Friday, May 8, 2020

Faithless Friend

Can you guess what happened here?

...Well, close enough.

thicc boi2's "friend" was ganked while illegally mining in an unlicensed Venture. thicc hadn't been there to protect his comrade. Now he shed tears on his behalf.

Lewak was skeptical of thicc; our Agent knew that bot-aspirant miners are incapable of true friendship. So Lewak put thicc to the test--by telling him how to help his friend for real.

thicc found himself caught on the horns of a dilemma. He could protect his friend, but it would require thicc to open his wallet and sacrifice a small amount of isk.

A true friend wouldn't have hesitated to purchase a permit for the miner. Instead, thicc frantically scrambled to come up with excuses.

Agent Lewak had answered all of thicc's questions. In a desperate bid to avoid having to pay 10 million isk for his friend, thicc started screaming out of nowhere.

In fact, thicc wanted to torpedo the conversation. Unfortunately, he wasn't smooth enough to do so in a plausible manner. So he simply spazzed out.

On some level, thicc was angry with Lewak for being a ganker and a permit-seller. But thicc's anger was actually a cover for his greed and selfishness.

If I were that Venture pilot, I'd be looking for some new "friends". How can you count on someone who would sell you out for 10 million isk?

thicc walked away from the conversation--and from his so-called friend. What a dismal fellow. There's nothing sadder than a miner without a permit. For a miner without a permit is a miner without a friend.


  1. "A miner without a permit is a miner without a friend" So true. But hey, who would want to be friends with someone like that miner? Some people are better off friendless. Well the rest of us are better off when we sre not friends with them anyway, and aren't we all in this for the common good? So we quarantine the highsec miners to protect the worthy part of our population.

    I hear there's a trailer park in Pearl River Loseriana that was flushed out in a recent flood and is ready for a whole new batch of miner/cousins!

    That's miner with an E, cousins.

  2. Many miners say they mine in highsec to relax and unwind, but then they go afk and are not even playing the game.

    Can you imagine how wound up and ragey they would be if they DIDN'T spend all day mining like an afk mining bot?

    Too bad they can't stay... ;)

  3. Wow just wow. Antigankers are failing INCREDIBLY hard non-stop daily continuously ALL the Time!!!!!!!!!1


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