Saturday, May 30, 2020

Reimbursement Petitions

When carebears lose their stuff in highsec, they often file petitions. What people may not realize is that a lot of those petitions don't get sent to CCP.

...They get sent to me. Over the past several months, I have noticed an uptick in the number of reimbursement requests. In one way, that's a good thing: More carebears are dying.

A pessimist would say that the increase in reimbursement requests is a reflection of the miners' sense of entitlement--and their ignorance of the Code. For example, Recir Kurlem apparently didn't realize that focusing on Project Discovery while mining is a violation of the Code. He literally admitted to violating the rules while asking me for money.

Regardless of the reason for the spike in reimbursement requests, I make a reasonable effort to address them, as I'm doing right now. Serena Scorp, you say that you had no chance to buy a permit. Yet you had the time and resources to become the CEO of your very own corporation. Don't you know that you should become Code-compliant first, so that you will be able to provide a good example if you ever recruit anyone to your corp?

Since your question is about CCP's rules, I invite you to file a petition with a GM. I wouldn't want to step on anyone's toes.

You were "just blowing through" to your home system? That's a fancy way of saying you were AFK autopiloting. Is that what the kids are calling it these days?

It looks like you made a mistake by buying a permit "for the future". You're asking me to reimburse a loss that occurred in the past.

I never sent you an email.

Have you tried asking for reimbursement?

Why wasn't your corp member aware of my action? Was he AFK? Is he still?

I'm afraid I must decline your request. Illegally mined ice isn't supposed to be moved through highsec. And certainly not through Uedama!

Nice block of text, but you failed to adequately bury your confession. You admitted to "always watching the Rookie Chat" while mining. The Code requires you to pay attention to your surroundings.

Watch your language.

No, friend, you didn't lose 40 million to my cause; you lost 40 million to your own cause. If you had been supporting my cause--if you had obeyed the Code--you would have avoided destruction. Instead, you chose greed and laziness. You were punished for it. That is justice.

Your reimbursement request is denied. Would you like to buy a permit?


  1. Uppity miners need to learn their place at the bottom of the food chain.

    Never forget shardani-MEHK! They're all the same.

  2. That IS justice!


    1. mehk is the canadian greer. Same type of crackerbox, different latitude.

  4. Can you believe the gall of these reimbursement request shitters? They should all pay their fine and keep their mouths shut. There's a reason some "people" hide in highsec on alpha accounts, they don't care about the community or the game, they are here solely to cause disruption and act like spoiled children. So whatever it takes they need to be flushed out and ganked until they learn to EVE properly, or quit like shardani-GREER!

    It's not bullying, it's not harassment, it's not extortion, stop assaulting your minOrs over it, it's a game about blowing shit up. If that makes someone mad then someone is playing the wrong game, against someone who understands and enjoys the game. And then to cry about it to the Savior, what a bunch of catholic priests in mining barges!

    I love this game!

    If it makes you mad you should probably check your bp and get help IRL.

  5. James's cause is just!
    ag's cause is illegal in most civilized countries.

    I don't understand why ag losers think it's bad to shoot spaceships in game, but it's ok to shoot minors IRL.

  6. Moving along, move along, nothing to read here that hasn't been said a hundred times already. Boorrriiinnngggg!!!!! This must be part of CODE's new strategy to bore miners into submission.

    1. You have glimpsed at The Savior's wisdom a hundred times and you are still a dumb miner. You are living proof that James's benevolent presence must still radiate over New Eden.

      Please report back once you have tasted His magnificent wisdom a thousand times, so we can measure if you managed to improve in any manner!

      And buy a mining permit in the meantime - it's proven to catalyze this process!

    2. Why is he still here crying if it's so boring? Must be his Code Derangement Syndrome acting up.

  7. Entitled miners, MINERS LIVES DON'T MATTER.

    I would love for this scum to arrange a protest. Imagine 200 plebs with edgy slogans for ship names,all grouped together in an ice field.

    Then imagine a smartbombing Maller fleet shredding them and all pods.

    Put that on twitch ag so we can see you fail more.

  8. Good try. You are a loyal minion Karma Balancer but nothing can hide the tedium of the rubbish being grunted out in the name of James these days.

    Anon 10:18 AM you really need to - aahh why bother.

    1. Like all other highsec shitters, you give up easily in the dawning realization that in game Might truly does makes Right, and there's nothing your whining can do to change the fact that EVE hates cowardly bot-aspirant highsec losers, and those are the 'people' you chose to play as and defend. And the more you defend them, the more like them you appear. It's the way EVE was designed, so actions have consequences. It's Natural Selection friend ;)

      Your choice, fit in or fuck off ;)

    2. But don't cry about it here and expect anything but what you deserve for being such a loser in a game that allows you to be whatever you want to be. In that world you chose to be a bottom of the food chain. Why cry about it here lol? Your time would be much better served by visiting the official EVE forums if you want to take real action.

      Here you are just the odd man out. Odd being the key word. Like, do you live in a trailer in PEARL RIVER?

      minErs are so silly.

    3. Why do you post anonymously?

      These days you say?

      I have been saying it since 2012.
      Antiganker miners like you are still crying impotently and it's 2020.

      When are you going to get good and do something?

    4. Silly gankers. In game without miners you would have nothing to do. On this website without anonymous posts you'd have nothing to say except Praise James.

    5. Without miners i would be elite PVPing mission runners or FW plebs.

      This is after all a PVP video game.

      Why are you playing it like an anti social locust?

      Praise James.

    6. Haha, the miner picked me!
      Please miner, finish that sentence, I don't hear enough miner-things!

    7. You are so funny Karma Balancer. Care to explain how miners are stopping you from "elite PVPing."

      Maybe if you played your game instead of James' you would be happier.

    8. I believe i asked the question you still have not answered miner.

      When are you going to get good and do something except crying.

      My game is killing miners, i am happy enforcing the CODE. You are the one here upset at emergent gameplay. If no miners existed in James 315 territory, i would find other things to kill.

      That is the point of a PVP video game called eve online.

      Stop crying and just keep dying.

    9. Another good try, but you've been given nothing to work with.

      This site is the public face of CODE and its desperately dull and repetitive.

    10. Deflect away anonaminer, you can't lie to yourself.

      You really are terrible at eve.

    11. Karma Balancer I'm terrible at Eve. The worst player ever. Happy now?

      That doesn't change the fact that this website sucks pretty badly. It needs some new writers for a start. When was the last genuinely interesting article posted, not just the normal fan service that is pumped out nearly daily?

    12. Then visit a site daily that does not suck.
      We love it, that really is all that matters.

      I find it amusing to see the wakening of drone miners. It is akin to a recovering addict. The denial then the belief.

      It is a cycle you only see from coming back daily.

      The anonabetas like yourself are my personal favourites. Some get it, some not so much.

    13. Got to love the arrogance of CODE. It really is a type of religion. That is also the reason why CODE will never be anything more than it already is.

    14. Lol he's still crying about CODE.'s irrelevance, on CODE.'s website. Miners are dunb.

      And they wonder why we make fun of carebears

    15. Reading and comprehension don't seem to be your strength. Here it is again in plain English.

      "Role playing religious fanatics has a limited appeal that will always restrict how powerful you can become."

  9. Time to froth up the ire of the unwashed PvP masses: anyone who buys a mining permit is a fool easily parted from their money. Scam. Fraud.

    See you all around.

    1. "Look at meeeeee!" -that ehnema shitter.

  10. Interesting to see a glimpse of the Saviour's inbox. His patience is legendary.


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