Tuesday, May 12, 2020

The Best Revenge, Part 65

Previously, on MinerBumping... aiva naali aka FighterJets GuitarSolo 1000Years had grown accustomed to living a double life. To the outside world, he was the CEO of a one-member highsec mining corporation that couldn't recruit anyone. But that was merely his cover identity--his legend.

aiva bolstered his legend by paying local miners for the privilege of mining highsec ore. There was no indication that these were legitimate, New Order affiliated miners, though.

Then there was aiva's secret identity. His covert life was kept busy with little things like reshaping the entirety of nullsec.

aiva's council had succeeded in making contact with DeadCo leader Sort Dragon. aiva now had the green light to command Sort Dragon's forces in addition to those of the Imperium. aiva's orders were sent through an intermediary; he was merely identified as Agent Anvil of Goonswarm. (Technically speaking, aiva still had not been accepted into Goonswarm Federation, but this was no time for splitting hairs.)

After so many inconclusive campaigns, aiva looked forward to the final victory against Pandemic Horde. Details of the war plan often changed, but aiva always attacked from the rear.

Operation Devil's Night was coming together nicely. aiva's highsec persona was also doing well.

Despite aiva's prodigious mining efforts, Veldspar alone would not buy a directorship in Goonswarm. No matter--aiva always managed to draw upon some previously undisclosed cache of isk, PLEX, ships, or other assets.

Just as aiva was putting the finishing touches on Operation Devil's Night, a potential problem popped up.

Sort Dragon's forces would play more than an auxiliary role in ODN. In fact, aiva's entire plan relied on them. Hopefully Sort Dragon wouldn't revert to type and stab aiva in the back.

aiva was well aware that Sort Dragon might be tempted to sell him out and make a separate peace with Pandemic Horde. To prevent this, aiva would need to keep a close eye on Sort Dragon. Micromanage him, even.

Nevertheless, working with Sort Dragon was a calculated risk. aiva had run all the numbers and decided it was worth the rewards.

As Napoleon once observed, amateurs discuss tactics while professionals discuss logistics...

...And no one was better at logistics than Agent Anvil.

Also tactics.

To be continued...


  1. "amateurs discuss tactics while professionals discuss logistics..."

    And that, right there, is how Goonswarm is able to completely outplay Pandemic.

  2. oh come on guys, you won a few battles, but the war isn't over!

    1. At this point who cares about the war, will aiva get his Titan? WILL HE?!
      The suspense mounts!!!

    2. Goonswarm Titan-manufacturers are not allowed to lie since The Mittani's GF-Decree of I think 2006 or 2007.

      And he'll be a Director soon anyways, so he can just order a dozen to be built for him.

  3. Ok, so you got some autistic logistician calculating everything you do, big deal, that's doesn't make you better at the game, it just means he's better at the game and someday he will join the PAN FAM.

  4. He bought the wrong kind of permit.. I hope this won't collapse over an insignificant detail of paperwork.

  5. Haha, a powerful nullsec alliance following a highsec blog, desperately trying to pick up scraps of intel that may save them! And we get to point at them and laugh publicly!

    James 315 is truly magnificent!

  6. scince your starting to catch on joe i feel you have earned a hint the battle field was never in null sec

  7. oh and joe ph stole from me big mistake i wont come back even if you beg while ph lives

  8. ,,paying local miners for the privilege of mining highsec ore.'' I have no words...

    1. He's clueless. Quite possibly the biggest tactical retard since WILLIAM GREER STOLEN VALOR CRACKERBOX PEARL RIVER LOSERIANA!


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