Sunday, September 22, 2013

Kills of the Week

There's no time to waste, people. The protection of highsec is always urgent business. Let's take a look at some of the business conducted during the week of September 15th @ 00:00 EVEtime through September 21st @ 23:59 EVEtime.

trurodaine lost a Vexor Navy Issue worth nearly a third of a billion isk. He was attempting to protect some rebel miners, but Agents Lenda Shinhwa and Ophidia Black showed him that he was the one in need of protection. You can even watch the video of this kill!

Agents of the New Order are just as skilled at busting myths as they are at busting punks. Contrary to the propaganda you sometimes hear, Procurers are dying at a pretty good clip these days.

Anre Taron was the latest to learn this lesson, provided by Agents Ophidia Black and Skeenaa. Buying a mining permit isn't just a good idea--it's the law.

icesea xu's Mackinaw died at the hands of Agents Lenda Shinhwa and Neobdragon; DECKSTER2's Mackinaw died at the hands of Agents xxBLACK SKULLxx 929 and Crazy Bill Ovaert. What do these two kills have in common? The carebears in question were fitting Gistii Small Shield Boosters, adding hundreds of millions in extra loot for no apparent reason. Is this the start of a trend?

It was a light week for pods, but Agent Dante Lobos forwarded this fine kill just before the week began. Morgan Cool lost 2.5 billion isk in implants while autopiloting around highsec without a permit. I'm not sure the crystal implants boosted the pod's shields enough to be worth it.

'Twas a big week for Orca kills. Several of the monstrosities were felled this week, and none with a worse fit than Garion Thor's 939 million isk folly. Agents DeepBlueMax, Lenda Shinhwa, John XIII, Jameson2011, Capt Starfox, xxBLACK SKULLxx 929, Zane Arnolles, Varg Cendraven, jukarua, and Crazy Bill Ovaert demonstrated the triumph of the human spirit over the bot-aspirancy of carebeardom. If you haven't had your fill, you can view some other fine Orca kills: Orca 1, Orca 2, and Orca 3.

Still not satisfied? You can watch videos of two of the Orca kills here.

As for the illegal miners out there, you have no excuse for operating in highsec without a permit. Get right with the Code, or you might just end up on the next Kills of the Week post. Don't wait. Do it now.


  1. DAYMN that is a sexy pod there, Dante!


  2. Apparently carebears never realized that the line "Procurors are hard to kill" is pronounced with a silent "Unless you fail fit them".

    1. That would be an "if you fail to fit them"

    2. Yes untanked is stil hard to kill UNLESS you are AFK....

    3. True, UNLESS you are AFK.

    4. Maybe I should start putting mining fits up for the carebears to look at. i.e. DCU low slot, mid slots with shield mods etc. And point out not to use cargo expanders, rigs etc. But would any of them , make use of the advise?

    5. Well Manic, a few code-compliant miners might, but for the most part I doubt it. Carebears are all under the impression that CCP will stop the gankers and make no effort to defend themselves. Just look at how rare Procs/Skiffs are in high-sec: they are as survivable as battlecruisers, yet the carebears still favor the Retty/Mack (easier to AFK in) or the Covertor/Hulk (mining yield status quo bullshit). And these guys have been playing for years, and yet still refuse to learn.

      Another problem is that carebears have an 'Us vs Them" mentality... if the New Order says "Tank your barges", they'll think that your trying to nerf their precious yield for some unknown but obviously malicious reason, despite the fact that barge that makes it back to station every time will earn more money than a high-yield barge that explodes after 3 uses. If a suicide ganker writes a guide on how to avoid being ganked (Which has happened), it'll be ignored because he's a dirty ganker and shouldn't be listened to (and it's only a matter of time before CCP bans them all, right?). If a fellow miner shows them a tanked barge fit, then he's a fool for gimping his yield and a turncoat who supports gankers by not spamming CCP with petitions. This is the mentality these carebears have.

      You're best option is to reach out to the newbros, to show them the path of the proud, hardworking, respectable miner before they turn into vile carebears. But carebearism is like AIDS: it can be prevented, but once infected, it can't be cured.

  3. My mining fleet is in highsec systems 12h/7d since months and never saw any extortionists. Maybe one day ? ;)

    Btw, nice blog and very good roleplaying.

    1. You play 12 hours a day, 7 days a week? Ever consider taking a break from shooting internet space rocks?

  4. I love it when carebears try and speed tank mining barges....


  5. I am of the Self-Imposed Righteous (SIR) and this is my manifesto (part thereof draft edition, subject to change, typo checking and general editing, you know its basically a blog sperg):

    It has come to my attention that multiple miners are mining in contravention of the New Olde Treaty Governing Order Directive (NOTGOD). Many of these are worshiping false idols, including that which is espoused by the apostate blasphemer self-titled after the son of Alphaeus the Jew. Heed the warning of the real James 315: "This wisdom decendedeth not from above, but is earthly, sensual, devilish".

    Therefore by order of the Self-Imposed Righteous (SIR) who will use the tools of the apostacy against it; Any who collaborate with any of the self-indulgent petulant children (aka the apostate blasphemers) by actively collaborating with, supporting, or engaging in support-aspirant behaviour shall be dealt with....

    For the purposes of above:

    (i) Support means: Make any public delcaration of support or affirmation for the apostate blasphemer in local, EVE-O, bios, space through the anchoring of objects etc;

    (ii) Support-aspirant behaviour means: Engaging in any form of mining activity in a system with any apostate blasphemer, or agent thereof, actively proslytising apostacy on grid unless one of the below exceptions applies. Actively proslytising means miner bumping which means colliding with a mining ship in a manner that causes a shutdown of its harvesting equipment.

    (iii) Shall be dealt with means: To the extent that I actually could be bothered, I will bump your axx so far off the ice field you will be in nullsec by the time I gank you.

    The exceptions to (ii) include:

    (a) All miners who are not bumped agree to share their ore haul pro-rata with any miner who is adversely affected by miner bumping; provided there is evidence (including of any message posted in local) that those miners who are bumped are at their keyboard within 30 minutes of being bumped and are flying Procurers or Skiffs or some other non mining barge or exhumer.

    (b) The miner remains mining on grid for less than 3 minutes after the first miner on grid is bumped;

    (c) The miner has been bumped at least once in the last 5 minutes;

    (d) The miner has a bona-fide belief that the bumped miner is bot-mining or has more than 4 accounts mining simultaneously.

    The Self-Imposed Righteous (SIR) recognises that exposing the NOTGOD to all of New Eden is a duty of the highest calling and this should be spread freely (the levying of any fee in the name of NOTGOT or SIR is apostacy and the payment of any such fee is collaboration with the apostacy; donations where there is no expectation of any service in return are nevertheless welcomed) to all (ice fields).

    It is the expectation of SIR that the righeous miners will expose the apostacy of the petulant children through the NOTGOD throughout all of New Eden.

    Any person including a message of support for the apostacy in their bio is hereby deemed by SIR to be a collaborator. All true agents of sir are duty bound to demonstrate the NOTGOD to all of New Eden when they encounter the opportunity to do so.

    It is the true test of righteousness when SIR ceases mining to demonstrate the NOTGOD on the collaborator. The rightous does what is right when it is not in their selfish short term interests to do so. For this is what makes them rightous and good.

    It is the lesser test of righteousness to be chased by apostates through bookmarked asteroid fields remaining aligned to the next field or station while successfully mining in defiance of any apostacy.

    It is the minor test of righteousness to call out and defy the apostate, deny their proslytising and expose the NOTGOD in your own way. In this way it is apparent that the vast majority of miners have completed the first tests of SIR.

    In these tests, you are testing yourself. There is no club, secret handshake, corporation to join, we have no leaders because we are led by what is right.

  6. ...and aborted TWO retriever feti in the belly of that first Orca to boot. Extra efficient!


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