Friday, September 5, 2014

Venture Contest Winners Announced

It's been a heck of a month for Venture pilots. At long last, the results of the Venture-killing contest are revealed! See the official EVE-O thread for a full list of the prizes, rules, etc.

Without further ado!

The winner of the special prize for youngest Venture ganker went to Agent Wind of Justice, who scored his Venture kill after playing EVE for only about 6 hours. Who says EVE has a learning cliff? The important things can be picked up so quickly.

As a bonus, Wind of Justice created a YouTube video of the gank, along with some inspirational words. This truly goes to show that you don't need a bunch of money and skillpoints to make a difference in EVE.

The remaining prizes went to those gankers who killed the largest number of individual, unique Venture pilots. In other words, you couldn't win the contest by ganking the same Venture over and over. Each contest participant had to go the extra mile to hunt as many different characters as possible. They spread the love. Participants had to submit their results to the contest coordinators to be considered.

The third runner-up is Agent Super Perforator, with a respectable 21 Venture kills.

The second runner-up is Agent Gavin9012, with 100 Venture kills! That's a lot.

The first runner-up is Lucrezzia, who really knocked it out of the park with 176 Venture kills.

And the winner...

Agent Just Got OutOfJail, who managed to score--gasp! is this number correct?--a total of 365 Venture kills.

A well-earned first prize of 5 PLEX and 3.5 billion isk was awarded to Just Got OutOfJail for this uncommonly elite PvP achievement.

Three hundred and sixty-five Ventures! That's so many different people touched in a positive way, all by one Agent in one month. We can only hope that all these Venture pilots learned something about the way EVE is meant to be played.

Congratulations to all the winners, and thanks to all the participants and contest organizers. I think I speak for everyone when I say you made highsec very, very, very, very proud.


  1. So many unsubs closer to CCP's bankruptcy! Go CODE go!

    Even that very first guy mentioned unsubbed:

    1. He biomassed. Maybe he didn't like that char. There isn't any way to tell if they unsubbed. But even if he did, do you know how many people have subbed and stayed subbed because of the New Order? Many of us.

  2. 365 Ventures but not one incursion runner.

    How much lower can CODE go?

    1. Keep it civil, DJ.

      You're starting to sound like a angry miner.

    2. I have spoke to him. He's pretty civil. You however seem to start most of these arguements (his 355 ventures' comment not withstanding...I haven't looked at his earlier posts so I may be mistaken) by smack talking him, resulting in a 'back and forth' of insults.

      Act like the diplomat you claim to be and keep it civil. A diplomat usually doesn't respond to insults.

      Do the same. That way any insults he sends you ARE unprovoked and you have the high ground with everyone. At the moment you are just provoking him and sinking to his level.

      As for his 'contests', I've never seen him claim to have one and as for the taunts over the incursion competition...while they are unprovoked, there is a simple way to shut him up. Go out and kill some incursion runners. and post the kill here. Its that simple.

      Oh, and in relation to my 'veers contest' comment...choose a better insult. Its not even a good one. Or better, wait till he actually starts up a contest THEN insult him over it.

  3. They can unsub if they want to. It just means more bandwidth for those that want to participate in the game as designed.

  4. Praise to the Code! Ero just announced she's coming back. No word on bonus rounds, just that she will be hunting those without permits. I foresee rebel corporations crumbling.

    1. woohoo as soon as find out name and so forth ill make sure to put in a ticket for the ban Happy days indeed

  5. A venture for every day of the year, done in just a month?

    That's how good our code agents are. Well done Just got outofjail, you deserve it.

  6. I am very proud.

    Beyond the enjoyment of exploding spaceships, I ve learned a lot of things about the game mechanics :)

  7. Wow that's a lot of ventures, did you just hang out in the starter systems and wait for new players to head out on career missions to get resources. This contest is ridiculous, why not pick something more challenging, like battleships or cruisers

    1. Yeah,

      They even included me in the tutorial.

    2. My name is Veers Belvar, and I approve of ganking new players in starter systems.


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