Thursday, September 5, 2013

The True Test of a Man, Part 5

Previously, on MinerBumping... Rebel carebear Ria'ac Aideron cursed the Code and was condemned to the Red Pen list. Realizing the futility of his rebellion, Ria'ac paid to get himself a proper mining permit. He called upon Agent Ophidia Black to reimburse him for his lost ships and, per protocol, transferred all of his remaining possessions to her custody. When Ophidia's boss, Odin Koraka, joined the convo to complete the transaction, Ria'ac went inexplicably AFK and lost everything.

With no ships or assets of any kind, Ria'ac blamed Ophidia and asked her for a loan.

Nothing doing. Odin wouldn't allow Ophidia to give Ria'ac anything until Ria'ac redeemed himself in the eyes of the New Order.

Ria'ac was still in the grips of isk greed. With no material wealth, he saw nothing of worth in EVE. He couldn't even see the value of Ophidia's friendship or the inspiring leadership of the New Order.

Ria'ac admitted that he had gone AFK without even asking for permission. Ophidia tried to make him see reason, to get him to admit his own fault.

What was done was done. Could Ria'ac turn over a new leaf? Again?

It didn't look good. Ria'ac still blamed everyone but himself.

The first step in any kind of recovery is to admit that you have a problem. But that's not enough. One must correctly diagnose what the problem is. Ria'ac couldn't see that he was the problem.

"I was about to get back on" wasn't a very convincing excuse. It's like a serial killer saying, "Sorry, officer, I was just about to stop murdering people, right before you arrested me."

Ophidia Black spoke sense. Anyone could see that. Anyone who wasn't blinded by self-pity and bot-aspirancy, that is. Ria'ac was chock-full of both.

Ria'ac showed his true colors. He never accepted or understood the Code to begin with. He was just playing along: Paying 30 million isk for his Red Pen fine, paying 10 million isk for a mining permit, pledging loyalty to me in his bio, transferring the rest of his assets to Ophidia--it was all part of his camouflage.

But the Code is a crucible. It tests the hearts of men. No one can fake compliance. In time, every miner's nature is revealed for all the world to see.

Ria'ac dropped a couple F-bombs and flounced out of the convo, never to be heard from again. It was a disappointing to see Ria'ac behave this way, but it was a victory for the Code, which proved itself capable of piercing the carebear's disguise. Ria'ac had paid for a mining permit, and he can do it again. But the next time he gives us his money, he'll need to part with his selfish pride, too.


  1. Of course it's a scam. That's what makes it so funny and entertaining.

  2. So far, whatever I was reading was funny, seemed like a mob or a religion, but it was funny. This now is weird. If he transferred everything, he's docked. One of the reasons to dock is to be protected while AFK, because a bathroom break is something we all need.

    This now seems like a scam, and it pains me to see something like the new order, that I did not like but I accepted as a reality in eve, being corrupted and justifying scams.

    1. They're gankers. What's to justify.

      You only need to look at a Kill board to see that most of the time they get killed before they kill. See Ophidia's record here:

      Lenda is a bit more successful, but still; this sin't an all powerful High Sec controlling corp. These are 2 of their most featured agents and together they have only a handful of kills:

    2. Who uses battleclinic? If it weren't for downloading EveMon updates I wouldn't even know that site existed. Try the CODE. killboard and educate yourself:

      That doesn't even cover all the Knights since many are in other alliances and NPC corps.

    3. I must go with Gustavo. In the beginning new order was standing for something. It was strict following the code, something to be proud of. I read this blog every night as good night story, makes me sleep well.

      Unfortunately now its more about the gank and scam than the code itself. I guess passion dried up together with the wallet. Which is very unfortunate. Saviour still has quality pieces posting, but random stories like these makes it go down. There is forum for ,aka Erotica's thread.

      I hope supreme protector will get his knights in order and actually reward code compliant miner that has been converted. Wouldn't that be something :)?

    4. Wow, the concern trolls are really coming out of the woodwork this week. "Oooohhh, dearie me, I didn't like what you were doing before, but what you're doing now to the poor poor pubbies is going too far. It makes me think less of you."

      Thank you for pointing out problems that don't exist. The New Order will make every effort to devise equally phony solutions.

    5. People having difficulty with this... if you or someone you know is in a private convo with someone who is dedicated against afk'ing -AND- *they has your stuffs*, in your next move you shouldn't go afk; what makes you think that's an okay idea? And if you must go afk, say something about it. Why do so many of you find this hard to understand?

      I can't make it any simpler for you.

    6. I agree with Starfox on this one, it was a bad move. Personally I would have waited a full sixty seconds, but that's just me.

      But I also will play devil's advocate. There are some circumstances that would necessitate leaving the keyboard and not having the time to announce doing so. Plus the station and being docked is supposed to be a safe haven where players can go afk, I have done so myself a couple times.

      I have no personal experience with this in EVE, I always had at least a minute to type "afk" before leaving, but I actually managed to win a Supcom 2 match while afk (Supreme Commander 2 for those unfamiliar with the series.

      ---Friendly Neighborhood Scoundrel

    7. There are certainly circumstances that necessitate leaving the keyboard and not having the time to type three letters. Some examples that come to mind are a dying family pet, choking child, or an aggressive, cock-hungry spouse. However, one would expect if the reason was legitimate, Ria'ac would've tried to excuse his behavior. He didn't defend himself because deep down, Ria'ac himself knows that he is guilty.

    8. if that is one of the reasons for me going afk i dont care about the fucking game or what i might loose there....jesus some people

  3. ' "I was about to get back on" wasn't a very convincing excuse. It's like a serial killer saying, "Sorry, officer, I was just about to stop murdering people, right before you arrested me." '


  4. That's beautiful man. Keep it coming. Let go of the hate.

  5. As far as James 315 preaching / order enforcement is fun to read (in a roleplaying way) - Reading this Ophidia's and Odin's bullying shit is boring.

    You should make a spinoff or something, scamming dumb kids is kinda far from the CODE. should be available or go work for Erotica 1.

  6. the funny part this guy seems to be shouting to the hills about a scam that he's the last to know about :P

  7. Personally, I don't ever scam people, but if you're dumb and greedy enough to give all your stuff to a complete stranger thinking you're getting that and more back, you kinda deserve it. I guess there are a lot of dumb people playing this game based on all the scammers that infest all the trade hubs.

  8. Agent PT Barnum, proving there's a sucker logging in every minute.

  9. Id like to take a moment, to try and explain something to everyone who has a pile of shit where their brain should be, and somehow makes the leap that the details of this story equal a scam.
    Lets imagine that there is a feature available, where for a nominal fee (lets say 10k isk, for the sake of argument) that allows one player to trade ANYTHING they own to another player. Perhaps they could even do it FLYING ANYWHERE IN SPACE THROUGH A TAB CALLED ASSETS!!!
    *GASP* Could it be so??? A way for one player to give another player things anywhere, at anytime...thats some kind of super futuristic magic if you ask me.
    Rest assured, Anonymous posters, nay sayers, and idiots alike, such a feature DOES exist, and can be used by ANYONE(That isnt on a trial account), ANYTIME.

    We Call it......wait for it........A "Contract"

    As much as we love trolls, and teary face fountains around here, some things we also love are transparency, impartiality, and compliance.

    Some of you might even belong to a huge UBERCorp, with a massive sov, who can only piss, shit, cough, breathe, and shoot the enemy when someone above you tells you you can.
    You then presume to condescend to people who make an effort to involve a portion of the playerbase that pay to scrape the bottom of the barrel by themselves , when there are as many as FIFTY THOUSAND OTHER PEOPLE ONLINE TO INTERACT WITH. We know you dont have the balls to put YOUR name behind a post, in case someone might see that you have an opinion and punish you for it. Pretty pathetic

    So get off of your soapboxes, high horses, and pedestals. pull your heads out of your asses, and get a grip on reality.
    There is no scam here. Maybe you should try jita local, so you can see what one REALLY looks like.

    1. @Rennseslear, any trade hub is full of scammers but in any case, let's not be an idiot and just admit this was a scam. The victim was more than an idiot to trust all assets.

      Regardless if my opinion on the matter is against or in favor of the actual scam or how NO operates, they sure put one idiot less in EVE Online.

      So, +1 for the scam.

      Tho if the dude was a miner and afk miner etc, chances of him floating around after buying a plex is high, I still believe that even if has not learnt to follow the "code", he sure as hell learnt not to trust assets to strangers!

  10. There are rules you know, and rules you live.

    This was the lesson the New Order was trying to teach Ria’ac.

    For example, the first rule of Eve is (say it with me) “Don’t fly what you can’t afford to lose.”

    Ria’ac knew this, how could he not? And yet, he undocked in a mining ship without the Isk in his wallet to buy and fit another one.
    He knew the rule but did not live it.

    I would argue the second rule of Eve is “Don’t trust anyone, they are all out to get you.”

    This rule Ria’ac definitely knew. As the good Agent Shinhwa warned him before Ria’ac set off on his reimbursement quest, it’s “a game where ships explode and everyone is probably out to get you.” And later Ria’ac himself reminds Agent Black “they say you can’t trust anyone on Eve.” He knew this rule and yet, did not live it. He instead handed away everything he owned.

    Much concern has been shown about a “reformed miner” losing his possessions. But was he truly reformed?

    The code describes two types of players; and the first, the AFKer was talked about. But if Ria’ac had read the Code, truly absorbed it, he would have read about the second type.

    The Code also speaks of the Isk-obsessed player- one who is so risk adverse, that they will do nothing that could cause them loss. They spend all day making Isk, which they spend on equipment, ships and skills that will increase their ability to earn Isk- which will be spent earning even more Isk. What is the natural end of such a player? A large wallet to be sure, but then burnout, boredom and eventual loss of interest in the game.

    Contrast this with the player who earns Isk to spend to spend it. I loose ships in stupid and interesting ways, and I earn Isk to replace them with ships I will also loose in stupid and interesting ways.
    What then is the real difference? When I lose a ship or some Isk, it is expected. When I undock, I know I will lose that ship. I may be hoping like hell that it won’t be today, and you can be sure I’ve taken any steps I can to increase the ships survivability, but it will happen someday.

    I earn Isk to lose it. The risk adverse player earns Isk to keep it, like an episode of Eve Hoarders.

    Not only had Ria’ac not begun to live the rule about abstaining from AFK behavior, but his asking for reimbursement in the first place was a sign that he was still in the grip of Isk obsession.

    I’ve followed this story from the start. As a reformed miner myself, I’d hoped for a happier ending, but at the end of the day that would have been up to Ria'ac. If he can truly start living the rules and the code, then he will have learned a lesson worth more than all his lost possessions.

    1. +1 for the 2 golden rules of eve.

      Indeed Ria'ac could have just settled down on the remaining of his assets and isk and just earn a "normal" living by either mining via code guidelines or just do some missioning.

      But to go after a ship reimburse was basically being greedy. On top of that when the rules were laid out and he didnt have enough ISK, he should have simply said to the agent, i don't have enough, ill just work harder to either get a ship or do missions.

      Most miners don't even bother with the tutorial missions apart from the 1st set. Each faction has 3 sets and I am sure as hell no miner does all of them. Doing one of the missions gives you a venture. thats enough to get you back in your feet.

      Like I said before, EVE has several types of players. Within the miners, there are 3 types:

      AFK miners who just wanna earn isk and well reship and repeat
      AFK miners who admit they afk and try to keep peace between NO/AGENTS/everyone for their own sake
      Idiotic and greedy miners: who use I leave the game as an excuse and either bombard users with profanity or empty threats.

      Hell even in other mining spots in highsec where agents and NO do not pass by, normal gankers take care of that.

      I have once lost 1 bil to the easy scam of contracts. Who did I blame? Myself for not reading properly. What was I left with? A probe. What did I do? did some tutorial missions, got some combat ships and did some distribution ships on the probe to get some isk to afford a ship for lv3 missions.

      Hell I even mined on a venture for 2 hours staring at the screen to get back to my feet.


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