Saturday, May 23, 2020

Highsec Miner Grab Bag #210

Looks like it's time for another edition of the Highsec Miner Grab Bag to ensue!

Too bad this miner wasted his 5 seconds by writing a tearmail instead of replacing his stuff.

I wonder what would happen if that screenshot ever did make its way to a GM. Actually, they probably wouldn't find fault with the miner's language. But that's why highsec needs Code enforcers to keep the miners in line.

Excuse me, but where does the Code say that its rules may be violated in the event of a lockdown? If anything, order and civilization become even more important during a crisis.

They may call our Agents "tororists", but they really mean rock stars. Ganking miners is a good way to become famous in EVE.

"You're so bad at EVE that you always defeat me easily."

Eisbearg R2D2, go attack AFK miners.

Another example of a "new returning player" who wasn't any better the second time around.

How did you miss this post when you've had nearly 6 years to read it?

A question for anyone who belongs to the "protect our precious newbros" crowd: At what point do you think an EVE player is ready to lose his first ship?

I don't know what PROJECT 32 is, but I have a feeling it already failed.

marvelgold Riraille shouldn't be so surprised. After all, our Agents do the impossible every day.

Seems like Grixer Noxtlus is doing just fine. But I'm not so sure about you, miner.


  1. Division 315 is the elite blackmail division of the High Security Forces.

    1. Elite blackmail sounds very much like something you will only find in EVE.

      If ever there were a case to be made for Social Darwinism, highsec would be the place. Anyone who can't prosper in EVE because they are too scared to leave highsec should be left to die off, while those who can adapt and evolve should be supported.

      Being a lowlife carebear in highsec is a choice. Live with it, or make better choices. How simple is that?

  2. It's delightful to read the comment section of that old linked post. It makes you realize how much The New Order did in 6 years. Back then miners even had the nerve to talk back to agents.

    It's very hard to admit, but apparently they are learning. Disregard the pace, they are miners after all.

    1. What do ya know, it takes retards longer to learn simple shit than normal player.

      Maybe that's why they call them retards. Case in point, "Part 66".

    2. A simple number got me to giggle loudly. James is magnificent!

    3. The Savior does know how to spin a tale, and keep the audience laughing.

    4. All those carebears in the 2014 comments, including go-rrrilla, seem like a bunch of either very young boys, or very low I.Q. "adults", or both.

      One thing you'll notice about all of them though, they all gave up when they realized how truly pathetic they sounded. Especially after CCP's famous reveal on ganking at the fanfest. Holy crap, so many pissed off carebears in denial for the first few weeks after that. So many tears and rage quits. So much lul.

    5. Who remembers when highsec antiganking losers were all screaming "What you do in game reflects what you are IRL!!" ?

      All while...

      antiganking: impotent, willfully ignorant, easily distracted, PREYS ON YOUNG CHARACTERS, vile language, threats of violence against innocent women and children, minOr killer IRL.

      Gankers: calm, helpful, plays by the rules, courteous, informative, Knowledgeable, willing to mentor new players, Always Winning!

      Don't know if I would have been advertising that if I were ag, just sayin.

  3. So Ratmire, if you ever read this, you are now target alpha friend. I'm nobody, just another anon, but in game I think people should harass you with throw-away alts until you quit this game.

    EVE (or the real world for that matter) don't need your ilk. Highsec carebears and their apologists disgust me.

    In game of course ;)

  4. I know a pilot that started his EVE career like so many others, mining in some out of the way .5 system trying to figure out what the sandbox could do for him. After a few weeks of watching the local miners in this backwater cry and bitch and whine about the Code and Gankers, that pilot was struck by a realization: miners are all just scared carebears trying to sound important because they are pretty much all losers IRL.

    After three or so months of watching and listening, the pilot started an alt with a name that was unmistakably pro-Code and 'gankeresque'. He then proceeded to threaten the local population of miners with bumping and ganking and pretty much all the crap that makes highsec miners nervous about afking, without ever actually undocking in anything but his pod. Over the course of the next week the real gankers came through a few times and blapped a miner here and there. As soon as the system was clear our intrepid pilot would claim he was the reason the carebears were dying, and that non-compliance would be rewarded with more PVP, and soon some of the carebears bought permits.

    He made more in "permit sales" in 3 weeks than in 3 months mining on his miner character.....

    All without firing a shot or even bumping an orca.

    Some people get EVE, everyone else spends their time carebearing in highsec, and whining about gankers.

    1. Great start agent Gankr! It's lovely to be reminded how newbee-friendly the New Order is.

      I'd go a step or two further and joined the minerbumping channel. There you can report the most notorious offenders, and even provide warp-ins for the knights. I found that most won't mind you handling the paperwork and cleaning up the mess miners leave.

      Make sure to send a summary of the most memorable proceedings to The Savior! Can't wait to read about your benevolent deeds here!

  5. Regarding that marvelgold loser, I've noticed a distinct increase in the amount of nullshitters moving to highsec and then crying about ganking, recently.

    Here's a good example of one such crybaby on the official EVE forums:

    F1 monkies are moving to highsec to "relax", and then getting angry because elite PvP is too much for them.

    1. Wrong link, here's the real one:

    2. Semi-serious question. Is there anyone who plays EVE that CODE doesn't hate?

      Based on what I've read on this blog in the past they seem to hate everyone including themselves. Maybe themselves most of all. People that fucked up are to be pitied.

    3. Gankers don't hate, they help. They help EVE by ridding it of vile highsec carebears who are harming the game with their toxicity, RL threats, and endless cries for 'one more nerf'

      Just remember friend, no one likes a passive/agressive coward that refuses to help EVE by making it a carebear-free zone.

      But you just keep coming here and crying in the comments, if that's all you got, just don't act surprised when your childish whining is met with derision and condemnation. No one is forcing you to be a shitter, that's your choice.

      Personally I think it's faulty genetics that makes some 'people' act like a shardani-greer and get violent over shooting spaceships in a spaceship shooting video game.

      Hell, the only hate I ever see is from low I.Q. miners in highsec wishing RL firey cancer death on gankers and their innocent families for playing the game correctly.

      Only carebears breed hate.

    4. Haha, that thread..

      I wonder what other game-forum has complaints about not being able to reliably survive an 1v12 pvp scenario while being afk. Silly anysec miners..

  6. The dunces are forming a confederacy!

    1. Well this can only end well!

  7. "Eisbearg R2D2, go attack AFK miners."

    Comedy gold right there. The saviour strikes again.


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