Monday, September 16, 2013

Highsec Miner Grab Bag #41

Things are looking up for highsec these days. Thanks to the tireless efforts of the New Order, more and more miners are starting to "get" EVE. As for the rest, we must collect and preserve their tears. Once highsec achieves a compliance rate of 100%, no one will ever need to cry again.

With all the talk these days about the rules against "impersonation" in the ToS, it's important we don't forget about the rest of the ToS. GRAND INQUIZITOR, death threats are not allowed--even if you did lose your precious implants.

Maybe I'm being too sensitive, but when someone tells me to "go back to nullsec", it almost sounds racist. The "die" part is standard.

What's with miners' obsession with death these days? This edition of the Grab Bag is starting off with an unusually dark tone.

By the time I read Shadow Foxden's warning about no players being left, I began to wonder if MinerBumping got a gritty reboot.

Protip: If you want to duel me, please remember the duel provisions listed on the Code. I'm still waiting for one of the Tests to be invoked by Mr. Foxden. Hopefully he gets things sorted out before he quits EVE.

First impressions are important. That's why it's so disappointing to hear negative rumors about me. If you've just heard about the Code and have a problem with it, please keep your mind open. An Agent will be along to help you.

Highsec miner Zeratul Sheppard was outraged by the possibility that there are EVE players who enjoy shooting people in a game.

Is the New Order full of terrorists? Unlikely. We're the government. We have about as many terrorists in our ranks as your local fire department.

Rokmal Serala demonstrates the difficulty of reasoning with some carebears. If someone likes the New Order, they don't count because they're someone's alt. And if they're not someone's alt, they still don't count, because they're "brainwashed"!

Nathan D O'Mally, your sarcasm is acknowledged... and ignored. If you wish to become an Agent of the New Order, please follow the instructions on this website. Maybe the Order is just the thing to help you straighten out your life.

I don't understand why miners complain that we attack unarmed ships. Whose fault is that? Is it our job to arm the miners' ships?

Tatsu Kishi insists that she never mines AFK. But when her ship exploded, all of her credibility went right out the airlock. It's like I always say: Actions speak louder than words. If you want to prove you're not AFK, you know what to do. I await your 10 million isk.


  1. It's bad enough to threaten a player, but to threaten a player's "mouther"... that's just wrong.

  2. "Highsec miner Zeratul Sheppard was outraged by the possibility that there are EVE players who enjoy shooting people in a game."

    Yeah some people really forget how to have fun in ........ omfg a game after all.

  3. In this age of fast cars, answering machines, and one night stands people sure are getting angrier.

  4. I've particularly enjoyed this week's grab bag, as it seems the tears and e-butthurt have increased tenfold. Go forth and make me proud Order!


  5. Looks like these people would at least have the decency to type correctly, if they're going to mouth off. Honestly, I doubt even the Order can save those sorts.. They're either too young or too stupid to be affected. All you can really do is purge them and hope they go elsewhere.

    As for the proof of AFK, though, the lack of a permit or the fact that they blow isn't what does it; the fact that they have to complain about it only AFTER they've been blown up shows that they weren't around for the show. Disappointing error, should probably fix that.

    1. Trust me, you would be astonished to what depths can grown men, 35 +, sink.

      In my high sec scamming / awoxing days, i met ONE corp that was funny, friendly, and there to enjoy the game. They even gave me a message of good luck when i left (after having emptied a pos)

      They were fun, friendly, and there to play a game. And that kind of stuff was part of the game. One corp, in two years.

    2. @Neltharak: Guess it boils down to human reactivity; even some of the most mature people can behave childishly if their security is threatened, and especially so if they're taught that it's okay to behave like that. I'm kind of surprised that you've found even one consistently-mature corp, actually.

      I just wish the NO would be a little less eager to troll. The ganking and bumping improve the immersion and initiate the uninitiated into the reality of EVE, but the sadistic rhetoric doesn't really contribute to anything but the amusement of the Agents themselves. It's sort of the other end of the depths, as I see it.

    3. The "sadistic rhetoric", that I don't find sadistic, is helpful to separate the people who understand the difference between a game and real life from the ones who don't. It brings out reactions, often hilarious ones, and it gives depth to a game that being a MMORPG is based around role playing a character in a fantasy world.

    4. @ Avris T

      Sometimes ridicule is the best response to the ridiculous attitudes we encounter - namely, players who take the game too seriously and consider any loss of in-game assets as a direct attack on their real-life person.

    5. Playing a computer game takes up real-life time, so how does it not harm them if they lose something that made them spend real-time playing a game?

    6. @Arvix T.: Not everyone is fluent in English, like you. Ever thought about that?

    7. Space Logic TeacherOctober 3, 2013 at 6:25 AM

      "Playing a computer game takes up real-life time, so how does it not harm them if they lose something that made them spend real-time playing a game?"

      If something "makes" you spend real-time playing a game, then losing that thing benefits you; as forcing you to do something is harming you, so that thing was harmful, and losing a harmful thing is a benefit.

    8. @SPT: More of your wicked logic? But you know that at the end it doesn't add up? It's flawed at the core.
      The only thing you do do is causing grief and creating spiral of hate and making profit of course. Disguising it with flawed logic is what all criminals, gangs and mafias would like to do (and they sometimes do).
      Harming people to "improve" them is what all socialists want to do, even against someones will. Just some of them don't know it themselves. The top knows it, he has devised it. Do all the cronies know it? Or is it just legitimizing their own drive to hurt others? How can all this be any good? It is not.

    9. @SPT: "makes" - English is not my first language. so don't try to catch me using an odd word and make it sound like you've made a point in doing so. You well know what I've meant.

    10. Space Logic TeacherOctober 3, 2013 at 3:22 PM

      Yes, I know exactly what you mean, and what you think. You know that I'm right, so you use ad hominems instead of addressing the substance of my comment. If you say someone's logic is flawed, without specifying what the logical error is, then you've made about the worst response you could possibly make.

  6. Hi James. I would like you and your Team to think about something. How is a new player going to afford 10 mil? And yes it happened last night. One day old and already he was been bump around by your minions.

    Rebel Eve Player

    1. What ship was this new player flying?

    2. once a agreed with a miner that i will monitor him so he got 4 hours to mine enough minerals to buy a permit.

      i gave him the time and he bought one after only 2 1/2 hours as he had then enough isk.

      so you see it is possible even for new players to buy a permit if you really mean it.

      agent selina

    3. Wow Agent Selina, that was very patient and understanding. You gave up two and a half hours of game time, to help a miner out. How many miners can claim the same?

    4. You'd be surprised how many old guard agents are ready to go out of their way and take hours to help people out.

      just ... not people that instantly spam death threats.

    5. Bot aspirant rebels like to claim that there exist new players that have been wronged by the New Order, but they never bother to provide the name of these players or any other pertinent information about the alleged gank. It's almost as if these new players don't exist but are instead being used as a (lame) rhetorical device.

    6. Maybe they are afraid of being targeted next/again)? Ever thought about that?
      First they are shoot at for no reason other than your so called "Code", that no new player could knew about and then they would risk to be on the "To bully" list?

    7. @last anon:

      The question was asked "What ship was this new player flying?"

      This basic question was never answered.

      How could answering this question reveal the identity of the anonymous poster who started this subthread? (hint: it couldn't)

      i.e., the incident never happened, the entire anecdote is a lie.

    8. You can't do 10m isk in 2 hours in a Venture.

      2 XeCl Lasers 47m3 per minute.
      Mining Frigs 3 = 15% upgrade
      Role Bonus 100%
      Mining 3 = 15%
      Astro Geo 3 = 15%.
      Total: 136.3.

      Mining Laser upgrade 1 = 5%
      Total: 143.1

      Assume the most high-sec efficient mineral - Massive Scordite at Jita 4-4 prices + 20% = 1.2 x $28 = $33.6

      Now convert MS to sqm = 16 units per sqm.

      Total value per minute: 16 x $33.6 x 143.1 = 76.9K

      Time to fill hold = 5000/136.3 = 36.6 minutes.

      Assume time to warp out and back costs 3 minutes per hour.

      Time to get $10m isk = 10m / 76.9K minutes = 130.03. = 2 hours and 10 minutes.... This is pretty much a perfect case set-up. I doubt you'd get it in a real situation. You would not for instance have the 297,619 Massive Scordite needed in the system.

      If it is Veldspar selling in the roid field you will be getting $20 not $33.6..... ie you will make $45K per minute taking around 222 minutes or 222 / (60 - 3) = 3 hours 55 minutes.

      So unless the guy gave you almost all his isk or transferred cash from an alt etc then I don't believe it.

    9. @Fact checker: How come that you know if he has ever returned answer that question? Maybe he didn't, so what you do is pure demagogy.
      The whole James's idea was more of a demagogy for fun of role-playing it, making ISK and causing grief. I wonder how many of his followers understand that? If you answer that, that would be another display of your demagogy, so don't. Don't answer, cause you cannot know that.

      @above anon: I once did some AFK mining in Venture, at work, for a week, everyday 8 hours a day. It gave me roughly 10mil a day (day in this case = 8 hours).
      Anything that so called "Code" followers say to support their cause has to be considered as true, as true is saying: "High-sec is safe" - meaning: don't trust it, Think, don't take other people word's as a dogma.

    10. I don't know if he ever returned to answer that simple question, but I can hardly view failing to return to support one's claims in a positive light. Repeatedly slinging demagogy as an insult is, in fact, demagogy on your part.

    11. Failing to turn up? Some of "you" say this both in-game and on this blog, that EVE is only a game and not the real life, so one should see the difference between the two and not to be so serious about the in-game events. Accordingly, some, or even most people will not turn up to this blog to check if someone has answered to their post. Secondly they may not expect people committing criminal (in-game) offenses like ganging and pod-killing to be reasoned with. They just voice their disgust on that matter and carry on with their lives.
      It's just as you sir who being accused of demagogy, feel that it was insulting and throw that back at the accuse. Perhaps in an effort to put them on the same level ethically speaking.
      I myself will vanish from this site soon, so don't expect me to answer all my post. I've already learned here what I need.

    12. 'Demagogy' *is* insulting. So is being referred to as one of "you".

      Glad to hear you won't be back. Unless you know what ship this person was supposedly flying, I'm still waiting for that simple fact.

    13. p.s. 'ganging' is not criminal, and 'pod-killing' is only criminal in subpar, low-resource space.

    14. You are still waiting to hear that? Because it's essential in proving something at that matter? And you still claim that th "demagogue" title hurts you? Still it fit's you perfectly.
      Let me tell you this: you can be 99,99% sure he's not going to answer. Any longer waiting is naive... but I believe you just try mockery now for a change.
      Ganking is not criminal. Pod-killing is not criminal? Why do you get a criminal status then for doing that? The only action that you, that you do that isn't an offense is bumping.
      BTW i see that you lot consider all that is fun for you, but might hurt others legit, as long as CCP doesn't ban it, or Concord doesn't attack you. While in real life scamming other people out of their possessions is an act of theft, and harassing (bumping) is called harassment, selling permits is extortion, finally ganking is causing criminal damage and pod-killing is murder.
      Would you sentence to death someone for driving slowly on a motorway or by using cruise control, or automatic transmission? It's so close to what you call boting and what you want to punish by pod-killing and wrecking someone's ship.

      "Glad to hear you won't be back"? When you (you in general all of you James supporters) fail to find any valid arguments, than you want others to be quiet, or you start to insult them by calling names like "carebear", "bot" or being "but-hurt".
      Keep up on the course to become new e-Stalin, e-Hitler, e-Mao, e-Pol Pot, you name it.

      I can see that James is role playing this, but I wonder if other coders know that or if they truly believe that they help others by enforcing other to pley the way they want them to play.

      You only make 95% people to hate you (5% might want to join you on the bulling side). Someday all that hate will come back to you and it will be you, that'll hurt.

    15. How does asking what ship this alleged miner was allegedly flying make me a James supporter, or an e-stalin, or a demagogue?

      It's a simple question. What ship was he flying?

      You can continue to insult anyone who asks simple factual questions, but it will only make 95% of people to hate you. (5% might want to join your simple question bulling side) Someday all that hate will come back to you and it will be you, that'll hurt.

  7. Huh, funny thing is this new order crap is a copy cat of some ones else design a cpl of yrs back. Funny how many of the gankers that do support the this order crap hide behind npc corps and are risk averse to get their asses blown away in a real fight. One day would like to see a mining fleet with pvp support in the belts when these pussies show up give em what they deserve....a righteous blow to the head to put them out of their mental misery. EvE aint dying yet...but all you goon lovers keep it up and new players will be hard to find that even think about playing eve. thats when you will have nothing but your circle jerk to play with....which is what i call truly boring.

    1. Do you even play this game? Most of the knights are in player corps. Most hi sec miners are too lazy to have PvP support. Hell, most of them are too lazy to be ATK.

    2. of course....and im looking forward to the day they attempt a full blown war where they will surely die not from too many ship losses or lack of isk....but because their will has left them. Im smiling every time i read this will be funny when some one actually breaks them. And when i mean break...they are forced to give up against a force with a will stronger than their own.

    3. Yes I too look forward to the day when "they" do something. It won't be you Anon, well all know that. It will be someone else who does what needs to be done, but not you.

    4. dear mr carebear,
      that people capable of doing that what you hope, live mostly in nullsec and are supporting our cause in large numbers.
      i hate the word delusionist, but in that case its fitting.
      also, over 90% of our gankers have a security status of below -5. so you can shoot them anyways at any time.
      so your argument of "hiding in npc corps" is just retarded and shows only how little you know about the game and the new order.
      ohhh i forgot...its :effort: to do something yourself, so you will wait till "someone else" does something against it like all our opposers do.

      to quote ccp : "HTFU", or leave this game which is obviously not suited for you.

      you cant stop what the majority of the playerbase wants.

      agent selina

    5. Those of us in CODE. though do appreciate a good wardec. We won't run, stay docked, or log and will always fight. So feel free to dec us and take a stand against the New Order.

    6. As Lenda said, please feel free to dec CODE. anytime you feel like it. It's always nice to see a carebear make an attempt at something other than carebearing :D


    7. Always fun when someone decs CODE. I'm sure things may even die during the wardec, although the things dying may not be participants of the war, they will just happen to die during the duration of the war.


    8. ive had my ass blown off several times. one time even by some "elite pvp masters" from null sec who were using a highsec mining alt, because the risk/reward is so moronically unbalanced. they got butthurt when i bumped them out of range.
      you want to talk about risk wont even put your name on your posts.

  8. In the past, people would call you the second Hitler. But that's not the case anymore. Instead, you strike me more as a "Reverse Obama". At first you seem like the worse of two options, but eventually you have managed to become likable. Just like Obama once seemed like the better of two options, but now seems like he actually wants to start World War III...

  9. One thing I have noticed, do these people even bother keeping up with insurance anymore? Seriously folks, if you pay for the platinum insurance, you can actually come out ahead in some situations financially. Of course, that says nothing for emotional or psychological situations.

    ---Friendly Neighborhood Scoundrel


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