Saturday, September 28, 2013

On the Beat in Kamio, Part 2

Previously, on MinerBumping... A group of Agents encounted alexhunter seyah mining ice without a permit. After they destroyed his ship, he began cycling rapidly through the stages of miner grief. Our heroes encouraged alexhunter to give up carebearism and to start living as a man.

The first step in alexhunter's rehabilitation was to make him aware of the Code. This is really something alexhunter should have taken care of for himself before he started playing EVE, but it's never too late.

alexhunter claimed innocence on a technicality: Because his ice harvesters hadn't finished a cycle before he was killed, he never mined any ice.

...But the Agents of the New Order are not so easily fooled.

According to the killmail, one unit of White Glaze was sitting inside the Retriever's ore hold. alexhunter was guilty as sin.

When Agent Ryan Gooseling shot down yet another of alexhunter's excuses, alexhunter suddenly realized he wasn't having fun anymore.

alexhunter hit rock bottom. He needed the Code, desperately. Thank goodness for MinerBumping. The Code is only a click away. The New Order would have had much more difficulty spreading the word before the internet.

The miner confessed his shortcomings. That's fine. No highsec miner is perfect--that's what Agents are for.

As alexhunter began to read about the New Order on MinerBumping, his eyes began to open. Slowly, but some movement is better than none.

Unlike most miners who claim to be "new players", alexhunter hadn't been playing EVE for several years. Had he been playing for a day or two? A couple weeks, maybe? No, he started playing over two months ago. That's pretty new by carebear standards. They take a long time to master the basics.

Reflexively, alexhunter came up with the idea that it's against the ToS to bump a miner. Like all space lawyers, he was absolutely confident of this, despite the fact that he believed himself to be new and unaware of things. However, our Agents are very experienced in dealing with this kind of nonsense, and they were able to get him to change his mind within seconds.

With nowhere else to go, alexhunter threatened to appeal the matter to higher authorities: His alliance, and me.

By day's end, our Agents were not yet able to convince alexhunter to become a proper EVE player. Still sore about losing his Retriever (and losing the argument), he vowed revenge. Does alexhunter truly have powerful friends, and even "powers" of his own? Only time will tell.

...Time just told. "No" on both counts!


  1. The New Order wins again \o/
    Hope to see more of ryan gooseling and the gang! He's a great new agent!

  2. He's got powers! I hope he doesn't use the ring of power to open the gates of Gareth! That would be bad.

    1. "misunderestimates my powers"
      it's like a cross between a star wars and george w bush quote

  3. if only these guys werent condescending jack asses maybe more would follow...

    1. If this is what you considered condescending, I'd hate to see you meet someone really nasty.

    2. Mandelor and pals are actually some of the "nicer" agents. see the article about chunk1993 for that proof

    3. Wait..chunk and alex are in the same corp! AHHHHH

  4. oh they are condescending jackasses, they just try to wrap it all up in doctrine and the fallacy of saving hi sec. it will fade with time like so many others.

    1. You're thinking of the short-lived rebel blogs that spring up for a few hours and die a death in ignorance.

      Good post, it was like a game of bingo as he went through all of the arguements at every stage and then he bought out his 'I have friends in high places' statement!

      I'm surprised there was no dictator reference though, I was so sure that was about to come up.

  5. *Casually checks off the "Friends in nullsec" case of the miner bingo*

    1. When hi-sec I ice mine, I have friends in null-sec who have powerful friends in hi.

  6. I'm sure his 45 man carebear alliance is a force to be reckoned with!

  7. I'd like to thank James' almost tireless Agent who ran around a particular Hi-sec ice field on the weekend. He managed to successfully scare away the AFK bot-aspirants.

    On my arrival to Hi-sec, I activated my tanked Procurer and headed out to the ice. By all accounts the ice field should have been down to its last icicle and crammed full of macks and orcas in their multi-alt fleet mining operations.

    When I arrived I was pleasantly surprised to see no less than 20 icicles with more than 100 ice. More than half a billion iskies. A PLEX worth. And one Agent in a Stabber in the middle of it all. We were well known to each other, yet the polite invitation to purchase a permit was nevertheless extended once again.

    The services he rendered to me this day would have more than paid the 10m isk. Indeed it would have bought me a new fully fitted Procurer. So I was almost tempted to make a payment ... for 0.68 seconds or so. I would of course be well on the red pen list and notwithstanding he only asked for 10 million isk to mine, I formed the view he would immediately demand a further 30 million. I considered making a counter proposal such as purchasing 100m isk worth of shares and getting voting rights and blanket permit to mine anywhere and anyhow I see fit. But no.

    Such is the nature of the New Order - they act with duplicity and deception so the requisite trust was missing for me to enter into any form of financial arrangement with them. Of course anyone who can survive null does not need a permit to mine ice in Hi-sec, so I politely declined the offer.

    After making his intentions clear (bumping) and knowing him not to actually ever agress in that alt, and knowing his one other alt could not possible gank my tanked Procurer by the time Concord would arrive, I knew I was safe. I also knew mining in the system's ice field was a non-starter.

    Therefore I warped into station, reconfigured the Procurer for roid mining and proceeded to each field making multiple bookmarks of various rocks. I then warped to my bookmarked asteroids and had maybe 10 to 30 seconds of uninterrupted roid mining before he found me and bumped. When this happened I warped to the next bookmark and so I repeated for 30 mins until my hold was full. When I left the station he was waiting outside and followed me to the roid field to go again.

    Sure it was inefficient but I merely needed to outlast the guy. Waiting for 20 minutes for a bubble camp to disappear teaches tenacity and patience. I warped to the next field and no bump. He does not follow. Indeed he left local. I filled my hold with Massive Scordite and returned to the station and reconfigured for ice mining.

    It took the bot aspirants more than 2 hours to work out he had gone. I harvested over 3 hours of ice in peace, which was all I needed. Enough to pay for ships. I then logged off.

    Logging on again I was confronted with a different agent who tried to enforce the code in a battleship. A Machariel to be precise. Dude WTF! After watching him bump two retrievers >100km from the ice field my hold filled once again. I switched out my scanner for a MWD and swapped the ice mining upgrades for an overdrive and nanofiber structure and took to the field with a speed and shield tanked Procurer.

    Warping to the icicle bookmark I proceeded to orbit it at 500m with the MWD. The speed and intertia boost got the Procurer to around 250m/s. This was enough to avoid the Machariel on all half dozen or so attempts to bump. The Mach warped away, and left local. I filled my ore hold (again) and replaced the speed tank with gank tank, and then took another 250 ice or so while watching TV on my second monitor.

    Another successful weekend where the code was upheld against the bot aspirants, running multiple alts, and going afk; while leaving more ice for me, who is prepared to mine in an active manner and out-last anyone who would presume to make me pay.

    1. arent you just so super pleased with yourself.
      you must be the coolest guy to ever write a wall of text explaining in such great detail exactly how edgy and rebellious you are.
      we are all so happy for you that youre at your keyboard.
      cant wait for you to gain some respect. too bad you cant rape a rock for that.

    2. LOL! Bravo! I think he did very well.
      Sounds like sour grapes to me, Renn. He got past them, didn't he?
      Might I suggest some Ex-Lax to help you relax a bit?

      His detailing gives other hi-sec miners and noobies hope and valuable instruction against the evil machinations of Jimmy and his Goombas.

      Take heart and learn from these valuable teachings, ye would-be miners in hi-sec!
      Jimmy and his Orc hordes can be defeated! Huzzah!! : D

    3. Speed tanking a Procurer should never work. It only did in this instance because Mr Bumper came on in a battleship with stuff-all manoeuvrability. Speed tanking v a Stabber will not work unless the Stabber pilot can't play eve all that well. Hmm if he is bumping, you never know, so maybe it's worth a shot.

      I should also suggest if the field you are mining is under agent threat, add them to red contacts so you can count the number available to Gank. If they have greater than -2 security clearance there is a low probability they will gank you. If they are -4 or worse there is a higher probability they will gank you. If they are -8 or worse then they are likely Ganker alts.

      When you are confronted with these folk make sure you are in a skiff or Procurer. They cannot gank a Procurer without 4 highly skilled catalysts with T2 fittings. If they take T1 they will need or 5 or 6. This will cost them over 100m isk. In exchange the Procurer fully fitted will cost 15m to 20m or so.

      The first rule in avoiding being Ganked is do not get named upgrades costing 500m isk each - that's how you get a 1.4bn isk killmail on a retriever Why not put PLEX in the hold - it's that fking dumb. If you do that I hope you get Ganked. Meta 4 and below fittings are sufficient tank.

      Second rule is buy from a trading hub. Do you want to buy your replacement parts from the gankers at elevated pricing.

      You do not need a scanner for ice mining unless the field is packed AND almost depleted. For your Mid slots go for: EM and Thermal hardeners and 2 adaptive hardeners. With that shield tank you will have >27K EHP. A MED shield extender extends by around 860HP - you get better value with rigs and hardeners.

      On your lows you yield tank. 2 Ice harvester upgrades. If you are paranoid then armour tank too. I don't. Noone has got my shields below 50%. But I do have armour tank in the station. Adding plates only adds around 12% to armour so forget the Hulkaggedon advice to 'strap 1600 plates to your axx' and instead tank with armour hardeners: eg Explosive and Kinetic to buff the weakest damage resist types.

      On rigs you can get the Ice harvester accelerator and have 150 calibration points left for tank rigs. Focus on shield tank. Don't get anything that increases rates - the fight is over before the rates matter. You could go an EM screen (+30%) but better to get 2 Core Defence fields (an extra 1800 EHP). With all this tank and defence skills trained you should be over 30,000 EHP in the Procurer.

      When Ganked don't forget to overheat defensive modules. That's good for another 20% effectiveness on your modules - ie you can be over 35,000 EHP when it counts.

      Most miner bumpers don't do the math before they have a go. Most just go for retrievers that are not gank-tanked. Don't be that guy.

    4. I hate to break this to you, but 30k EHP in a Procurer is shit-tier. You get 29k with the thing unfitted. Mine pushes 87k, and that jumps to 97k when I put heat on the hardners. I can get a Skiff to 112k EHP (130k with Heat).

    5. Depends what's trained. But hey - 97K EHP Procurer for under 20m isk is a great anti-gank advert- which is the point.

    6. Yeah, it depends on what they've trained, and that's exactly the problem with Carebears. They put tanking skills on the back burner, and if they trained them at all, they go with the minimum requirements and say 'Good enough'. For every 'tanked' barge I see, more often than not it's badfit (T1 invulns, wrong types of hardners, no damage control, undersized extenders, boosters ect ect). I doubt they even bother to train the EHP Holy Trinity (Shield Maintenance, Hull Upgrades and Mechanics) to 5. Instead they worry about maximizing their Yield, while ignoring the fact that the best way to make money is to not lose ships.

  8. Aw little miner bumper need to go rant, rant, to keep its self-identity and relevance all nice and warm. How cute.

    I am pleased to spread the wisdom of how to beat the bump and not pay. Hi-sec belongs to those who claim it for themselves.

    1. If you didn't talk like a child, you'd be the ideal highsec miner. You follow the approved mining procedures very carefully. It's funny that you think that not paying the 10 million for the permit means that you have 'won'. If you were mature enough to know the function of the permit fee, you'd have already paid it. The truth is, the permit fee is a sign to show which side you're on. The self-defeating nature of your actions-- following the method of one side without even realizing it-- shows only that when you fight against yourself, you always win, and you always lose.

    2. The issue is the permit does not actually permit anything when bumpers have the discretion to determine code infractions have occurred and decree permits invalid.

      While in Hisec watching local is less relevant than null or low sec - you can warp at zero gate to gate without fear of bubble or camp. For this reason when in Highsec I generally have Corp, Alliance or TS fleet on. Occasionally I will reply to Local when I notice it. TS first, corp, alliance then local chat.

      It takes 10 to 15 minutes to fill a Procurer. In that time, most of the time I am doing work on a second monitor or watching TV at the keyboard. However I also reserve the right at any time to go make a sandwich etc. That is the code I choose to play to.

      Since my mining code excludes 'go make a sandwich' from bot aspirant behaviour, something inconsistent with the New Order; and because I am not going to pay 10m isk per 'sandwich' then non-negotiable nature of the values of the New Order makes the New Order's values entirely inconsistent with mine. Hence a refusal to pay - because paying means among other things (as some have already pointed out) an acceptance of the need to ask permission to go to the bathroom.

      So despite the fact that I agree with most of the goals of the New Order, and the fact that the New Order makes me 50m to 100m of isk a week by cleaning the bots out of the system - I won't declare my support or pay isk.

    3. All of that is mostly true, and yet here you are, posting. If you really believed these tangled justifications, you'd have no reason to post on this site, but you do. Why? Guilt. Guilt because you know you are selfishly focused only on doing 'mostly' right yourself, but that the Order is focused on making all of highsec right. Your desire to buy a permit and join the correct side is what motivates your extremely long posts here; when your self-awareness and maturity increase just a bit more, the Order will be ready to welcome you into the fold.

    4. NO! He is the true voice of light for the right miners. He spread the wisdom of hi-sec safety and tech us to say no to NO.

      If we don't mine this way what fun would it be? It is bot like to pay 10m isk to mine but fighting for every last ice at risk of gank or bumping is the more honor profession.

  9. Yes so I agree with 90% of the code, I benefit from 90% of the enforcement of it and I abide by 90% of the code- but the code is inflexible and absolute it's 100% or nothing. So I have nothing to do with it. Because I want my last 10%.

    1. People who obey 90% of the laws, because they benefit from 90% of the laws, are quite common in the world around us. But you wouldn't want one in your home. EVE is a game, you could play as a hero, by discarding your fear, or a pirate, by discarding your inhibitions--but you want that last 10%. So that's all you get, you get the 10% of yourself you'd be better off without. And here you are to tell us all about it. I guess you're looking for approval.


  10. Anon, thanks for the tips, I am not going to pay either.
    Hi-ho, hi-ho, it's off to mine ice I go....

    1. You do realize that posting "me too! --anonymous" is like signing a petition anonymously, right?


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