Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Highsec Miner Grab Bag #42

Never fear, highsec citizen--another edition of the Highsec Miner Grab Bag is always just around the corner.

AMG Naari is proof that there's nothing "pro" about a protip from a carebear. A protip from an Agent of the New Order, on the other hand--you could put your kids through college with a few of those.

I'm not a fan of indecisive people. You can either "play games with your family" or you can mine. One or the other. When you log onto EVE, you've made that choice.

Those who have sent me EVEmails know about the automatic anti-spam fee of 315 isk. Any message not worth paying 315 isk for is a message not worth reading.

Anti-Order rebellions these days, eh? They give up and close their doors so quickly now. By the time I hear about them, they're usually defunct already.

I get why people compare me to Steve Jobs sometimes, but there are a lot of differences. He made bots, and I fight bots.

Some people have a problem with religion, but I don't see why that should present an obstacle to their journey toward Code-compliance. If they're anarchists, maybe.

For some reason, rebel miners will say that we "beg" for their isk. Not so. Does the SWAT team "beg" when they confiscate all of your illegal stuff?

Lisyteya Roc added to everyone's carebear phrasebook when she told Agent Spine Ripper to "slut down and out". We're still working on a proper translation.

KnightRider2000 is one of the crustiest rebels in Kino. After a year of interacting with the New Order, he still bitterly clings to his isk and mining equipment.

...and yet, even KnightRider2000 isn't a proud rebel miner. He doesn't think of himself as a highsec miner, but a nullsec player of some sort. A sad case.

From Google Translate:

"So since you like angry men with mustaches imitating yes you will also be able German, especially since you take so the insolence out to imitate what to. You need something like no... And just because you build it privately nothing you need to break anything in the game other."

He concludes, in English, "so also bye". Once we've cracked "slut down and out", we'll get to work on whatever this guy was trying to say.

Mia Chiliburner has some suggestions on how to change the Code. Perhaps the best evidence of the Code's perfection is the fact that no miner has been able to come up with any good ideas for how to improve it. I agree with one thing Mia said, though: The New Order is indeed proud of Bing Bangboom.


  1. "that wasn't a name"

  2. In order to understand what Binsenreizer was saying you need to either know how to speak German or at least know how German sentences are parsed. The arrangement of verbs, objects, nouns and predicates are different in German compared to English. The addition of suffixes and prefixes change the definitions of the words used and the words around them. This is why simplistic methods of translation (ie one word at a time independent of other words) fail to result in properly constructed sentences.

    1. You just used that many words, but all you really said was: ''You need to understand German to be able to understand German.'

      Du hast ja wohl den Arsch offen?

  3. "naaa i prefer to make my isk the way real men do. in null sec"

    "KnightRider2000 oh, I thought you were a highsec miner"

    "i am what i need to be that day"

    "so most days that's a highsec miner?"


    Time to renew my subscription!


    I seriously love you guys so much. I really, really wouldn't play eve if it wasn't for New Order, in my opinion I'd have more fun playing table-top games, like mousetrap and monopoly.

    But yeah, glory unto the New Order and the savour off of not just highsec, but of all New Eden!

    James 315, praise him! Praise be unto James 315!

  4. Clearly, if that man's girlfriend truly did fellate him while he mined, rather than advise him of his duty to remain at his keyboard for the full duration of his mining operation, then he needs a new girlfriend. How could she let him slip so far into depravity?

    1. On the flip-side, if the girl was so neglected by her boyfriend that she resorted to blowing him while he mined in a last ditch attempt to get him to log off EVE and come to bed, then I'd say the poor girl is in dire need of a man who'll treat her right. Well, really, anyone who's not a highsec carebear will do, but her best bet is either a Null alliance line member (most emotional stability) or a lowsec pirate (best sex).

    2. I would have thought the best sex would come from a wormholer.

  5. I think the Code is flexible enough for any miner with no hands to be reimbursed the 10m isk upon furnishing proof they indeed have no hands.... such as a video chat or some such.

    On the other hand any man who can't manage to receive the attentious affections of his girlfriend (imaginary or real, mechanical, plastic, rubber or otherwise) and fight PvP at the same time is not worthy of special consideration.

  6. "I'm not a fan of indecisive people. You can either "play games with your family" or you can mine. One or the other. When you log onto EVE, you've made that choice."

    "Once we've cracked "slut down and out", we'll get to work on whatever this guy was trying to say."

    "I get why people compare me to Steve Jobs sometimes, but there are a lot of differences. He made bots, and I fight bots."

    There should be a James 315 quotes webpage

    1. I concur.

      I also vote for a James 315 soundboard.

    2. While the apostate, is of such limited mental capacity they can only engage in one blasphemy at a time; the righteous miner has an expansive mind that is capable of processing multiple thoughts across multiple star systems at a time. As a result, no true miner would ever be forced into a binary choices.

      Especially if one of the one things requires 4-6 mouse clicks per hour and one mouse drag to do at optimum efficiency.....

      The one thing though is that this does not hold true if the choice is between two subsets of a universal spanning set such that the intersection of the two subsets is a null space- but in this case each subset by definition contains an infinite number of elements creating a infinite choice decision point after the binary choice....

    3. You're making real mathematicians look bad, and that takes some doing.

    4. Of course.... but you meant to say "choice between two SPANNING subsets....." and instead of those subsets having infinite elements their span is infinite allowing the linear combinations of the elements to lead to an infinite number of outcomes.

    5. Of course.... but why am I replying to myself over and over as if I'm not the same person....

      At least .... I don't identify myself with constant misplaced .... ellipses so that everyone can see that I'm talking to myself....

    6. All of you are doing it wrong.

      An ellipsis is required to be three ellipsis points not four or some other number. If one is used to indicate the end of a sentence then it should be three dots then a space followed by a fourth.

    7. "All of you are doing it wrong."

      Actually, referring to one person as a plural group : "all of you are" ...... is doing it wrong....

    8. Sorry, I got that one wrong. [...]

      The issue of using "are" vs "is" depends on the plurality of the subject of the sentence.

      All of X are vs all of X is depends on whether X is singular or plural. eg All mankind is going to agree with me on this. vs all men and women are going to agree with me on this. In the case of all of "you" - you has an ambiguous plurality. It is both singular and plural.

      Hence "all of you is" refers to the total commitment of a single person - e.g. All of you is going to fit in the trunk. Whereas "all of you are" refers to a comment about the members of a group - eg "All of you are going to be ganked".

      All of you is going to be ganked most naturally means a single ganking where there is a successful podkill. All of you are going to be ganked means everyone to whom the "you" refers is fired on successfully or not.

    9. All fish learn from your grammar tutelage.
      All fish learns from your grammar tutelage.

  7. Re: HORST

    Given the reference to angry moustache German man, I presume he is refering to Hitler and thus comparing the New Order to the Nazis. See: YouTube "Hitler Meme" usage of a clip in some WW2-set movie wherein Hitler gets told bad news and completely flips out.

    I could be totally wrong, as I must go by the given Google Translation since I do not speak German.

  8. On the part the code should or could be changed, When people are talking in their corp chat and thus not being afk.

    with that said cannot always as quickly as required, is this player afk ? No he is not. Will he get blown up because he might seem afk- Yes

    Solutions for this? Except player end using multipull chat screens?

    ** Mining Permit Holder: 2013.08.26 - 2014.08.26 **
    Agent: Janine Frost

    I myself have bought a permit and i myself have found the rage of people who disagree with me and was forced to remove it from my bio because i was being hunted down because of it. every time they would remove shield and armor just to get me scared

    I secretly am complaint with the code and never miner afk for longer than 20-45 second at a time to get my coffee out of the machine/picking up the phone. (which should be allowed).
    There is a thin line to be a complaint and to be save to mine a little.

    on the other hand if i were to be willing to make an alt to join u to enforce the rules a few times could that be possible?? i would love that of course id only need a little training
    If yes whom do i contact for this?

    For all apparent reasons i can't post under my name :(


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