believe this Russian miner is saying "But nobody ever warned me that I needed a permit!"

...And, "I was going to buy a permit, but now I won't."

Violent Nurse is a Former Fan. According to her, our Agents were her heroes--despite the fact that she spent all of her time AFK autopiloting in anti-tanked haulers. I'd hate to see how she'd behave if her heroes were bot-aspirant carebears.

Notice he doesn't deny botting!

What's wrong with making a profit while doing something positive? Haven't you ever heard the expression "do well by doing good"? You should have--it's in that Code you claim to support.

AHTI CICTEM was angry that Agent Ralliana was docked, but he didn't want her to undock, either. There's just no pleasing some people.

I have a strong suspicion that gankers make better parents than miners do.

No, people who shoot spaceships don't belong in prison or Call of Duty. They belong in a spaceship-shooting game. EVE Online, for instance.

Why would you be worried about being bad at speaking English? Have you ever been to highsec before?

Skeptics sometimes ask how we intend to save highsec. We save highsec by saving the people of highsec. We're pretty good at it, too.


  1. silly miners, EVE is for pvp!

  2. The amount of salt this weeks is beautiful

  3. "I have a strong suspicion that gankers make better parents than miners do."

    Never forget shardani-greer!

    1. I could never put a shotgun to the head of my minor and pull the trigger.

      So i agree.

  4. That passive-aggressive hacking/doxxing threat, lmao.

  5. Why is "Jackal" an insult in Russian? Seems like a cool animal to me. Rather be a jackal than a sheep!

    1. "to call a person a jackal implies you consider them morally unscrupulous and yet cowardly and also accuse them of being the type of person to benefit from someone else's effort whilst that person is disadvantaged by them"

      Russians, who knew?

  6. Wow antigankers are failing hard right now

  7. Hapoy Mother's Day to all you mothers! Let's hope you are raising your kids right, and teaching them not to act like WILLIAM GREER CONVICTED KID PIDDLER TACTICS RETARD PEARL RIVER LOSERIANA!


  8. i remember when chodeanon posted here, before we ganked him again


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