Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Over Two Trillion Thirty-Five Billion in Shares Sold

The most considerate people in EVE all belong to the New Order family.

Griefers, bullies, and torturers? Yeah, right. Show me where a bot-aspirant carebear ever gave someone 100 New Order shares as a Mother's Day gift. I'll be waiting.

In the meantime, let us proceed to the next milestone: Earl Pinkerton sent in isk for 503 shares, which sent us past the 2,035 billion isk mark. Consequently, Earl earned a Supreme Protector's Tip of the Hat™.


It has long been a tradition in the New Order for our artists to create beautiful things to celebrate the beauty of the Code. Koizumi Taira gave us the following:

An inspiring image. Miners, if you have enough time to play a video game, you have enough time to read the Code. No excuses.

Next up, Koiso Komatsu highlights a particularly profound (and relevant) pair of sentences from the Code:

The angry post-gank miner demands, "Why didn't you warn me?" The Agent replies, "Did you see Koiso's poster?" But the miner was "too busy" to read MinerBumping. Now he has nothing but time.

To enjoy even more of our Agents' artwork, check out our Links page. You'll be glad you did.


  1. If your alliance is the best, clap your hands; if your alliance is the best, clap your hands; if your alliance is the best, then it's probably called the CODE; if your alliance is the best, then James will surely know it; if your alliance is the best, clap your hands.

  2. i do enjoy me some new order artwork!

  3. Really? Funny, no one else thinks that. Just butthurt highsec shitters that don't belong in EVE, or civilization.

    Maybe you should try to better yourself, nasty miner. If you can't do that, you could always make like shardani-GREER, and quit.


  4. Something as innocuous as a New Order financial report manages to trigger subhuman shitters.

    CODE. must be doing something right! ;)

  5. Calm down ganker. Stress is a killer. If people want to mine they will and if they don't they won't. Simple really.

  6. 90 trillion isk worth of unlicensed mining equipment says otherwise. In case they have a permit and if they follow The Code, they will mine. Otherwise, something like this happens:


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