Tuesday, September 3, 2013

The True Test of a Man, Part 4

Previously, on MinerBumping... Highsec miner Ria'ac Aideron said terrible things about the New Order after being ganked a few times. Fortunately, he was persuaded to buy a mining permit anyway. He asked Agent Ophidia Black for help acquiring a reimbursement for his lost ships. Ophidia explained that he must first demonstrate his faith by giving her all of his remaining possessions.

After thinking it over, Ria'ac decided his best option was to go ahead and give Ophidia everything.

...But he still harbored doubts. It's not easy going from the Red Pen list to the honour roll.

Ophidia reminded him that there was no risk of losing his stuff, because she had no interest in scamming him. Then she offered to assist him in making contracts--just another example of the New Order educating people how to play EVE.

After a crash course in contracts, Ria'ac was good to go. He began transferring all of his assets to Ophidia.

Just then, Ophidia's boss, Odin Koraka, joined the convo. I know, I wasn't aware Ophidia had a boss, either. At any rate, Odin took over and assumed Ophidia's reimbursement duties for the rest of the day.

For some reason, Ria'ac Aideron went mute. Odin prompted him to speak, but was met with silence. Would Ria'ac really fall back into his pernicious AFK habits, right at this critical moment?

When Ria'ac still wouldn't answer, Odin started a countdown. If Ria'ac was at his keyboard, he would know Odin meant business. He would say something. Did Ria'ac ever care about the Code at all? Was he in it for the money?

If this were an action movie, Ria'ac would dive back in at the last possible moment, and preserve his good standing with the Order.

...But this isn't an action movie. It's real life.

Disgusted, Odin had no choice but to revoke Ria'ac's permit. Now, his sins having separated him from the Order and its Code, Ria'ac had no claim on his former possessions.

Eventually, Ria'ac finally bothered to return to keyboard. He was furious with Odin. Later, he caught up with Ophidia and explained the situation. Ria'ac was flat broke. Crime doesn't pay.

As Ophidia consoled the wayward carebear, Ria'ac cursed EVE. Compounding the tragedy, he showed no remorse for violating the Code. He only cared about his money. He wasn't a true convert to the Order; it had only been matter of time before his true nature manifested itself.

It didn't take long for Ria'ac to shift the blame on Ophidia, the one who had gone out of her way to help him. He asked her for free money. Ria'ac was just as lost as he'd been during his Red Pen days. Could Ophidia salvage the situation, and could Ria'ac's possessions be restored?

To be continued...


  1. and another scam victim!

    jesus, do these miners even have 1 brain cell?!

    might as well just crawl back to AFK and Botting... Oh wait this dude lost it all... Time to PLEX and then rinse and repeat...

    Tho I do not endorse any of the actions from agents and order guys, this sure is entertainment.

  2. wanna bet he got booted from convo, and then counted-down on?

    1. You probably are correct. They are only showing the message pane and not the participant pane.

  3. Ophidia Black, bear my children you incredible and perfect human being!

    *Sniffs clutch of Ophidia Blacks hair, almost succumbing to the pure ecstasy induced from doing so.

  4. I have to say that was rather harsh, Odin, not Ophidia. There are all sorts of things that could have happened to explain why Ria'ac wasn't responding, lag, or something IRL that couldn't wait.

    Now the guy has nothing, and I bet the game didn't even provide him with a rookie ship after that, in my opinion, asking for a little money isn't an outrageous request. If it were me, I wouldn't even ask for a single million, again that's just me.

    I shake my head in disappointment at the NO administration practices.

    ---Friendly Neighborhood Scoundrel

    1. You do realize that Odin and Ophidia are one and the same person, right? Odin being the scout, Ophidia being the ganker.

    2. Ok, so where's the evidence of this?

      The message pane alone isn't conclusive enough, it could just as easily point to Ria'ac being kicked from the convo before the countdown by Odin.

      We even have NO Agents not providing a lot of support to this. The most solid defense we have is Capt. Starfox's account of reimbursing someone, albeit he can't remember their name (convenient no?).

    3. I have personally witnessed and participated in several reimbursements. It isn't suspicious at all that Agent Starfox is unable to recall the name of the pilot, as these instances are very rare. Even if Agent Starfox were to produce transcripts and killmails, the New Order's opponents would claim it was an alt he destroyed to create the illusion of reimbursement. Take it how you will, but if you feel that you have been wronged, contact me, 290xanaots, and I will personally ensure that justice is served.

      New Order reimbursement specialist.

    4. @290xanaots

      Believe it or not, I'm inclined to believe Agent Starfox, I'm just doing a little devil's advocate with that last bit. I'm just pointing things out that would seem suspicious to those who oppose the New Order like you did. The statement itself isn't inherently suspicious, but the context of it is.

      tl;dr: I'm more inclined to think Starfox was being honest, and was trying to get Anon 11:49 to give something conclusive.

    5. If you believe that your gonna get scammed

  5. The bosses of New Order Agents and Knights are pretty tough cookies. I wish everyone would realize that we are under a lot of pressure to perform, and when bosses get involved it's never pleasant for anyone. That's why best to cooperate. Otherwise we both get in trouble.

    - Manners

  6. This is prime example of what kind of Agents the Order doesn't need.

    Granted, he got what he deserved when afk mining, but he didn't deserve to be swindled like that. He placed trust in Ophidia, who was both honor and CODE bound to reimburse him on her word. And he got boned for even more. he could have ended up the perfect model of a compliant miner had the Agent held up to their word.

    Anyone who thinks this wasn't a total setup from the start has some serious mental issues.

    So much for honorable Agents, huh. This is the reason people are resisting so much, its got nothing to do with their supposed decadency, it's scumbag Agents like this.

    Tell me, as a miner reading this blog, what incentive is there for them to comply? They pay their due, follow requests and then get scammed for everything. They wont comply to scumbags like this, no. The better option is to just take the loss of a single barge, then move systems.

    This kind of crap only makes it harder for the rest of the Agents to do their job effectively as and miner reading this will know, that Agents cant be trusted, and their word means nothing.

    1. well there are many reasons that are valid to turn down a reinbursment request:

      -not following the code while having a permit
      -beeing unpolite to the offering agent
      -lying to the agent or saying very suspicious things


      i bet ophidia and odin had a conversation and odin found out something fishy about that rac guy.

      we reinburse permit holders, yes, but only if they have been code compilant at that time. if not its all just hot air from the requesters and it is even very unjust and unfair to ask for reinbursment even though you know that you have not earned it.

      agent selina

    2. "i bet ophidia and odin had a conversation and odin found out something fishy about that rac guy."

      How did that look like? Talking to him/herself in the mirror?

    3. @Anon 11:55

      What else do you expect from a member of an organization that is led by one of the biggest scammers of New Eden?

    4. I reimbursed someone once. What? It was funny too, I ganked him and sent the violation notice. He replied eager to learn about MB and NO and actually purchased a permit from me (I didn't sell very many permits). All of this only to get ganked the next day. I get convo'd by him almost immediately after and I start the process of checking what happened. Sure enough he had his bio, wasn't afk (that I could tell), was nice, ect. When I talked to the agent who aggressed I found out he didn't check the bio for whatever reason; it was a Retriever so the guy was new. So I reimbursed the ship. Wish I remembered who that person was, this was awhile ago.

  7. If you look back at the first installment I think you'll find where Ria'ac went afk during my convo with him. He was gone at least long enough for me to carry out an enforcement action. AFK mining is bad for your spaceships. Putting the authorities on hold is just as bad for your other assets.

  8. Yes. I agree that certain situations warrant a voiding of any reimbursements or even incurring additional costs. But anyone with a functioning brain can see this instance was a purposed and planned scam, either from greed, personal satisfaction, or the simple fact the guy was a bit of an ass and Ophidia decided to teach him a lesson. The base line is, he was docked up with nothing left even after complying with his every instruction(albeit reluctantly) and got, for lack of a better word, fucked over.

    I don't care how popular or liked an Agent is, this sort of thing should not be acceptable. For the simple reason you guys missed. No one is going to comply when they know Agents will just bang them in tailpipe anyway.

  9. You can't go AFK without even announcing it like Ria'ac did and expect that nothing happens...remember that he was talking with an authority figure who was spending his own time to help him with his reimbursement request. Even when chatting with a friend online, do you just go AFK without a word right in the middle of an important (or even regular) conversation?

    If you were talking with a police officer, could you just stop the conversation by walking away from him? I think not.

    The least the Agent could do was to confiscate Ria'ac's belongings.

  10. Had he not been docked up, I would agree with you 100%. Since he was docked though, that gives him the right to AFK, although rude, yes, somewhat. But not against the CODE.

    You need to give these people some leeway, not just an iron fist. When in history has this ever worked out? Never. Sooner or later, they will revolt, just like in real life.

    Just saying, You can catch more flies with honey than with vinegar. Smack them down when they need to be, but be forgiving and patient when needed.

    Remember, these people are scared and confused.

    But I can see we are at an impasse of opinions. Rather than continue to try and push my view, I'll simply state that each has his/her own way, but some ways negatively impact general options of the Order.

    1. http://i.imgur.com/ohyJkWe.jpg

  11. "Sooner or later, they will revolt, just like in real life."

    This sounds scary, but the reality (ie, The Proveldtariat) isn't much to worry about. Empirical proof, as usual, trumps lofty internet rhetoric.

    Consider, too, that the author of the quoted text didn't claim he/she would revolt, but that some never-present 'somebody else' would. This is typical of do-nothing bot aspirant thinking.

    1. Why would -I- claim to revolt? That's rather insulting.

      I was talking about the general miner population, obviously not myself, since you can see that I follow the CODE and enforce it when possible.

  12. Regardless of where you stand there's always a reason for why someone apart of NO, or an agent acts a certain way. Could it be that Ria'ac was kicked from the convo just to help provide a convincing screen shot that lacked Ria'ac response to the question of him being afk? I doubt it. A more likely story is that something IRL came up and the player Ria'ac went afk. Cigarette, drink, bathroom are all likely scenarios. He should have asked, or at the very least said something. Even if you disagree that players should ask Ria'ac wouldn't have been in this situation if he had asked to go afk.

    Also, doesn't matter if it was in a station or not. You're in a convo with a NO agent, you should be paying attention to what's going on.. and not walking away from your keyboard at random for an unknown amount of time.

  13. It doesn't matter really if the guy was afk or not...

    Let's all be honest, who in the right mind would give everything away or even more isk for a ship back? damn, now I start to understand how the biggest scammer in EVE makes isk from the occasional scams in the bonus room. Because there are Brainless Idiots!!!

  14. Can I ask, does the code cover botters who have relocated to npc 0.0 and solitude?

    My really good alliance has taken on a botter and got him mining in a quiet system off the beaten track.

    Does the code apply here?

    1. As disgusting as the thought of a botter being able to freely operate is, I don't think the CODE extends to lowsec and null.

      If in doubt though, get him to buy a permit, or you buy on on his behalf. It's only 10m for coverage. Better safe than being non-compliant and loosing what I would assume a great deal of ISK since hes botting and that usually entails more than a few ships working at the same time.

      I would be happy to discus this further in game as I am online right now. Should you need further assistance!

      - Agent Lockheed.

    2. Report the bot to CCP.

  15. We don't sell botting permits...

    -Galaxy Pig

  16. Clearly, he's an idiot, and I think it's fine to scam regular idiots to teach them a lesson, but why scam a code compliant miner in this way? To me it taints the entire story and confuses agents who are trying to change things for the better. Why would miners trust the NO when they see things like this and realize they're going to get screwed even after becoming compliant?

    I think the NO is the best thing to happen to EVE in a long time because it's changing the game for the better, but I don't see how shit like this is good for the game at all. What am I missing?

    1. Take off the Rose colored glasses and step away from the keyboard...

  17. This seems to be very controversial, even NO agents can't agree if this is something the NO should endorse... scamming a code compliant miner who has already been humbled and taught a good lesson.

    I think the NO should have a share holders vote to decide if he should get reimbursed or not.

  18. As Odin and Ophidia are the same person this is clearly a scam. Why lie and try to pretend they are separate if the intention was not to scam?

    1. All I can say is that Ophidia has always dealt honestly with my manic miners on contracts and deals made. So can't believe she was trying to scam the guy.

    2. I can also vouch for Ophidia's integrity. She would never have done something if the action were not completely justified.

    3. He is trying to help the guy.

      It's better to learn these lessons now rather than later when he's got more isk.

      I'd say some folks on here don't want him to learn more about the game so they can scam him in jita instead.

      He wont fall for your scam attempts now heh

  19. Because wishing someones kids get raped and murdered is so much less evil than scamming someone out of some internet pixels, am I right?

    Seriously, read what you just said. Take a good hard look. Over a game, really? You sir, are the one that should be raped, but not murdered. No, I'd rather you have to live with it the rest of your life.

    Ah, good old anonymity, enabling dipshits to say things that would otherwise result in their throat being ripped out.

    Now, would you kindly cry some more? My Catalyst needs some more fuel.

    Thank you.

    -Agent Lockheed

  20. Anon 7.10pm. You need to understand eves just a game. Wanting RL stuff done like you said, that's just sick.

  21. Well, most EVE players want to play with money... This just crossed the goddamn line.


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