Monday, September 30, 2013

StarSceeam's Betrayal

One of the many benefits of being the Saviour of Highsec is that I get reports of good news happening all across empire space.

I was delighted to hear from Agent Nerfbat Aldent, who passionately enforces the Code in the Verge Vendor region.

After StarSceeam's Mackinaw was destroyed by Nerfbat and Agent dcomcnfg, StarSceeam contacted Nerfbat and demanded an explanation. Little did he know, Nerfbat was already typing up one for him.

Possibly because his ship had just been destroyed, StarSceeam was already hostile. Nerfbat is an Agent of the New Order. That means he's a professional. He kept his cool.

StarSceeam is a carebear. That means he had greater difficulty keeping his cool.

It didn't take long for StarSceeam to issue his first threat. He had kill rights, and he would use them. It's unknown if he said that in Mine Teck's voice or not.

Nerfbat didn't see StarSceeam as his enemy. He saw him as a lost sheep and a potential friend.

StarSceeam was adamant. He would not pay for a mining permit, ever. Never ever ever.

After a few minutes of talking to Nerfbat, however, StarSceeam began to change his mind. It's like I always say: Our wallets are filled with the isk of miners who said they would "never" pay.

StarSceeam was interested in getting reimbursed for his loss. Nerfbat pointed out that the New Order doesn't do business with Code violators. He would need to turn his life around before reimbursement officer Ophidia Black would even speak to him.

StarSceeam relented, and paid his dues. But with a name like StarSceeam, you know it's only a matter of time before he betrays you.

In a fit of madness, StarSceeam attempted some kind of coup d'├ętat against the New Order. CONCORD wasn't having it. Thus, we learn what the deal was with the Raven on yesterday's "Kills of the Week" post.

There's no reason not to post the killmail again, though. It's a lovely sight.

Instead of pledging loyalty to me, StarSceeam used his bio to express his rage. I'm still hopeful that StarSceeam can be reformed. If he sends the New Order any more money, though, I'll nevertheless keep my eye on him for signs of betrayal.


  1. He...he....throws away a t2 fitted Raven because....because....

    Words fail me.

    The stupid , it burns.

    1. I think he needs to learn the mechanics of eve.

    2. The dumb ... it hurts !!


  2. OK a few questions...

    1) Did he mean to name his character StarScream but made a typo and didn't catch it?
    2) How do you not kill an industrial in a 0.5 system with a Raven?
    3) Did he realize
    a) that's not a pilot that killed him and
    b) you have to activate a kill right and it's not automatic?

    Possibly the dumbest carebear featured here

    1. He would have wanted to name his character StarScream but the name was taken.

  3. The only thing you can trust Starsc[r]eam to do is betray you.

  4. Sounds like he may be in need of an isk doubling service.

  5. Yes.... If you self destruct your mack in front of me I will give you two.

  6. Carebears who run missions train to battleships as fast as possible without stopping to get the skills for fitting cruisers. They deserve the gank spank.

  7. You just need to find him a Megateon, so he can waste all his time betraying that guy instead of the Code.

  8. His secret plan is to get a titan to run missions in low-sec.

  9. Wow... I wanted to start playing eve but one of my pals told me to be careful of you guys... James 315...

    I quite find what you are doing fun!
    Is there a way I can start playing and join the order? (Although I know literally nothing of the game....)

  10. xxBLACK SKULLxx 929October 1, 2013 at 2:06 PM

    ANON 12:07 Look up the NEW ORDER DEATH DEALERS and we'll take you in and train you up and even give you ships to gank with.


    1. Anon would be just the latest of a brotherhood of new players who started playing EVE *BECAUSE* of the noble work of the New Order's agents and knights.

  11. Looks like your little mafia is still profitable, disappointing.
    People have no pride what so ever in Eve.

    "I do not support James 315 and his clowns"

    1. we can tell you have no pride in EvE.
      you dont even have the balls or the backbone to put your name with the random poop you fling at the walls.
      ive never seen a "mafia" that upheld the law. thats what the New Order does, in case your brain has had trouble grasping that truth.

    2. No,indeed I won't put up my ingame name since I have something else to do than evade those who'll want me to pay a permit that is not recognize by CCP as official and mandatory.

      Secondly, mafia upheld the law until they are cought not doing so ;)

      Tirdly,I love Eve,I would love it even more without those who want to "fix" it by force.

    3. Our name is legion.

    4. You're name is Carebear...

  12. Every "new orders" in this game, that has been in past years, looks like New Cosmic Star. Brightest flash and fades quickly.


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