Monday, May 18, 2020

The Best Revenge, Part 66

Previously, on MinerBumping... aiva naali aka FighterJets GuitarSolo 1000Years and his loyal soldiers in the Imperium geared up for Operation Devil's Night. If successful, it could mean the beginning of the end for Pandemic Horde.

aiva eagerly awaited a response from Sort Dragon, upon whom everything hinged. Without him, the success of Devil's Night was doubtful. With him, it couldn't fail.

Days passed with no word from anyone--not even aiva's council. Had Sort Dragon sold out his allies? Again?

After a tense few days, aiva's council finally crackled to life. Precious Imperium intel began to flow into aiva's veins once more.

Ordinarily, aiva was the one who sent long messages. This time, he was on the receiving end. (My money's on the Stabber, btw.)

Earlier, aiva had been triggered by an anonymous commenter on MinerBumping who suggested Imperium renters were living in "ghettos". Obviously it was a sensitive subject for aiva. He would likely read his council's report on Imperium infrastructure with great interest.

Finally, the report came to a conclusion. How would aiva react?

True to form, aiva's concern for the well-being of the renters shone through.

With domestic subjects taken care of, aiva's trusty Princess turned to military matters. The war against Pandemic Horde was going very well.

Nevertheless, PH was a persistent foe. Sometimes it felt like they would never be completely defeated, no matter how many battles aiva won.

aiva's supercomputer of a brain analyzed the war situation and spat out new orders: Imperium forces were allowed to take risks but not chances.

Then came worrying news about Test Alliance Please Ignore. The specter of a two-front war reared its ugly head. aiva hated two-front wars.

...He could win them, sure, but he didn't like them. Hopefully Sort Dragon and TEST wouldn't spoil his plans.

To be continued...



  2. it will be after im done

  3. I'm in the newspaper! I'm famous! \o/

  4. Oh come off it, we all know why you betrayed TEST. Oh boo hoo, sweet innocent Goonswarm didn't do anything wrong, glorious leader always knows what is best... This is the most blatant propaganda I've ever seen.

  5. It's hilarious to read about an active operation almost in real time on minerbumping!
    True frontline journalism, you can almost smell the neutron-blasters of a live warzone of excellent pvp!

  6. Many things here are written before they took place, such is the oracle of James.

  7. So there's dolphins, an intergalactic highway, spaceships, and a simpleton right in the middle of it all.... I hope aiva remembered his towel.

    Suddenly I gots the urge to watch Hitchhiker's Guide to the galaxy!


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