Thursday, May 28, 2020

The Plague of Nakugard, Part 4

Previously, on MinerBumping... Agent Alt 00 was busy ridding the Nakugard system of unwanted pests when illegal miner Nolm Redneval interrupted her work by spewing his filth all over the system.

Nolm had been decisively defeated in PvP. During the post-battle discussion in local chat, even his fellow miners told him to calm down. So Nolm resumed his whining via EVEmail.

As an Agent of the New Order, Alt 00 never backed down from a fight. She spoke truth to the miner.

Unfortunately, Nolm wasn't interested in the truth. And Nakugard's troubles were only beginning.

Alt 00 noted in her journal, "With much of the world on lockdown, miners swarm to Nakugard and mine more than ever before..." She resolved to step up Code enforcement activities accordingly.

Our Agent broke the ice by smartbombing a large collection of unlicensed mining drones.

Then she unleashed her Catalysts, taking lovely photos as she turned the miners into something more useful to highsec: Explosions.

Miners often complain about how boring it is to sit in an asteroid belt and mine. Alt 00 aimed to brighten their day.

On MinerBumping, it was announced that the Enhanced Bathroom Protocol was going into effect. Alt 00 resolved to carry out the order.

Miners always ask to be warned about stuff in advance, so our Agent obliged them.

For the good of the system, Alt 00 enforced emergency measures in Nakugard. Everyone who disobeyed, whether in a mining ship or not, was promptly destroyed.

Some miners were dumb enough to ignore our Agent's warnings. Can you believe it?

The situation was growing more serious by the day.

To be continued...


  1. Miners are a cancer and James is a licensed physician and the only one who can cure it.

    Praise James!

    1. An Agent with Antimatter or Void works pretty well too.

  2. Got to love how professional Alt 00 is.

  3. Ignore Alt 00 at your peril. Good fights!

  4. Every one of those filthy miners needed a good cleansing in fire. Agents like Alt keep highsec clean of the cowardly scourge. Some people understand what CCP gave us with the EVE sandbox, all others mine in highsec like cowards.

  5. Remember when highsec antiganking losers were all screaming "What you do in game reflects what you are IRL!!" ?

    All while...

    antigankers: impotent, willfully ignorant, easily enraged, PREYS ON YOUNG CHARACTERS, vile language, wishes of cancer/death/disease against innocent women and children, RL threats of violence. MinOr killers IRL.

    Gankers: calm, helpful, plays by the rules, courteous, informative, Knowledgeable, willing to mentor new players. Too many accolades to list here. Always Winning!

    Don't know if I would have been advertising that if I were ag, just sayin. antigankers are kinda dumb.

  6. I blame the Chinese players for this.

  7. Heh heh heh. How I love a good miner rebellion in Nakugard. Go miners goooooooooo! :D

    1. Why did you come back here loser? You don't like us and we don't like you and you never have anything new or interesting to say. Go back to your failed attempt at a "look at me!!!" blog...

      Nah I'm just kidding, you're a special type shitter huh?


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