Sunday, September 8, 2013

Don't Be Goofus

Everyone who's spent more than a few seconds reading the Code knows that you shouldn't be like Goofus. But you'd be surprised how many miners in highsec closely resemble Goofus. Chiara Orisan aims to change that, so she sent us the following pencil drawing:

Remember, carebears, if you don't get the point when it's made in pencil, the next time it'll be made in antimatter.

BONUS VIDEO! There's a myth going around that Agent Lenda Shinhwa would like to bust. It involves the pernicious practice of AFK mining in deadspace pockets. Lenda explains:

How did they do it? See for yourself! Slowboat to Painville

Permanent links to all supporter artwork may be found on the Links page.


  1. "I saw... their thoughts. I saw what they're planning to do. They're like locusts. They're moving from asteroid to asteroid... their whole civilization. After they've consumed every natural resource they move on... and we're next.

    Nuke 'em.

    Let's nuke the bastards."

  2. "lets kick the tires and light the fires big daddy"

  3. Lenda Shinwa, Ophidia Black and Selina Dyle = genius gankers.

    CCP can never nerf this kind of dedication.

    1. Somehow (being an attention whore), I left out that it was Ophidia Black who scanned that guy down and whose Orca delivered our Catalysts. I was merely a trigger puller and cameraman. That was completely her OP.

    2. we even usted the unsta undock in our pods thats how pro we are :D


    3. *used *insta *on

      wow i should first check before posting next time :P


  4. There's just one thing wrong with this picture: The barge in that artwork is a Procurer, which the New Order has yet to post a successful gank of. The only Procurers involved with NO on this blog were either scout warpins for Knights or CONCORDOKENed while attempting to attack the New Order.

    One can argue that the Procurer is the most Code-compliant barge of all, as its lower yield and especially hold mean one can not AFK mine in that thing. It is specifically designed for tank and beef, sacrificing money making for survival. The Proc is the barge of Gallant, while the Retreiver is preferred by Goofus.

    Aside from the choice of barge, the sketch is very nicely done. The asteroids look like rubbish, but they're asteroids; they look like rubbish in the game. The ships are well drawn and instantly identifiable.


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