Friday, May 15, 2020

Bitter Bling, Part 3

Previously, on MinerBumping... ashantiavi krystora aka "balou" lost a blingy Hulk. Rather than learn from the Code that was offered to her, the miner made a series of demands and real-life death threats. Then she threatened to get everyone else permabanned for ganking her.

Our Agents were not intimidated by ashantiavi's threat to file a petition. The miner realized that playing the CCP card didn't work, so she resumed her real-life threats.

ashantiavi's request for reimbursement isk was all but certain to fail; she had completely misread her audience.

The miner chose to call it quits, though not before she accidentally called herself a "fucker".

At this point, it seemed clear that ashantiavi wasn't going to get her blingy Hulk back. But she still had a card left to play: If the people who ganked her were unwilling to reimburse the loss, maybe CCP would do something about it. All she needed to do was find a way to get the attention of someone at CCP.

...So she went to the Crime & Punishment subforum on EVE-O.

ashantiavi decided not to threaten anyone at CCP with bodily harm. Instead, she demanded that CONCORD be reworked to prevent all highsec ganks--or else she would quit EVE and take her huge fanbase with her.

To ashantiavi's surprise and dismay, the forum post attracted nothing but skepticism and mockery. To persuade CCP that she enjoyed popular support, the miner would first need to find a way to win over her detractors.

...So the miner got to work.

ashantiavi struggled to gain support for her ideas, some of which were flagged by her fellow posters.

Making matters worse, ashantiavi failed the classic James 315 litmus test, finding herself inexplicably triggered by mention of the name.

But the miner wouldn't give up. Not when there was a dead 2 billion isk Hulk at stake.

Slowly, ashantiavi began to realize that miners were not well regarded on the Crime & Punishment subforum. She attempted to rebrand herself.

Alas, it was only a matter of time before she showed her true colors.

Though she wasn't banned from EVE-O for her EULA violations, the miner's anti-Code effort ended as one might expect--with an apology. But even this couldn't win anyone over to ashantiavi's side. Her wallet remained as empty as her apology.

She should've bought a permit.


  1. "Her wallet remained as empty as her apology."

    And her head.

  2. Silly miner, EVE is for gankers!

  3. Well, of course she wasn't banned from EVE-O, that place is well-known for its very hands-off, tolerant moderation. I'm sure if a New Order agent had posted the same kind of threats, insults and homophobia on EVE-O, he wouldn't even get a warning.

    1. Why would an Agent do that?

      I think the point was that if any behavior deserves a ban it was the threats of RL violence and the offensive language. At that point the miner has crossed several lines, and needs a time-out to cool off. For his own sake.

      Plus, if you don't punish that behavior it makes others think you condone it, then all the tactical retards think it's ok to act like that, in game and out. And it's not.

      Apologists are worse than the offenders, but both are subhuman. We seriously need a solution to the highsec miner problem.

    2. Naturally he wouldn't get a warning... He'd be allowed to open a third, fifth, seventh topic on the same alliance. Like you guys do all the time.

      Sometimes you're the "angry miner", sometimes you're the "just curious about this CODE. thing?", but it's usually one of your corp just bored and opening the nth topic about yourselves to fish for bites and salt.

      So nah, ISDs aren't going to warn you. They welcome your topics with open arms.

      Make sure you bump the EVE-O topics approaching 90 days, make sure you reply to this comment with mad/miner/shardani/williamgreer/ect, and I'll see you folks on "Bitter Bling part 50" in a few days.

    3. Miner, you are confusing IRL death and/or beating threats with playing the game as intended.

      If you could tell the difference in the first place.

    4. Lol that's one mad miner. He don't even know who he's arguing with.

      Carebear apologists are like mad little children, they will attempt to justify all sort of deviant behavior when they are mad at gankers.

      Shitters of a feather and such....

    5. Which ISD loser do you think anon 903 is? Betaboy, or that other mad shitter? You know, the 'lispy' one.

      They all sound like mad little highsec carebear scum. Luckily there are some CCPeople people working to dismantle the ISD program so EVE can recover from the isdshitter plague.

      ISD's are anti-EVE. They cause all the bad drama on the forums. ISDs cause newbros to quit. ISDs are bad for the game.

      Hopefully we can soon say "good riddance ISD losers!", for EVE's sake.

    6. C'mon, 1006/903 is just a common unwashed miner.

      He reasons that if agents aren't getting punished for being professional, courteous, dedicated and helpful players who bring content and enjoyment to everyone, than neither foul-mouthed raging miners should get any for homophobic outbursts and repeatedly threatening their fellow players to end their lives.

  4. What makes someone want to rp as a nasty highsec molester? Is it genetic? Or maybe how they are raised? Nurture vs nature?

    I wonder who raised that ashantiavi miner? Or for that matter, minergreer. What type of parent produces miners like that?

    Well, in greer's case his parents were siblings, and that explains a lot. I bet whatever 'asswhole' part of the world ashanti comes from has a lot of that too. You know, "undesirables".


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