Friday, September 20, 2013

My Official Response to the New Rules Against Scamming

Several days ago, I wrote a blog post describing CCP's new rule against pretending to be affiliated with "groups of players". Earlier this week, I wrote an essay on the subject for, which you can read at that link.

The article I wrote for covers some of the same ground as the blog post, but goes into more depth on the subject. In addition, it analyzes extra rules that the GMs added by way of "interpreting" the new ToS provision. Somehow, the GMs' "clarifications" managed to make the situation even worse--as you'll see from the not-so-far-fetched examples I write about.

As always, links to all of my articles are available on our multipurpose Links page.


  1. Having not read the article already... WHAT THE FLYING FUCK? I tried to stay away from this for a couple days (mainly so i didn't get forum-banned for whatever dumbass reasons they though up...) and it's even derpier than when I left it.

  2. First time I have really looked at the mittani site, due to your link James 315. I enjoyed the read and thought it was a well constructed article. I do believe with the TOS ccp have potentially opened a can of worms for themselves.

  3. This sounds like a carebear whine...

    1. Indeed. So many people whining.

      The answer is simple...if you are unhappy how CCP is handling eve...STOP PLAYING!

    2. Responding to a logical analysis with a recommendation based on feelings isn't an answer at all, let alone "the answer".


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